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Sheriff Moss Announces Run For County Executive

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At a public event held at Holiday Inn in Downtown Elmira this evening, Sheriff Chris Moss announced he will run for the position of County Executive. 

Moss first took a moment to thank current County Executive Tom Santulli for his decades of public service. Santulli will be retiring at the end of this year. 

Moss pointed out some of the challenges the new County Executive will face in the future. He discussed the county's financial stability as well as the heroin epidemic and Chemung County's ranking as some of the highest for opioid use and abuse in the state. Moss then went on to mention the decreasing number of public safety staffing such as law enforcement and firefighters while violent crime is on the rise in all corners of the corner. 

Moss said there needs to be "meaningful' economic development in Chemung County. "Economic development efforts should be spearheaded by the private sector," said Moss. "Professionals with experience and success in attracting and developing business plans. Not political appointees."

Some of the other concerns Moss mentioned included elected legislators having to seek permission from "the second floor" to speak with department heads to answer constituent questions. He also mentioned it is a problem when the county can't take the time to meet with a municipality to explain and answer questions of taxpayers about financial discrepancies, referencing the recent CGR report. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 6.12.48 PM.png

Moss moved on to discuss some of the ideas he has if elected including sales tax redistribution. Moss said the county won't admit it, but the sales tax redistribution enacted four years ago has had a detrimental effect on municipalities. Moss proposes to restore the original sales tax amount to some local municipalities such as Horseheads and Elmira Heights, and a partial restoration of at least 50% to the rest. 

Sheriff Moss also proposed term limits for county officials. He said that term limits would promote fresh ideas and encourage qualified candidates to run for county legislature or even County Executive. Moss said his plan would include two consecutive four year terms for County Executive and three consecutive four year terms for county legislature. 

Moss also said he would seek ethics reform in Chemung County, noting current lack of transparency in the County. He would seek to make all meetings available to the public via webcast and archived on the county website. 

The sheriff acknowledged this would be a tough race, noting the amount his opponent, current Deputy Chemung County Executive Michael Krusen, has already raised in one event. "We're the underdog," Moss said. He finished his speech by saying he is there to represent the common man in Chemung County. 

"We've been too long without a voice," Moss said. 

For more information about Moss's campaign, go to http://www.sheriffmoss.com

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Chris    423

I just made my first political campaign contribution ever. 

County legislators having to ask permission to do the job they were elected to do has stuck in my craw a long time. 

And I agree with Sheriff Moss, business development is best when local government gets the hell out of the way of those who know what they're doing. And that's gonna be crucial over the next couple of years for Downtown Elmira.

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Hal    119

“ Underdog “ ... probably so but be that as it may  there are a lot of us “ common men and women “ out here that stand firmly behind you Sheriff Moss ! Money can and does buy votes but actions and Integrity can make the underdog the Top Dog ! 

Edited by Hal
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KarenK    36

He definitely has a tough fight on his hands but he is and always has been a voice for the people.  

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Mahatma    9

ive always liked Chris as a deputy but ive heard some unflattering things about how he has been as a the boss.

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