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Two Arrested On Drug Charges After Traffic Stop In Elmira

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On Sunday at approximately 11:26 PM, an officer from the Elmira Police Department performed a traffic stop of a vehicle in the 900 block of West Church St. for a traffic infraction.  The vehicle was also observed leaving a residence known for narcotics activity just prior to the traffic stop.   

During the traffic stop investigation, an Officer observed a rear passenger, identified as 27 year old Zackary T. Ross of Elmira, to have a plastic bag containing a white colored substance in his hand. Police then observed Ross attempt to conceal the bag by placing it down the back of his pants. The white colored substance appeared to be narcotics, particularly cocaine.

zackary t ross.jpg

Officers directed Ross to exit the vehicle to further the investigation, however, Ross refused. Ross then became physically uncooperative. Police were able to take Ross into custody and placed him under arrest for Obstructing Governmental Administration 2ndDegree, a Class A Misdemeanor and Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.

Further investigation led to a search warrant being obtained.  A quantity of crack cocaine, which Ross had concealed within his person, was located. Ross was also charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 4th Degree, a Class C Felony.

During this investigation, the Elmira Police Department also arrested another passenger, 22 year old Shiasia R. Driscoll of Elmira, for Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.

shiasia driscoll.jpg


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Hal    62

Always wondered how “crack “ was made from regular cocaine ....

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