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Krusen Announces Executive Compensation Plan

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Current Deputy County Executive and candidate for Chemung County Executive Mike Krusen announces plans to reduce compensation for the position if elected.

“In County Government, we have always felt that responsible fiscal stewardship starts at the top.   Whether it was our management team leading the way on changes to their employee health insurance or accepting pay freezes when funds became tight, our community has been able to count on County leadership taking responsibility,” said Mike Krusen. “With the pending change in our long-tenured County Executive’s position, it is an appropriate time to review the compensation and benefits provided to this position.”

“The County Executive’s position carries with it great responsibility for managing a large and complex operation with over $200 million in expenditures and nearly 1,000 employees while providing leadership on a host of community issues.  A position with this responsibility deserves fair compensation but with full recognition of the fiscal issues that continually confront us,” Krusen stated.

“If elected I will recommend that the salary for the County Executive’s position be set at $151,778 per year for each of the four years of the next term of office.  This represents a reduction of $14,495 from the current salary of $166,273 that is reflective of County Executive Santulli’s many years in office.  Additionally, I will not accept further service credit in the New York State Retirement System that will result in cost reductions of $26,604 to county taxpayers,” Krusen noted.

Krusen concluded, “These recommendations will result in total savings of $41,098 or over a 20% reduction in affected salary and benefits.  I believe this represents fair compensation both internally and externally for the vast responsibilities of this important leadership position in our community and represents our continued efforts to manage public funds prudently as we partner with our local governments in providing high quality cost sensitive services.”


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KarenK    41

Big of him, considering he has been getting paid for several positions at once for awhile now.  Or so it's been said.

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