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  1. Google Ads

    It was a surprise to see them here . But figured you were experimenting .
  2. Conwell's Laserwash Davis St. Elmira

    That’s “Good Buisness “ right there !
  3. How many voters showed up or was it an odd year election and he got confused ?
  4. So Kraft is still operating ... that’s good to hear !
  5. Ummm , Thanks for that Kevin my friend ! But I only have x amount of heartbeats left and I have made a decision just this last week not to waste them on Town buisness !!
  6. Vacant Lot To Get New Tenant In Elmira

    How cool is that , hope they can make it work ! Course it’s close to the highway , water in from Chemung back out to customers .
  7. Interesting article . And yes the way we pronounce Lowman is way different from folks outside the area . As Saab1 mentioned , now I see why .
  8. Rant: Holiday Check Out Lines

    BWAHAA ! In Weiss Mkt yesterday afternoon ... one cashier with about twenty customers waiting . Poor girl was doing her best while the customer service desk was discussing ( loudly ) what the problem was . Seems to be endemic ( right word ? ) this year .
  9. Well , the bottom idiot has the right idea ! Is that an orange plastic bag on its head ?
  10. Rave: Pine Valley Farm

    Good people with good products ! Buy Local ...
  11. Hey ... he had “ deliveries “ to make ! Gotta love that I 86 drug corridor ...
  12. Rave: Taza Cafe

    Now I want a Latte !
  13. Great , the patient could have needed the help and these two think it’s the better choice to bust him out ! Some kind of friends .
  14. I likes me some Amos Lee !
  15. It’s all in the eyes 👀 can you see the regret just pouring from them ?