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  1. It's amazes me how meetings are set up for middle of the day. I guess that way they can say "we had the meeting and nobody objected".
  2. Meet the Candidate

    I told you it's a disease that has no cure. Lol
  3. Voters Approve Elmira School District Budget

    No, The contingency budget has no increase and doesn't allow for anything new to be done.
  4. If only they can make it more affordable to fly out of ELM. My wife and I flew from Rochester to Orlando round trip for about what it would have cost for 1 of out of ELM. I prefer to fly out of ELM but it's to expensive.
  5. That is a direct contradict to what the social media post said about the incident.
  6. I was hoping to attend the presentation by Mr. Hang but the piston in my car engine decided it wanted to take a stroll outside my engine on my way home from work that night so I didn't make it. But I did watch it on YouTube. When he said something along the lines of he only quickly looked at the information told me he wasn't fully prepared to talk about the subject. Plus the fact he didn't talk to the district or NYS DEC about any of the reports to get updated information or clarification told me all I needed to know. I hope a few hundred people show up on May 2nd and learn everything they can. Further informed discussion is great instead of people just assuming they know what's going on. I can say not 1 time 4 years has anyone attended a Elmira City District Board of Education meeting and asked about this topic. Plus the fact that 0 (zero) people showed up for 2 other NYS DEC information sessions speaks volumes. Maybe it was because they didn't take place on an election year or maybe some people have a hidden agenda. But I look forward to more people being informed on the efforts the district has taken to remediate this issue.
  7. Bill isn't a bad guy. He would be a lot better than the other guy running.
  8. EHS was the only building big enough to house the students. The fence was part of the remediation process. It wasn't there to hide anything. In fact all that information of what was going to happen was discussed at a few board meetings. If I recall correctly one of the reasons for the fence was to make sure residents weren't going to come in contact with the soil. Everyone knows a big dirt pile is like a magnet to kids.
  9. KReed, you need to stop bringing logic and common sense to the internet. Lol
  10. If it was about needing a few years to develop it would make you wonder how any teacher that's taught at the high school for 10-20-30 years don't have health issues
  11. The issue I see with the information being gathered to try and find a correlation is it's to narrow. They are asking anyone that went to SHS/EHS and has gotten sick. They should also ask for people at EFA or HHS to determine if the numbers on the Southside are high or just normal. The way they are going about it is almost like a Witch Hunt. How many of those people that are sick also ate at Pudgies or shopped at P&C? Most won't listen when they are told the studies done in the past showed no correlation. This was settled over a decade ago but the county democrats have decided to make it political. The 1 guy in particular has only concentrated one this one issue and ignored any issues the county can actually do something about.
  12. I will find out an answer to that and let you know.
  13. The state is pushing for districts to get more involved in the community. It's called the Community Schools program.