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  1. Meet the Candidate

    Hey , the next time one of these “new friends “ stops by in dirty coveralls to have a discussion with you , I’m putting his ass to work 😂!
  2. Okay , the Law has spoken , the NRA tried to protect them , now let’s see the names so we can get down to some of that “ vitriol “ !
  3. Nah ... they’ll just “adjust what is legally called corruption “ wtf , is the Supreme Court rewriting the Constitution And the Dictionary ?
  4. Things pretty slow up in Castle Rock Stephen ?
  5. Meet the Candidate

    Hey , ya never know right ?
  6. "Distortion Of Facts" Has Already Become A Tired Campaign Soundbite

    People who feel they can help out learn about the issues, share what they learn with voters, and let the voters decide who is best suited to serve. Thank you Christina ! I just hope voters use this information and vote according to the facts and not make this voting cycle a popularity contest .
  7. Oh ... how the mighty fall ! Strongly contesting but resigning Quickly 🤔 ... 💩 !
  8. Luckily for our young folks we have Sportsman’s clubs , Parents and other individuals willing to instruct them in the Shooting Sports ! So to the State Assembly Education Committee .... Suck it !
  9. I have noticed more and more clothing than actual hardware . Last week I made a purchase and they asked if I had a Club Card I told them I did but not worth bringing it out of my wallet . And as Mark stated the place was really empty of customers ! Anyone else remember when they put seasonal stuff on clearance, like really marked down ? That went out the window apparently because I keep track of these things and I see most of the sale stuff as being actually marked up ! AND KUDO’S TO SPRINGFIELD ARMORY !!
  10. She was confused and was looking for her drool cup ! 🤮 ...
  11. Another fitting idea for punishment , make him stand in a pile of his trash at the corner of Water and Walnut with a sign reading yup I’m a scumbag river dumper ! After conviction and fines ( full pop ) are levied of course .
  12. A Brief History Of The Chemung County Legislature

    “ a strong and proactive legislative body to act as balance and checks on the executive branch “ hmmm , what a concept !
  13. Elmira Woman Arrested For Welfare Fraud

    Not able to make good decisions ?!
  14. Heights Man Arrested For Fraud

    Well , I did ask to be corrected . But I think I made a mistake in not clarifying , it’s the perpetrators of these scams that when they find out they have 10 chances or reports , before they are charged with a felony , that will play the system or the 10 chance as opportunity .
  15. Heights Man Arrested For Fraud

    Trouble is this panhandling thing has become more prevalent in the area , especially around the Markets . Some folks don’t know how to handle it when it happens so they just cave and give the cash . This is bad , in this area it will grow to the point of the panhandlers making their request a demand ...
  16. Guilty as charged Mary , lining bathroom trash can , cleaning the cat box even double bagging bread for the freezer and taking them back to the recycling bin at the store . Which brings to mind , at the landfill recycling bins plastic bags are not recyclable WTH ?
  17. Heights Man Arrested For Fraud

    Agreed ... to a point . Yes this felony charge is a bit over top . It’s easy enough for any clear thinking individual to tell a scammer or panhandler No ! If they persist then all bets are off . Now where I disagree with the seemingly magic “10” strikes or reports is this ( and please tell me if I’m making the wrong correlation ) most Towns , B Town included , have a 10:00 pm to 10:00 am noise ordinance . Most folks take this to mean ( wrongly so ) they have every right to make any kind of noise , loud exhaust , car stereo bass , etc . they like in between those times . So by way of this example , a simple “ buddy can ya spare me a 20.00 for a coffee “ would be interpreted by these sorts as okay under the new law as long as they keep it to under ten times and or ten complaints . Now , understand I’m not being argumentative here just pointing out these folks as with the ones I pointed out will ( wrongly again ) interpret any law to suit their purpose or to claim ing orange in the courtroom . We call them ... Sh ** Bird Lawyers here in B-Town !
  18. I don’t know ... thats a really long border wall to build ( sarcasm of course ) and all those celebrities swearing to leave the US if Trump got elected would be off the hook ...
  19. Anybody else here repurpose or recycle these bags ?! We do but I would just as soon not to have to , and tote bags are easier to bring in groceries from the car .
  20. I’m all for it ... stupidest thing ever flimsy super thin and seen scattered all over , a reusable bag is super cheap ! Heard a lady on the news tonight commenting about how this will effect the “ poor “ , c’mon really ?!
  21. Kitty speak for “betch’ya ass “ ! 🤔😉
  22. Being the person that can’t watch those SPCA ads ( you know the ones ) I struggle with my emotional side wanting vengeance for the animal ... violent vengeance , and my other side that cannot fathom how people can throw kittens out of a car window , or hoard pets to the point that some do . And I still feel the landlord is culpable in some way
  23. KReed , I agree with you for the most part but another thought I have is this . The Landlord is also partially to blame in some of these cases , checking the premises occasionally is usually in a lease agreement especially if it allows animals . So what do we do for these folks instead of the whole amount of the fine ? At very least a mandatory time working at the shelter enforced time not voluntarily . Just a thought ...
  24. Not to be argumentative but , historically States pushing Community Schools in some other Countries turned out to be State Brain Washing programs ! No ... I would sooner have our Local School Boards keep autonomy in this respect . No , I don’t like a higher tax bill , no one does but did anyone else watch Adolf Andrew give his announcement on his vote pandering executive ( emphasis on the diminutive) order ?