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  1. Ridiculous. To me that would have been basic common sense.
  2. Up to 24 now. Melissa V's sister had her vehicle windows shot out in the city. I tagged her in the original news item so she would report it.
  3. Rant: Holiday Check Out Lines

    I like it. Its me. hahaha
  4. Rant: Holiday Check Out Lines

    Hahaha. Oh I noticed. I was just afraid I did it and forgot. LOL
  5. Rant: Holiday Check Out Lines

    I think I am going to have to enter a store now. I've done as much online as I can. $65 in Ebates worth. lol. BTW Chris, I don't remember changing my profile picture or whatever they call it. Did I?
  6. Rant: Holiday Check Out Lines

    It has been busy on Saturdays but not so much Sunday. It was unseasonably warm last week though so that may be different this Sunday.
  7. Rant: Holiday Check Out Lines

    I have most of my online shopping done. I do have to hit a few brick and mortar places. I find those box stores overwhelming. I'm never sure exactly what I am looking for until I see it and for the most part I just have too many choices. I wander a bit, can't cope and then head out the door.
  8. Rave: Taza Cafe

    I second that!! Great place to stop for a yummy coffee drink and snack. OK, perhaps I am a bit biased but.......really it's good.