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Backyard Chickens Debate Clucks Again At City Hall In Ithaca

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Yes, the chicken ordinance has flocked back to City Hall's chambers, and it has city councilors clucking. The previous law was actually a two-year pilot project, and it technically expired in May though the city hasn't turned away interested chicken owners. The city has decided that, excluding the occasional email of chickens on the loose on the Fall Creek listserve, the community benefits have been generally positive, and is moving to make the chicken law permanent which would allow for a maximum of four hens per 3,000 square feet of space.

"Everybody who has them seems to be happy with them," said Monika Roth, an agricultural specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension. "I would say to continue to go forth with the program."

According to Ithaca City Clerk Julie Holcomb, 13 permits have been issued - 10 in 2016, two last year, and one this year, with one pending. However, plenty of people have been getting chickens without getting a permit - a $250 fine, though the city has only had complaint filed during the two-year pilot, and has never issued a fine for illegal chicken occupancy. “The police don’t want to be the chicken police, they have other things to do,” said Holcomb.


Read the rest at https://ithacavoice.com/2018/07/backyard-chickens-debate-clucks-again-at-city-hall/

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