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Lonny Frost

Faulty Alarm Leads To Positive Outcome For Wellsboro School

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Lonny Frost    3

Students at the Rock L. Butler School in Wellsboro returned to school on a frigid Tuesday morning, January 2, 2018, to begin the new year back at school. Little did anyone know that an unexpected faulty alarm would turn out to be a welcomed positive outcome thanks to a well designed plan to keep students and staff safe.

According to Wellsboro Area School District Superintendent Dr. Brenda Freeman, a faulty alarm triggered by the Rock L. Butler School internal system sent out a lockdown code which activated the school's alarms around 8:30AM.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.41.47 PM.png

Immediately the alarm activated everything and everyone it should in a "real emergency". Dr. Freeman explained to FNN that everyone reacted as they should.

"Although this was a faulty alarm, every guideline and procedure was followed as the incident played out like a real scenario," stated Dr. Freeman.

"Our faculty reacted quickly and made sure students were where they should safely be as the lockdown protocol was followed and students remained calm and very cooperative during the entire event, Dr. Freeman said.

Dr. Freeman even pointed out that local police authorities rapid response to the school was exceptional.

"With the school going under lockdown, even though it was a faulty alarm, it was great to see that all procedures were followed to the very end by everyone involved," Dr. Freeman added.

Police and school officials even did a walk through the school, checked with faculty and students.

The event lasted approximately an hour and afterwards a message was issued by the district to parents around 9:40AM. 

That message was as follows:

"Middle School Lockdown False Alarm - This is message from the Wellsboro Area School District. This morning we had a faulty alarm in the Middle School that caused a lockdown drill. At no time was anyone in danger or under threat. All Students are safe. 

Thank you!
Wellsboro Area School District"

Superintendent Dr. Freeman said students and faculty were assembled together and were updated about the situation. At the end of the assembly students were thanked for actions during the entire incident.

Overall, this was very positive outcome for the school district, as the faulty alarm allowed the Wellsboro Area School District, their students and faculty know that the safety procedures set into place actually work and it should help assure parents that the lockdown process works to keep their children safe at school. It always allows the school district and local police authorities know that the procedure has no flaws. As for the school's internal system that issued the lockdown code, that is being worked on by the vendor, according to the district.

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