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Governor Cuomo Announces Construction Progress On $58.3 Million Transformation Of Elmira- Corning Regional Airport

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that construction is rapidly progressing on a $58.3 million project that will transform the Elmira Corning Regional Airport into a modern, world-class aviation gateway. Much of the work will be completed by mid-summer, with full project completion expected this fall. Renderings of the new airport highlight the enhanced passenger experience and new amenities that will be available.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 6.37.11 PM.png

"The project currently underway at Elmira Corning Regional Airport will ease travel, create jobs and encourage business expansion in the Southern Tier now and well into the future," Governor Cuomo said. "Investments like this across New York are sending the message that our airports are equipped to handle 21st century transportation needs and cater to visitors traveling for both leisure and business."

In 2016, Governor Cuomo awarded $40 million toward the transformation of the Elmira Corning Regional Airport through the Upstate Airport Economic Development and Revitalization Competition. The project will significantly increase the airport's security, as well as ticketing and boarding spaces. It will also add a new jet bridge to handle larger aircraft, a state-of-the-art baggage claim belt, 300 new parking spaces, a new lounge and restaurant prior to the security gates, and state-of-the-art passenger amenities.

Some of the major work, including installation of the new jet bridge, baggage claim belt and upgrades to the concourse and departure lounges, will be completed this summer. Other work, such as restaurant construction and ticketing area upgrades will be completed in the fall. Construction on the airport upgrades began in 2017.

Transforming Elmira Corning Regional Airport 

Elmira Corning Regional Airport was built in 1960 and has not undergone a significant renovation in more than 25 years. An average of 150,000 people a year board planes at the airport, which is cramped, outdated, and lacks basic passenger amenities. Currently, passengers who board large aircraft, such as A320s or B737s, must walk onto the tarmac because the airport's jet bridges are too low. 

The airport redesign includes:

  • Expanding the airport by more than 50 percent, raising the concourse and adding a new jet bridge (for a total of three) to service large aircraft and eliminate the need for passengers to walk outdoors;
  • Installing a state-of-the-art baggage claim belt to handle increased volume;
  • Creating 300 new parking spaces, for a total parking capacity of 1,225 vehicles;
  • Establishing a new restaurant and lounge prior to the security gates with food and shopping kiosks behind the security gates;
  • Constructing an enclosed courtyard that showcases the local landscape, built with sustainable building and renewable energy technologies, including geothermal and photovoltaic systems that reduce airport energy costs; and
  • Installing energy efficient lighting and state-of-the-art security cameras, and upgrading wayfinding information.

"We are extremely pleased with the construction progress at the Elmira Corning Regional Airport (ELM) that will transform our Airport facility into a world-class transportation hub for the Southern Tier," said Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli. "The $40 million of State funding awarded to the County by Governor Cuomo, along with FAA and local government monies, will allow us to continue to attract new air carriers, generate private investment, create new jobs, and promote economic opportunities for years to come."

"When the Airport transformational project is complete, ELM will truly be the gateway to the future for the Southern Tier of New York and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania."

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KRSullivan    92

If only they can make it more affordable to fly out of ELM. My wife and I flew from Rochester to Orlando round trip for about what it would have cost for 1 of out of ELM. I prefer to fly out of ELM but it's to expensive. 

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KReed    213

Gee Whiz....I wonder whose idea it was for the artist's rendering to feature that particular image on the TV screen.

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