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Police Request Damage Estimates After December Vandalism Spree

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The Elmira Police Department continues to investigate the 41 incidents of criminal mischief done to vehicles and buildings in the City of Elmira on December 15, 2017. Two Tioga county men were arrested after they allegedly stole a pair of high powered pellet guns and went on a vandalism spree throughout Chemung and Tioga counties, shooting out windows of cars and businesses. 

The department requests that the owners of the damaged property bring a copy of the estimate or invoice showing the replacement cost in order for their cases to be included in the restitution considerations.

The invoices/estimates can be dropped off to the front desk of the police department 24/7.  The desk officer will also provide a form that needs to be completed.

This wishing to do so need to have their invoices or estimates turned in to police by Friday, January 5, 2018.

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Chris    101

I think we should return to the days when, if someone stole from or did damage to a business, they became a court appointed source of free labor to work off the damages. 

I recall the owners of a store up here did that with some dumb kid that got caught stealing or something. They worked him like a dog. 

Of course nowadays you'd have the ACLU all over you. 

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