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Lonny Frost

Ice Jam In Galeton Causes Flooding & Damage

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Readers started sharing devastating images out of the small town of Galeton, Pa, which is located in Potter County, Pa. FNN decided to take the images we received and place them in an album. There has been damage done to the area and a number of roads have been either blocked off or closed due to flooding. FNN has added other images from other areas as well.


Acorn Market has water and ice moving across their parking lot. Homes behind the business were already having water enter their homes by the afternoon. Photo by Andrea Robinson


Moving ice can easily cause damage to homes and any other building in it path. Those who had to leave their homes behind, feared the worse, as temperatures were expected to drop drastically as snow moved in. Freezing temperatures can further damage a home that has been flooded.



This truck was already sumerged in water at a home located behind the Acron Market in Galeton, PA. This image was taken Friday morning. Image posted by Anna McCullen Main


Foggy conditions make it hard to see details, but in this photo you can see the buildings are surrounded by water and moving ice. Both can damage a building in a short period of time. FNN was told the town's library is in the area shown here. Image by Kevin Doan 


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