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EPD Investigating "Quick Change" Scam That Occurred At Downtown Bank

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Police are investigating an occurrence that took place at the Community Bank in Elmira earlier today. What was initially thought to be a robbery turned out to be a larceny through what is known as a "quick change" scam. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 6.48.19 PM.png

A "quick change" scam is commonly done at stores where a person will pay for a small item with large bills and then asking for change at lightning fast speed in order to confuse the person making change.For example, buying a beverage costing $1.20 with a $100 bill. While the cashier is counting the change, the con distracts the cashier by chatting about a random subject. Then, the con changes his mind and asks to pay for the item with a smaller bill. He hands the cashier a $5 bill and asks for the $100 bill back. The cashier forgets that he's already made change for the $100 and hands the original $100 bill back to the con artist. He then makes change for the $5 bill. The thief pockets the $98.20 in change from the first transaction as well as the $3.80 in change from the second transaction. He has paid for the beverage two times but only used the store's money.

Police are looking for a Hispanic man described as wearing a white tank top, a Yankees cap, and say he had an accent. He was last seen walking towards Columbia Street. 

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