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Upstate Dairy Farmers Deal With Volatile Milk Prices

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About 15 dairy farmers talked with Southern Tier Congresswoman Claudia Tenney at a farm in Whitney Point for two hours Thursday afternoon about changes they want to see in the industry to start turning a profit again.

Cub Frisbie heads up the Tioga County Farm Bureau. He used to be a dairy farmer, but sold his cows a few years ago to grow corn and soybeans instead.

“Ugly. It’s ugly right now,” said Cub Frisbie, head of the Tioga County Farm Bureau.

Frisbie used to be a dairy farmer, but switched to corn and soybeans before the market turned south. The amount dairy farmers get for milk is the lowest it’s been in a decade. These days, many dairy farmers are operating at a loss and “eating up equity left and right.”


More at https://wskg.org/news/you-cant-sell-out-upstate-dairy-farmers-deal-with-volatile-milk-prices/

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