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  1. New Restaurant Coming To Arnot Mall

    Well, it's not something available at the mall right now but personally, think we have enough BBQ places. Best of luck to them though.
  2. Elmira Animal Control To Crack Down On Unlicensed Dogs

    I was reading the comments on the animal control page when they posted this. I am completely stunned at how many people have absolutely no idea that rabies and license are the law. There are the fair share of folks who just don't care and think law enforcement is out to get them due to lack of anything more important to do, but then the sheer number who seemed completely confused that such a law existed that they knew nothing about. Personally, I do not think we should actually be encouraging people to register and vote anymore.
  3. Two Arrested For Selling Meth In Corning

    Oh. My.
  4. Santulli isnt seeking re-election so has nothing to lose. I actually pretty much agree with him. The city seems to be the one pushing back and blaming the sales tax reallocation at this point is ridiculous. Every single municipality in CC got hit with that and managed to work with it. The city just dug in their heels. I'm not a fan of the state handing money out right and left which is going to come out of our pockets one way or the other however it is going to someone and I would rather some of it stay in the area at least.
  5. Well, I'm thinking Nicaragua won't cooperate.
  6. Yes. I do think there is life elsewhere.
  7. I've known Deb for years and years. You all might recognize her moms name, Ruth Young. Personally I can say she is smart and passionate. We have nothing in common politically for the most part, but still remain good friends. It should be interesting. Considering I'm registered in a different political party than all of them I will just have to watch from the sidelines.
  8. Same. When I read that they "suddenly" found an unknown charter that let them just pass it without a vote my mouth dropped. I'm calling BS and hope someone files a suit. The city and it's council are starting to get way out of control.
  9. Just seems like taking credit for something he had nothing to do with. I'm sure there was some sort of tax incentive, always is, but still he didn't court this bunch to bring them here.
  10. According to his FB he is salt of the earth, best guy on earth ...............yada yada.
  11. I had to review the Urban Dictionary for that one. Ewwww
  12. Big of him, considering he has been getting paid for several positions at once for awhile now. Or so it's been said.
  13. I have no problem with Spectrum internet either. It's the one thing that usually works. Cable can be a pain in the butt sometimes. When Spectrum does give me the big increase to my cable bill that everyone keeps telling me I will get, then I will have to switch to just internet and figure out how to get some TV shows that way.
  14. He definitely has a tough fight on his hands but he is and always has been a voice for the people.
  15. Same shit different day for more money. I'm ready to ditch all of it except my internet.
  16. I know her through another organization and this one really surprised me.
  17. The Developer is originally from this area. He went to Notre Dame, moved to the Roc and started a large real estate business (Conifer) and gifted Notre Dame with a bunch of money a few years back. He has already put a lot of money into the area and appears to know what he's doing. This may be the break they needed.
  18. Wine On Ice

    I thought the Arena was closed.
  19. Rant: Winter "News" Stories

    Same thing year after year. The flu thing really bugs me. If you do not know when flu season is then you probably should not be left unattended at any time.
  20. Ridiculous. To me that would have been basic common sense.