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Election Results
  • Chemung County Executive Race: Chris Moss (R) 55% Jerome Emanuel (Dem) 29% Krusen (I) 16%
  • 1st District: Pastrick (R) 57% Pucci (Dem) 43%
  • 2nd District: Manchester (R) 69% Saglibene (Con) 30%
  • 3rd District: Sweet (R) 53% Lynch (Dem) 40%
  • 4th District: Brennan (R) 64% Bond (Dem) 35%
  • 5th District: Margeson (R) 64% Stow (Dem) 20% Miller 15% (I)
  • 7th District: Sonsire (Dem) 63% Milliken (R) 36%
  • 8th District: Woodard (R) 58% Callas (Dem) 41%
  • 9th District: Burin (R) 74% Fairchild (I) 25%
  • 12th District: McCarthy (Dem) 50% Collins (R) 45%
  • 13th District: Drake (R) 65% Logan-Lattimore (Dem) 34%
  • 14th District: Smith (R) 68% Heyward (Dem) 31%


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  1. Election Day 2018 General Chat

    So , I voted ... I will say I DO hate the ballots probably always will ! Fill in the circle ... right , OCD makes me have to stay in the circle , tremors say no no , scribble outside the circle . Mark one wrong , especially this cycle with so many on the ballot and BAM , machine kicks it out . More of a pain in the ass than it’s worth sometimes ... just my opinion !
  2. Election Day 2018 General Chat

    Desperation move there !
  3. Chemung County Executive

    Agreed ... small buisness’s , as proven by Corning’s Mkt St . Are what lead tourists along a certain path . More “ big box stores “ are not the way to line that path . Most people are trying to get away from the Sprawl Marts etc and will avoid areas saturated by them while traveling .
  4. Chemung County Executive

    Nailed it , Johnny Go !
  5. Lansing Man Arrested For Animal Cruelty

    I like to believe there is a Special place in hell where whatever Evil is perpetrated on pets is returned tenfold on the perpetrator !
  6. And “ the Stomach Turns “ !
  7. Methinks the author of “ Chronology of Dirty Politics “ is more a case of the hier apparent to the County Throne throwing a hissy fit ! It is good to see Candidate Moss is not playing into these tantrums ! And just once could we leave that “ money pit dump “ , namely the Arena , out of the equation . Nothing good ( at least for the common citizen ) has ever or will ever come of that boondoggle !
  8. Lowest form of life , waste of good oxygen ... wishing him all the worst !!
  9. Elmira Man Arrested On Weapons Charges

    Shoot , he’ll be all tatted up by then ! Wonder if he will still be smiling as he’s passed around ... but forget all that , he’s going to get youthful offender status anyway !
  10. Elmira Man Arrested On Weapons Charges

    And it’s laughing ?! Somebody must have told the Bubba joke ... Guess breaking the Law is one big joke after all , just don’t let Goofus here breed with that smiley female from last week Please .
  11. Yes , they were more than adamant about being the “ first “ to break the story ! Pretty serious allegation to make against Rodney ! What I find distasteful of WETM was their ill timed Straw Poll , not so much the results , but the timing itself . Vote Moss ... give the “ good ole boy “ network the Toss !
  12. Yes ... it has gotten old ! Always someone else’s fault , methinks a bit of a paranoia bug has bitten Mr Krusen ...
  13. Yep , Good attitude going on there , perky .. not so many “smarts “ but very perky !
  14. God Friended Me

    It has about the same premise as Manifest . Only unlike Manifest it doesn’t have the whole Government conspiracy stuck in there with shootem ups and explosions . More relaxing and feel good type show , and yes , we watch Manifest as well LOL !
  15. I think for the most part we are becoming desensitized by all this “ dinnit see nuttin “ thing when Police are trying to get to the bottom of things ! IMHO , MEH ... no biggie ! Do I Like the way it’s going or my attitude , Hell no but it just going to get worse before it gets better . Large groups fleeing the scene and nobody cooperating sickens me , and yes it should be a charge obstruction of Justice . But no , the Law shows up , calls EMTs for any injured parties of fights or shootings and so called “ victims “ see nothing ?? Meanwhile that Ambulance is not able to respond to that guy having a heart attack or that baby choking ... no their skills are being Wasted , that’s what I said Wasted , at the scene of some Drama injury or other such nonsense as we are seeing in Elmira anymore ! YMMV ( an old Marcy acronym ) but it’s all good !
  16. Involved parties not cooperating with the investigation ! 😱 say it isn’t so !!
  17. Chemung County Political Field Worksheet

    So , I Stopped by HQ to get a few yard signs this morning , talked to Rodney for a minute . One other young man already there followed me out giving me his rather colorful opinion of a couple candidates he obviously doesn’t care for . Race and sexual orientation were his biggest hang ups it seems . I stopped him mid rant explaining that he had every right to his opinion no matter how much I might disagree with his criteria for our Leaders thinking he might get the idea . Then while giving him my views and opinions on his rant he kept wanting to cut me off with his clearly bigoted ideals , or rather his lack of ideals . I know his type ... if standing in front of the very people he was belittling he would not , could not form an intelligent comment or thought . I left him with (again ) my thoughts as to his criteria for a good or bad Candidate and with me making mention that he might be better served to consider what that Candidate can do once in Office , no matter he viewed them !
  18. Chemung County Political Field Worksheet

    Geezus ! What a mess ...
  19. Ithaca has the Jungle , Elmira has bridge communities . Surprising a city that touts Safe shootup places for addicts can’t seem to help some of the homeless ( the ones that want help that is ) .
  20. Tolerance

    Thank you Linda ! I miss what we once were , when we knew where we stood ! I find I don’t like where we as a Country are headed . I have tried to be tolerant but I will not be bullied , I grew up being bullied and belittled , no , those days are over for me now ! I’ve earned my right to my opinion , I have , like many others given years of my life to uphold someone else’s Right to thier opinion . I too would rather agree to disagree , I like a spirited discussion from time to time ( ask my kids lol ) . But now in the face of some who refuse to try to be civil I find my survival instinct kicking in to defend my own ideals and sometimes I feel ashamed that I let them do that to me ! But as that is what we have been forced become all we can do is ask the Maker for Forgiveness and move through this World being the best person we can be . I hope you can find my point in all that mess as I’m not all that articulate . I leave that to Ann and others like Yourself . 😉
  21. Got a feeling Willie is barking up the wrong tree ! Imagine explaining just what got stuck in your throat when you head for the Emergency room ?
  22. These used to be a big event in North Chemung , folks would come from all over and spend the day either shooting for a Turkey or just Shooting the Bull ! We are trying to revive that Tradition of old Freinds and Neighbors spending time Together ... Hope to see you there !
  23. "The Great Chemung County Read"

    Hah , beat ya by one , of course most of my reads weren’t on the list ! John Carter of Mars , oh yeah ! And yes Chronicles of Amber . My fastest read of course was The Martian , just couldn’t put it down ! Jean Auls , Valley of the Horses should have been on the list but I suppose it’s taken as a sequel to Clan of the Cave Bear . I tried Grapes of Wrath , I really tried but ...
  24. Bicycle Sharing program Could Be Coming To Elmira

    Yes ... they still have that program and it still will work the same way . Only difference , these bikes are odd shaped and will be difficult to sell at the second hand stores . But Mark my words more than a few of the local genius’s will repaint and attempt to pawn them !