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  1. This one is not merely stupid , he is a Special Kind of STUPID ! Who the hell returns to the scene of thier own crime ... weapon in hand 🤦🏼‍♂️
  2. Meh ... not even interesting news anymore ! Same old “ din’t See’s nuttin “ .
  3. Southport Man Arrested On Criminal Nuisance Charges

    Wait ... he’s out hunting a dog on the streets of Southport ? The dog was chasing chickens in Southport ?! He gets himself charged for Criminal Nuisance for protecting his neighbors chickens ...” hello , Animal Control , I would like to report “ ... ! Yeah , that would have been the way to go !
  4. State Of Emergency Declared In Tioga County

    My former employer had a rule on just this thing . State of Emergency , no unnecessary travel not a excuse for calling in ... The County had to be Shut down or you were penalized with unauthorized absence. You could be butt deep in snow or water , make your way halfway to work , get turned around by Law Enforcement but if your County wasn’t shut down you were in for trouble . Might be why not all schools were closed ?
  5. You've A Gift Within

    Thank You Linda , MASH and the Waltons were a mainstay in our day room of every one of the duty stations and ships I served in or on in the Vietnam Era . But the Messages that came from both of these shows kept us grounded in our Faith , Family and Duty . Of course , that was back when the television shows actually Had a Message ...
  6. Sales Tax Presentation Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

    Interesting Question ! Other inquiring minds on different levels are asking the same question ...
  7. Town Of Chemung Eyes Property Tax Hike

    I guess one question to be asked is , do the Town employee’s contribute to the Insuarnce ? !
  8. Two Elmira Men Arrested On Weapons Charges

    Yeah the guy with the pic that says “ I’m a badass “ ! His future umm , comfort depends on that look ...
  9. Two Elmira Men Arrested On Weapons Charges

    Great job EPD ! Unfortunately this now the norm for our area and let’s face it , there is no solution at all to prevent it ! All the pro gun cliches apply here , now and in the future . Interestingly it is we that possess and carry firearms Legally that seem to be the ones that are required to “slink “ around with our protective devices concealed , so as not to cause fear ! While these types flaunt and use their stolen , illegally possessed weapons actually causing enough fear to lock down a school !
  10. I guess it’s a good thing lineman rarely climb those poles anymore ! Can you imagine your spikes cutting out and going for a slide down . Like scratching an itch with a porcupine ... YIKES !
  11. The Amazing Kreskin concurs ! 😆
  12. Not long if you take into account a home invasion perp . can just walk away ! Just gonna get worse ...
  13. Tops Market In Elmira To Close

    Anything move into the brew store that moved ?
  14. Top ten ... that’s great !
  15. Thought you of all people would understand why I am misspelling words on purpose ! 🤭