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Miller Announces Candidacy For County Executive

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At a campaign event held Saturday night in Horseheads, 5th District County Legislator Ken Miller announced his candidacy for Chemung County Executive.Miller was elected to the County Legislature in 2014 to represent the county's 5th district which includes parts of the Towns Of Horseheads and Erin. 

Miller's message was one of increased cooperation to "...make Chemung County great again." 

"Chemung County can be great," Miller told those in attendance. He mentioned looking at the county's history and seeing the industry, "the hustle and bustle", and said people want that again. Miller noted that the county's location between numerous larger cities such as New York, Buffalo, or Rochester, and the interstate highway system places the county in an ideal situation to go and seek out industries and recruiting them to from more heavily regulated areas to Chemung County. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 1.39.37 PM.png

Miller promised to make public safety a priority, saying if elected, he doesn't want to hear people say they don't feel safe going to Elmira anymore. He vowed to help make Chemung County the safest it has ever been by recruiting more police officers and encouraging increased cooperation between agencies. 

Working together was the overall theme of Miller's speech, including increased cooperation between the municipality's in the county. While saying he wouldn't say current County Executive Tom Santulli has done a terrible job, Miller added he sees no benefit of going on the local news and criticizing the City of Elmira government. He said he believes in sitting down together, identifying problems, and coming up with solutions. 

While on the topic of the city, Miller reminded the audience that the City Of Elmira is home to two hospitals, a HAZMAT team, numerous government buildings and more that benefit the rest of the county. He added that 40 percent of the city's properties are tax exempt while the city continues to provide those services to all, so they "...deserve our help."

Miller said his campaign "is not a rich campaign, but a campaign rich in ideas" and thanked those in attendance for coming and recognized the local veterans as well. 

For more information about Miller's campaign, go to http://www.electkenmiller.com

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Hal    119

Although I wish him all the luck , I’m left quite ... underwhelmed ! Feel good policies and or ideas are not the best way to solve troubles with or even within Municipalities . Cities , Counties and yes even the smallest Townships must be run as a Buisness not a Social Club ! 

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