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  1. It was a good time watching these young folks tonight . Obviously a lot of hard work and dedication here !!
  2. Thanks Mahatma ... dad always said I was the sharpest spoon in the drawer !
  3. Methinks you have hit the proverbial nail on the head !
  4. I see , after posting , that a Candidate for a Legislative Seat has posted an article here Chris . Finally someone has come forward with their own ideas on what they plan to try to do if elected .
  5. Economic Issues Spur Interest in Local Government

    Thank You Christina . Yours is the very First article that has not just thrown around some speaking points and facts that , quite frankly , at first blush seem to smack of mud slinging . In reading your article , which I am taking as your platform , you have laid out your plans and ideas so that we may make an informed decision .
  6. Things is getting a mite edgy down there now !
  7. Okay ... let me rephrase that a bit . Seems there is , after so many years , a lot of interest in the buisness of the County Legislature . And you must admit it is unusual to have so many Candidates interested in Legislative seats in one cycle . Now understand , I am not casting aspersions on Any of the Legislatures or Candidates .Hell , what I know about politics you could fit in a thimble . What I do know it IS time for a change , not just the speaking points , but actual change , end the top down politics , implement real transparency and accountability to tax payers . Not so much to ask one would think !?
  8. And ... it’s another one of prince andrews quick fix ideas to grab that almighty tax dollar out of our pockets . Brick and mortar stores are suffering from internet sales ... yes ! But who is it that for so many years made New York buisness Unfriendly , yup same idiot gubernor ! Over the years how many shoppers have gone to PA to save high sales tax on purchases . Then it was found one could deny Cowmoo his “share” by shopping on the Interwebby ! And after all this time Santulli is backing this tax grab to help with his piss poor management of the County coffers . I hope like hell voters are keeping track of all these facts , adding them up and making the best decision they can at the polls this year ! And quick question ... what ship is sinking on the Legislative level of Chemung County that is causing this mass exodus and what is finally coming out to cause so many new candidates on the ballot ?
  9. I would like to see all the platforms these good folks are running on , just to compare them side by side .
  10. Two Arrested For Selling Meth In Corning

    Oh , I agree . Between the D.A. and the State is our weak link . That coupled with the deals made and bail projects , especially on the local level the Randy’s are arrested and hit the streets an hour later ... and they know the system and laws protect them so where’s the deterrent?
  11. Going to be an interesting election cycle !
  12. Two Arrested For Selling Meth In Corning

    If the State would free up the Judges hands so they could adjudicate then maybe we could get the Randy’s off the streets. When it’s “ suggested “ by the State that the Judge not remand a perp to jail because they don’t have money or means to pay a fine imposed I believe that’s where some of the problems start . The Courtroom still is the Judges playpen but the State only gives them so many toys to play with .
  13. Two Arrested For Selling Meth In Corning

    Yes , and Randy has a long history with another Jurisdiction as well , the years have not been good to him ... or is it the meth ?!
  14. Well , let’s see ... Governor giving out a 20 million dollar prize but City and County must play nice . I read this as County being pissed off that City knows County gets the lions share of the prize so City decides to push back ! Why push back you say ? City is tired ( as are other municipalities ) of the County Bullies pushing their agendas on the City . So show me the 20 million would be split evenly to help the City possibly become solvent again and I may ... may , just agree with some points of this letter . Otherwise my “ Spidey Senses “ are still in full suspicion mode .
  15. Kudo’s To the Students and Staff at Elmira High School ! Clearly we have some hope for our futures in these young men and women who instead of walking out of class’s for 17 minutes of cell phone time and assing around in general , found a more productive way of airing and discussing their concerns !
  16. More shake up at the White House...

    Might as well put Golden Arches over the White House , turn over rates about the same as Mickie Dee’s ! This next three years will be a total waste anyway ... oh by the way meeting with Kim jung Uhn , big mistake ! But at least Trump lets them live after he fires em ...
  17. The last few seconds it does look like a fly on a tv screen !
  18. I wonder , with all these new Candidates will this spur on a higher voter turnout ?
  19. Do you mean that City Charter thing that just came out Mary ? Reminds me I need to push for finding the charter for Baldwin ... Anyway , interesting that Charter came to light after Council Members didn’t show up for the budget workshops to find ways not to implement the 17% increase .
  20. Okay , he may be on to something there ( imagine saying that to him lol ) . Aliens would take one look at us and catch the nearest black hole the hell away from here !
  21. True enough , but imagine if he put that mind to work on our future instead our past . Just a thought .
  22. I am blissfully ignorant when it comes to theoretical physics etc ... and a but in 3.2.1 , But I believe instead of using the word “knows “ they should be saying he theorizes or hypothesizes. Unless he was around for it of course .... pictures or it didn’t happen !
  23. Do we sound as though we are desensitized to all reports such as this ? To some it would seem we are violence mongers or judgemental or whatever descriptive one can think of . Personally I don’t like to think of myself having to kill another human being ! I look at the situation from the point made to me by a drill instructor in boot camp . I asked “ what if I decide not to shoot if the other guy pointing his weapon at me “ ? Calmly he walked over sharply jabbed his finger ( Painfully so ) into my chest asking “do you feel that “ yes I said , his reply .... “No you don’t stupid , your dead “ ! Point was /is you decide ahead of time Not to be a Victim ! You carry that gun for a reason , as did that father . The perp , young or old , drugged up or stone sober pointed his weapon at that mans children ! He was as good as dead before he pointed the gun at those kids . The young man was the armed aggressor , no matter the other kid said the gun was not loaded .... All guns are loaded ! The dad was not going to wait to see what the perps intentions were as the young person pointed the gun at his kids . He knew they were dead if he decided not to shoot and keep shooting until his kids were no longer victims ! Some would say they would act differently... I call BS on that . To not act in some manner is to not value your kids lives or your own ! Don’t have a gun , remember , Anything in reach is a weapon , right down to your bare hands . Sorry to go on but in this World , in this Time , we are All potential Victims ! It’s us against them and the inmates have taken over the asylum ! Rant over , drop the Mic ?.
  24. Shoot til the theat is no longer ... a threat !