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  1. The $175,000 increase is less than a .10% increase. The administration portion covers a lot, most people think it only covers the superintendent and the principal's. But it actually covers HR, the business office, legal expenses, the boards budget, the directors of each dept and a few other things. So the administration budget goes to pay for salaries, hardware and software those areas use. In total it's about 4% of the total budget. We also are adding a nurse practitioner so the med clinic can be open full time instead of a couple hours a week, that salary falls into the administration category also.
  2. Reid To Hold Meeting With Voters

    So when is the meeting?
  3. Public Meeting To Discuss Main Street Bridge Rehab In Elmira

    I love how they have these meetings during the day when most people are working and can't attend them.
  4. Sample This BBQ

    Don't forget Callears in Sayre/Athens.
  5. I've heard nothing but good reviews about it
  6. Thoughts on the 17% tax increase for Elmira?

    That's all BS. Of course they say they would have voted No. It let's them save face.
  7. Thoughts on the 17% tax increase for Elmira?

    I didn't hear anything about the charter or vote. Someone needs to put the whole story out there.
  8. I'm curious on why Hughesnet got 28 million. They already off satellite internet to everyone that has line of sight.
  9. Hopefully STEG is more handoff with this than they are with the arena.
  10. County Sales Tax Revenue Increased 3.5% In 2017

    I would have much rather seen someone defeat Santulli in an election instead of him retiring from the job. Maybe that would have taken some of the smugness away from him
  11. Southern Tier Awarded $67.3M For Economic Development

    I don't think they've left yet. But it's not going to be long. The Co-op is going to take over and run everything. But I don't think they will make Kraft cheese anymore. I'm pretty sure they will do what Waverly does, make cheese for many different brands.
  12. Southern Tier Awarded $67.3M For Economic Development

    It's probably being used to update portions of the plant. It hasn't closed yet a co-op is buying it. The one is Waverly is doing fine.
  13. It's a new show and a Amazon Exclusive it's been nominated for 2 golden globes. It's about a Jewish housewife in the 50s who has the perfect life till her husband decides to leave her. She decides to become a comedian. 99% of the show is family friendly but it has a little cussing and a couple topless shots. Overall it's a great show and you will laugh through every episode.