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  1. That’s quite a disparity between sugar percentages .
  2. Oh yeah , I’m not getting popcorn for this election night .... nope this is going to be a full blown sheet pizza with all the extras baby !!
  3. Thank You for putting that out there KReed ! It Has been drilled into our heads since 1972 that Agnes ruined the area . But Corning got hit by the same flood and just look at the difference ! Question , do they (Corning ) have the same type Executive / legislative model as Chemung ? At any rate I believe it’s time to retire , no ... high time to retire the good ole gang ( at least most of them ) plus thier heavy handed leader .
  4. Thought I heard the news person say around three million for a demolition and the renovation would be much less .
  5. County Releases Broadband Survey Results

    BWAHAA ... LMAO ! Can’t believe I missed that one Doctor Mark ! 😂 I still wish I had a picture of that ... So for those being a bit curious about this exchange . I was recently in the hospital for two , yes two extended stays for cellulitis and strep infection . Now it gets personal from here but it’s integral to the post . The cellulitis was on , well ... me bum , yup a right pain in the arse it was too . So I had these two visitors show up as I was exiting the bathroom with all the tubes , lines and baggage in tow , the wife says to me “ you have visitors “ ... the giggles and snickers should have tipped me off . So me being in isolation these two had to wear yellow gowns , gloves and masks and there they were in all their glory looking like two rejects from med school ... a cheap med school . Mark snapping his rubber gloves menacingly like a practicing Proctologist and Nurse Rachet JimK still trying to get the yellow gown over his Carhart jacket ... what a pair , what a sight . Gave me some laughs I really needed at the time ... Thanks guys ! A bit off topic I know but dang I still wish I could have gotten a pic of these guys in that get up !
  6. Keep your Facist crap downstate Cowmoo , they love being led like sheep ! Talk about government over reach ...
  7. Krusen To Run On Independent Line Only

    Actually I made a post when it first came on FB . Some idiot got all butt hurt because his reading comprehension wasn’t quite up to snuff . I figured since it was Moss’s site he would respond and straighten things out . He didn’t , I said bye bye and haven’t been back there since . But I’m still in his corner !
  8. Krusen To Run On Independent Line Only

    I jumped off That particular FB page long ago ... too much ingnorance from some posters and the negativity ,as you say , was a turn off !
  9. County Releases Broadband Survey Results

    I’m on a fixed income and not all that savvy ( despite touting to Mark that I have “mad” computer skills ) but I sure would love to be able to jump down that rabbit hole I get to see one mile down the road when visiting you Chris ! I could dump DISH and not look back .
  10. Chemung Man Charged With Animal Cruelty

    For one , examples are not being made by other perpetrators by the Courts . Sob stories and tears about how they just couldn’t afford to care for the horse ... Another is the ones that move to the country and automatically figure they have to have a horse for their two acres ! And oh yeah ... let’s not forget sheer laziness !
  11. Wow ... ballot sheets gonna be full this cycle . Forget stocking up on popcorn .... this is a sheet pizza event !
  12. Chemung Man Charged With Animal Cruelty

    No reason , no more excuses ! Nope ... Nada ! Not a 1,000 dollar fine or one year in jail it’s Both !
  13. From Whence Cometh Your Name?

    Thanks Linda our middle son and another daughter in law have done the genealogy already . I was just curious about the origin of the name .
  14. From Whence Cometh Your Name?

    Interesting read Linda . You mention the different spellings of the surnames over the years . It really makes it difficult sometimes , as you say , to trace the name . Paternally our Dutch connection is Van de Mark , Van der Mark or Vandymark ... all coming from around the New York , Hudson Vally area . So I guess I need to pick your brain as to the translation of the name . Would it be “ from the Mark “ or some such . I must admit I find genealogy fascinating but do not have the patience to do it myself .
  15. That being the case Mark the developers need as much time at the range as myself ! Because this picture is wayyy outside the “ten ring “ !