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  1. Flooding Causes Road Closures In Chemung County

    LOL okay ... I’ll give you that ! But FedEx trucks hydro planing in your lane is a bit unnerving ...
  2. Flooding Causes Road Closures In Chemung County

    That special type of idiocy seems contagious... SLOW DOWN , there are others on the road !
  3. Yeah , but I like the Goobernors Options better ! But he be Special ...
  4. Ignorance is no excuse for Breaking The Law !! So by thier reasoning , Joe Schmoo can rob a jewelry store and gets caught he can just put the goods Back ?! crooks gots options !
  5. Does’nt the whole thing sound rather ... con voluted ? Im so sorry for that , must be all this rain !
  6. So ... did you hear the one about Brad Pitt calling the Mansfield Dunkin Donuts ?
  7. Bicyclist Struck By Car In Elmira

    Guess the cyclist needs to be ticketed !
  8. Moms Don't Like Spitting

    Yep the graphics added a little sumthin sumthin !
  9. Really I’m not seeing any “ common sense gun control “ here ! This just puts New Yorkers under a Fascists thumb even further ... And backing himself with Black Caucus Members is his usual pandering for votes . And just add up all the so called State Funding going out to specific Counties !
  10. That’s quite a disparity between sugar percentages .
  11. Oh yeah , I’m not getting popcorn for this election night .... nope this is going to be a full blown sheet pizza with all the extras baby !!
  12. Thank You for putting that out there KReed ! It Has been drilled into our heads since 1972 that Agnes ruined the area . But Corning got hit by the same flood and just look at the difference ! Question , do they (Corning ) have the same type Executive / legislative model as Chemung ? At any rate I believe it’s time to retire , no ... high time to retire the good ole gang ( at least most of them ) plus thier heavy handed leader .
  13. Thought I heard the news person say around three million for a demolition and the renovation would be much less .
  14. County Releases Broadband Survey Results

    BWAHAA ... LMAO ! Can’t believe I missed that one Doctor Mark ! 😂 I still wish I had a picture of that ... So for those being a bit curious about this exchange . I was recently in the hospital for two , yes two extended stays for cellulitis and strep infection . Now it gets personal from here but it’s integral to the post . The cellulitis was on , well ... me bum , yup a right pain in the arse it was too . So I had these two visitors show up as I was exiting the bathroom with all the tubes , lines and baggage in tow , the wife says to me “ you have visitors “ ... the giggles and snickers should have tipped me off . So me being in isolation these two had to wear yellow gowns , gloves and masks and there they were in all their glory looking like two rejects from med school ... a cheap med school . Mark snapping his rubber gloves menacingly like a practicing Proctologist and Nurse Rachet JimK still trying to get the yellow gown over his Carhart jacket ... what a pair , what a sight . Gave me some laughs I really needed at the time ... Thanks guys ! A bit off topic I know but dang I still wish I could have gotten a pic of these guys in that get up !
  15. Keep your Facist crap downstate Cowmoo , they love being led like sheep ! Talk about government over reach ...