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Governor Orders Investigation Into Fliers Promoting KKK In Oneida County

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Governor Andrew Cuomo has directed an investigation into the distribution of fliers and other materials promoting the KKK in New York State, largely in Oneida County. 

The governor has ordered the New York State Police to begin an investigation to determine the material's origin as well as to determine whether the materials have incited any hate crimes in the state. 

As part of the investigation, the State Police is offering assistance to both the local Police and County Sherriff's Office, increasing local patrols to monitor potential suspicious behavior, and sharing information with the Division of Human Rights during the course of the investigation. 


Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 8.43.09 AM.png

Additionally, the State Police will share information and resources from the New York State Intelligence Center.  As the State's fusion center, the New York State Intelligence Center serves as a repository of statewide criminal intelligence, including information on hate crimes.  The State Police will offer additional access to this resource so local law enforcement can utilize the extensive intelligence resources the State has to offer. 

Governor Cuomo created the Hate Crimes Task Force in 2017 to fight the increase in reports of bias-motivated threats, harassment and violence throughout New York State. The Task Force, run by the New York State Police, has engaged county leaders, district attorneys, school district leaders, local police departments and other key stakeholders to identify and investigate hate motivated crimes and bias related trends, community vulnerabilities and discriminatory practices.

The taskforce will also hold a town hall in Oneida County to discuss local concerns, educate the community on their rights, and explain how to report hate crimes.

"While President Trump and Republicans in Washington sow divisiveness and hate that is spreading like a cancer across the country, in New York we say not here, not now, not ever," Governor Cuomo said. "I have directed State Police to investigate the appalling distribution of KKK material in several counties and send a clear message that New York has zero tolerance for intolerance. Today more than ever, New York must fight against hate crimes and stand as a beacon of equality and diversity."

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Mark    109
Posted (edited)

I'm not a fan of these "race" groups.  That said, as I read this flier, I see no evidence of hateful or threatening dialogue. Yet some how, cuomo has turned this into a potential "hate crime" issue.  Leave it to cuomo to now go after the 1st Amendment rights of those he disagrees with (much like he did with their 2nd rights).  The only "hate crime" here is the hatred cuomo has for New York State residents.  Don't forget to vote in November.

Edited by Mark

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