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Lonny Frost

Fraud Victim in Tioga Loses Over $21,500

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Lonny Frost    3

 Pennsylvania State Police based in Mansfield, reported that a 48-year-old, Tioga Township woman was a victim of a fraud scheme. 


The female victim had received a message on her computer stating that she needed to contact a phone number or she would be permanently locked out of her computer.

The female victim called the number and spoke to an unknown person claiming to work for Microsoft. During the conversation the victim gave her bank account information to that person, which allowed that person to empty the female victim's savings account and checking account, as well as, the person maxed out the victim's credit card. Overall the total amount stolen from the victim was $21,575.68.

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Mary    38

I recently got a letter in the mail saying I ran an EZ Pass toll in the Lincoln Tunnel in November. The letter has my plate # and looks legit- but it can't be, because I wasn't there.

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