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What's Pulling Cuomo Left? Could It Be "The Cynthia Affect"?

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Rumors that Cynthia Nixon would mount a challenge to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in New York’s Democratic primary began to surface in early March; by the 20th she had announced her candidacy, and by mid-April she had secured the endorsement of the progressive Working Families Party, which backed the governor, after some sturm and drang, in his two previous elections. Ever since her emergence, the governor has seemed — how to say? — terrified out of his bomber jacket, and has been moving to establish New York as the liberal paradise of a certain kind of voter’s imagination: the kind of voter who would vote for Cynthia Nixon.

Her supporters have described the governor’s increasing shift leftward — delineated below — as “the Cynthia effect,’’ an interpretation of recent events his allies adamantly deny. “The governor’s long record of progressive accomplishment is irrefutable,’’ as Abbey Fashouer, a spokeswoman for the campaign put it (forgetting perhaps that a few years ago, Mr. Cuomo bragged that, fiscally speaking at least, his administration had managed the state “in a way that any Republican would be proud.”


See the rest at https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/04/nyregion/cuomo-cynthia-nixon-progressive-leftward-turn-cynthia-effect.html

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