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  1. Limebike Bicycle Sharing Program Begins Tomorrow In Elmira

    I read an article a few months ago that when winter comes they need to remove about 1/2 of the bikes from Ithaca because they won't be used. So I am thinking Emira is a good place to store those bikes for the winter.
  2. I couldn't get your link to work. http://www.christophercallas.com
  3. 2018 Democratic Primary Results

    Keenan and I don't agree on much, in fact I don't think we agree on anything, but I gotta throw some respect his way he busted his hump and showed a enthusiasm you don't see in campaigns anymore. If that was all it took he would have won in a landslide. He said on his campaign page that after November he is doing something with the school board election. If he is running or helping someone else it's great, but I hope he doesn't try to make it political because that's not how a school board works.
  4. Tops Market In Elmira To Close

    I notice that a certain candidate for county executive brags everytime an announcement is made bringing business to Elmira but is silent when one leaves.
  5. It's almost like the district has been doing what's right all along and all the hype was for nothing.
  6. Tops Market In Elmira To Close

    I'm sure the new Aldi's was a factor in closing that store
  7. Santulli Responds To Mayor's Recent Newspaper Column

    Santulli can say all he wants the money wasn't planned for this or a committee was in charge of the spending, but everyone knows that he had plans for it and would have made those plans happen. Now no one knows for sure what those plans were, but they were there. Mandell needs to stop crying and whining about the county and start doing stuff to fix the city. Instead of worrying about things he has to control over he needs to concentrate on what he does have control over.
  8. Two Arrested As Fugitives From Justice

    He should have been arrested for that stupid looking goatee.
  9. Police investigating Early Morning Disturbance In Elmira

    And nobody saw anything!
  10. Sounds like someone is scared of his challenger. I can't remember what he said a couple years ago but I remember everyone was upset about it. I can't remember if it was a sexist or derogatory comment. I tried to find it, but can't. I've never been impressed with him.
  11. Arnot Health Announces Leadership Change

    I know of 2 cardiologists that have left in the last 2 months and they were already short staffed. Plus Dr. Tinsley left
  12. Robbie Nichols Reveals New Hockey Team Name And Logo

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it looked like him with a 70s porn star stache.
  13. Dr Stephen Coleman Enters County Executive Race

    I forgot he was even in the race
  14. Dr Stephen Coleman Enters County Executive Race

    This race is going to fun now.
  15. Police Investigate Gun Shots On Elmira's Southside

    This all occurred a half a block from my house and I didn't hear a thing.
  16. Claude is a good guy, I would vote for him if it was my district.
  17. I hope anybody that has questions regarding the cleanup that has been done or is being done at ends this.
  18. Krusen To Run On Independent Line Only

    I'm thinking he's going to try and pull another Otto Campanella. He ran as a third party for judge of a few years ago and won. But unfortunately he won't do it, or should I say fortunately. Because he'll just be another Santulli. I'm not sure the county can afford that for much longer.
  19. Krusen To Run On Independent Line Only

    I'll guarantee there's some polling done I told him he doesn't stand a chance against Moss. And instead of dropping out of the race gracefully this is his way of doing it. I mean I can't blame him I wouldn't want to give up with a double dipping in my paycheck and pension along with steg. He has a good gig going on.
  20. I will be great if this project is successful, but those buildings have been open to the environment for 20 years rooms caving in I can't imagine the structural Integrity of those bricks is anywhere near where it should be. They've been absorbing water and everything for 20 years no heat in the winter
  21. It's amazes me how meetings are set up for middle of the day. I guess that way they can say "we had the meeting and nobody objected".
  22. Voters Approve Elmira School District Budget

    No, The contingency budget has no increase and doesn't allow for anything new to be done.
  23. If only they can make it more affordable to fly out of ELM. My wife and I flew from Rochester to Orlando round trip for about what it would have cost for 1 of out of ELM. I prefer to fly out of ELM but it's to expensive.