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Found 1 result

  1. Bourbon Mead Wine

    I have been meaning to post on this product so here goes . Not being a wine connoisseur ( more a wine consumer ) I will give it my best shot ! I was gifted a bottle of this Bourbon Infused Mead a while back and have been waiting for just the right opportunity to do a tasting . As is our tradition on Christmas Eve we have my siblings and spouses over for what is an old family Christmas Eve meal of Oyster Stew and Mushroom Stew with a nice Crusty Bread . Perfect time , different palates , tastes and all that . Turns out no one knew what Honey Wine tasted like much less Bourbon infused , so I go through the whole schpiel . Mead is a wine fermented from Honey and in my very limited experience can be sweet or in one such case warm enough in the mouth to warrant a beer chaser . Not the case with this product , and here’s where it gets tricky ! Since I like my wine to be cold I poured mine over ice ( shocking ... I do the same with my single malt Scotch ) while the others were on the fence about giving it a try . First a little sniff to pick up the subtle nuances of the concoction , mmm , Pleasant to the nose , the aroma of the honey yes but with the promise of something Special to come ! Small sip on the tip of the tongue was not as sweet as expected but just Pleasantly so with the hint of gentle carbonation . That second sip ... Ahhh , There it was , that Bourbon flavor mixing with the honey ! Bourbon forward but not overpowering the honey one bit , my elbow , seemingly of its own accord bringing that glass of Nectar ( pun intended ) for another taste of what turned out to be a much needed shot of Christmas Joy . Now , remember earlier on I told of my siblings being “ on the fence “ ? Well even the most shy of creatures can be coaxed from that fence by either curiosity or the sight of a litter mate enjoying a new found treat . Somehow that bottle got around so everyone got a taste , then they distracted me while they all had their fill . What I got when asking them to pass the bottle back to my end ... Empty bottle and giggling !! I did not tell the Group I had another bottle of similar product in the cupboard from another producer , no , that’s for New Years ! So , in closing I must tell you all that stood fast through this rambling rave review , this Wine is not available for the public’s enjoyment ! It is Fermented and Bottled in Catlin under the label , Tres Gatos by our Fellow Member here Mr. Mark Claypool ! Thank You my Friend , Great Job !