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What would you ask the Deputy Executive?

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Adam    3

Un-officially, after posting an opinion concerning the recent news articles in relation to the upcoming election, i have an opportunity to speak with Mr. Krusen as he has offered to schedule a sit down for me. This is in no way a complaint session nor endorsement but my post concerned the viewpoint of County residents and some of the views and turn-offs they have shared....that being the case i would like to have some input from here as to what questions they would like answered or if you are curious about anything.

I will happily ask, and make sure it is ok to repost..

again this is nothing official nor holding feet to flames, just a respectful sit down to share information

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KarenK    36

I know (and pardon my language) that the pissing match between him and Moss is starting to get on my nerves and direct my attention elsewhere.  If I didn't feel that the other candidate truly is not qualified for the position yet I might be throwing my support there.

I wish they would stop.  

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Chris    419

I moved this to the Politics sub-forum.

I don't really have any questions really, because quite frankly I want to see a complete change, not a continuation of the current regime. 

On second thought, I DO have a question: Mr Moss and Mr Miller advocate for a complete transperancy of rhe county government. Would Mr. Krusen A) agree to make legislature meeting available to the public online and B) end the ridiculous practice of county legislators having to go through the County Executive office to answer constituent questions?

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