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Elmira Students Begin New Downtown Mural

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Taught by art teacher Emily Solometo, around 12 Ernie Davis Academy 9th grade students were able to participate in a new semester-long course called “Creative Arts.” The class examines symbolism in art and murals as a method of community education, civic engagement, and aesthetics. Students have researched, created and designed a mural inspired by the spirit, character, and accomplishments of Ernie Davis, the school’s namesake. 

First, students visited The Rockwell Museum and studied the vast American art collection. Then, they began doing research on Ernie Davis and began working on individual pieces of his portrait. Each students’ individual work of art is pieced together like a puzzle, eventually becoming the final mural design. Students are also becoming familiar with expectations of safety and professionalism as it relates to a community arts project. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 11.35.26 AM.png

This month, students are working collaboratively to execute the mural on the East side of New York Sport and Fitness on Water Street in Elmira, New York. 

The Elmira City School District is partnering with Community Arts of Elmira, The Rockwell Museum, and Career and Development Council. Mural artist Brad Leiby will be the artist-in-residence, guiding the students through the execution of the mural painting.

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