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  1. County Sales Tax Revenue Increased 3.5% In 2017

    I would have much rather seen someone defeat Santulli in an election instead of him retiring from the job. Maybe that would have taken some of the smugness away from him
  2. Hallmark Store At Arnot Mall To Close

    I know, I hear all about it.
  3. Elmira High School Hosts Financial Literacy Fair

    No apology needed, it wasn't your comment I was responding to. It's one of many programs the district is doing to embrace "the community schools project". Elmira is leading the area in this area.
  4. Elmira High School Hosts Financial Literacy Fair

    It's actually a great course and opportunity. It teaches a lot more than balancing a check book and how credit works.
  5. Hallmark Store At Arnot Mall To Close

    My wives best friend works there and she told me a couple months ago. My wife works in the shoe store across from it. They both go to Taza a lot.
  6. Hallmark Store At Arnot Mall To Close

    They will be closing next month.
  7. Rave: Regal Cinema At Arnot Mall

    Their is a program that works like Netflix for for theatres. You pay $10 a month per person and get a card in the mail. You can go to the movies once per day with the card. Their are no extra fees and I am pretty sure you can still reserve your seats. It's called Movie pass. https://www.moviepass.com
  8. Totem Taxi..Rant

    Have your Uber or Lyft?
  9. Southern Tier Awarded $67.3M For Economic Development

    I don't think they've left yet. But it's not going to be long. The Co-op is going to take over and run everything. But I don't think they will make Kraft cheese anymore. I'm pretty sure they will do what Waverly does, make cheese for many different brands.
  10. Southern Tier Awarded $67.3M For Economic Development

    It's probably being used to update portions of the plant. It hasn't closed yet a co-op is buying it. The one is Waverly is doing fine.
  11. They should appoint Hal, He would do a good job.
  12. Explosion In Lindley Kills One

    He was probably making his own tannerite.
  13. It's a new show and a Amazon Exclusive it's been nominated for 2 golden globes. It's about a Jewish housewife in the 50s who has the perfect life till her husband decides to leave her. She decides to become a comedian. 99% of the show is family friendly but it has a little cussing and a couple topless shots. Overall it's a great show and you will laugh through every episode.
  14. Rant: Holiday Check Out Lines

    All my shopping is either online or at a nice family owned Jewelry store on 14th St in the heights. I avoid all other stores like the plague
  15. Rave: Taza Cafe

    I love their chicken salad sandwich.