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Submission Guidelines

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1) All letters must be accompanied by your name and town, which will accompany your letter on the site. Contact information such as email will not be released to the public.

2) Limit letters to approximately 300 words or less. 

3) ElmiraTelegram.com reserves the right to refuse publication of letters which are deemed inappropriate.

4) Letters will be posted as written, verbatim. This includes editing for spelling errors or fact checking.

5) No attachments such as pictures, zip files, etc. please. 

6) Please send all letters to the site by email only at the following address: elmiratelegram@gmail.com 

7) Letters submitted by any other means, i.e.: Facebook Messenger,  will not be considered. 


Unlike the rest of the site, users will not be able to comment on letters sent to ElmiraTelegram.com.  

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