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Finn Academy Announces Rising Student Testing Scores

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The New York State Education Department recently released the results for the 2018 spring ELA and Math exams, as well as the state Science test scores– and the results show that Finn Academy’s test results are on the rise according to a press release issued by the school. 

“We are thrilled that our scholars’ test results continue to improve,” said Aimee Ciarlo, Dean of Scholars at Finn Academy. “We just completed our third year, and in thatshort period of time, our scholars have achieved significant academic growth. That is why we opened our doors to help improve the academic outcomes for scholars in ourcommunity.”

As part of its accountability plan with its authorizer, the State University of New York Charter Schools Institute, Finn Academy must compare itself annually to the overallstate test results as well as its host district’s results.

The school says that overall in 2018, 35 percent of Finn Academy scholars were proficient (scoring a 3 or a 4) on the state ELA test, compared to the district’s 20 percent (for grades 3-5); 25 percent were proficient overall on the state math exam, compared to the district’s 26percent; and 88 percent of Finn Academy 4th graders were proficient on the state science test (state and host district results were not yet available for comparison).

Finn Academy’s school leaders are encouraged by the results of its youngest cohort, its 3rd graders from the 2017-2018 school year. These scholars achieved a 47 percent proficiency rate on the ELA tests, and 43 percent proficiency on the state math test.

“We’re very encouraged by these third graders’ results,” said Lynn Winner, Chair of theAcademics Committee of the Finn Academy Board of Trustees. “These scholars havebeen with us the longest—they started here in first grade and have been the recipients of our rigorous and engaging curriculum for three years. Their increased proficiency shows us that the longer we are educating scholars with our model, the more successful they are overall academically, and on these state assessments.”

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