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Chemung County Political Field Worksheet

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The following is just a listing of the political candidates and a way to keep track of them as they come and go. It will be altered as time goes on and is NOT intended to be a complete guide for voters at this time. 

*P = Primary 

*UFG = "Up for grabs"


Chemung County Executive *P

Jerome Emanuel ( D ) 

Christopher Moss ( R ) 

Michael Krusen ( R ) 


1st District 

Anthony Pucci ( D ) 

John Pastrick ( Incumbent ) ( R ) 


2nd District

David Manchester ( R ) ( Incumbent ) 



3rd District  *P

Thomas Sweet (incumbent) ( R ) 

Mike Belosky ( R ) 

Deborah Lynch ( D ) 


4th District 

Joe Brennan ( Incumbent ) ( R ) 

Michael Printup ( R ) 

Ed Bond ( D ) 


5th District *P

Mark Margeson ( R ) 

Ken Miller ( R ) 


6th District 

Brian Hyland ( Incumbent )


7th District 

Cornelius Milliken III ( Incumbent ) ( R ) 

Christina Sonsire- Bruner ( D ) 


8th District  *P

Frank Cicci ( R ) 

Peggy Woodard ( Incumbent ) ( R ) 


9th District  *P

John Burin  ( R ) 

William Fairchild ( Incumbent ) ( R ) 


10th District 

Marty Chalk ( Incumbent ) ( R ) 


11th District  *UFG

Robert Briggs 


12th District  *P?

Peter Keenan ( D ) 

William McCarthy ( D ) 

Paul Collins ( incumbent ) ( R ) 


13th District  *P

Scott Drake ( R ) 

Claude Oliver ( D ) 

Tanisha Logan-Lattimore ( D ) 

Richard Madl ( Incumbent ) ( R ) 


14th District  *UFG

Christina Heyward ( D ) 

Michael Smith ( R ) 


15th District 

Rodney Strange ( Incumbent ) ( R )



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KReed    87

Thank you!! 

With dozens of candidates, your taking the time sorting them out is appreciated!

Do you know which have provided website links and/or email info for voters to interact and learn about their platforms?

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Chris    342

In the other posts there's links to their site if available but I can compile something. 

This thread is still incomplete, just a way for me to keep track of who is doing what.

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Mary    83

This is a great breakdown - appreciate your efforts.

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