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River Friends To Hold River Side Flea Market In August

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Canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts will have a chance to sell, buy and trade kayaks and canoes at a river side flea market coming up August 18th.

Chemung River Friends is sponsoring a canoe and kayak flea market from 9 a.m. to noon Aug. 18 at the Bottcher’s Landing Boat Launch off Route 352 in Big Flats. 

The first-ever event will bring together two groups that need to meet: people hoping to buy and try out kayaks and canoes and people who have seldom-used kayaks and canoes hanging in their garages. Shoppers can test drive the boats on the river at the boat launch.

“The majority of Twin Tier residents don’t own canoes, kayaks or paddle boards and few people get opportunities to purchase used boats and to try them out before buying,” said River Friends Executive Director Jim Pfiffer. “There are hundreds of other people looking to sell or trade used canoes or kayaks. This event solves all those problems.”

There is no fee to attend the event or to bring your boats, paddles and paddling boards to the event. Donations are welcome to help River Friends continue to make it easier, safer and more fun to paddle on the river. Anyone who wants to make a tax-deductable donation to River Friends of a sea-worthy canoe or kayak, for the event, can do so by contacting River Friends which will come and pick up your boat. 

Here is how it works: You bring your boats, paddles, life vests or other paddling equipment to the boat launch and you get assigned a display area to set up your wares. There is no charge for this. You may bring a table. You deal and barter with paddling shoppers and work out your own prices and deals. You must remove all boats and equipment from the boat launch at the end of the three-hour event.

The public is welcome to try out the boats on the river, within sight of the boat launch. All paddlers must wear buckled up life vests while on the water. The Golden Glow Volunteer Fire Department rescue boat will be at the event in case of an on-water emergency.

“The flea market is a great way for beginner paddlers to learn more about kayaks and canoes and river recreation before they purchase boats or set off on a paddle,” Pfiffer said. “It gives veteran paddlers a chance to upgrade to bigger or different boats and to meet and share river adventures and questions with other river lovers.”

River Friends employees and volunteers will also be on hand to answer questions about paddling the river, water safety and river recreation opportunities.

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