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  1. Reed Announces Affordable Housing Grants For Elmira

    Just as convenient as the announcements (complete with photo ops and handshakes) of the sales of the buildings on Lake St and Baldwin.
  2. State Of Emergency Declared In Tioga County

    I just saw a friend post this, yet only 2 schools closed
  3. Town Of Chemung Eyes Property Tax Hike

    So he starts his sentence with "Moss ally", which is irrelevant to the rest of it unless Moss is doing his budget for him.
  4. Town Of Chemung Eyes Property Tax Hike

    Holy cow
  5. Does that include political signs? Seems one of our current elected officials who has a primary coming up has the damn things attached to all the street signs. Those are owned by the state I think.
  6. This is just so sad.
  7. Capriotti To Purchase Baldwin Street Properties

    I saw this on FB yesterday. It was actually posted on a page of one of the people running for election down there. Taking credit I guess. Will be nice to have some neighbors there in my place of employment, unless the new construction displaces us. Looking forward to seeing what comes of it.
  8. How many LIKES and SHARES is what is important. That one that went around about the couple at the mall was ridiculous too. Pics and everything. Yay to ruining a persons life over nothing.
  9. I was watching a traffic control video when Madison and Gray was out last week. One out of about 10 cars stopped and only 2 or 3 even slowed down. Unbelievable. Good thing the cars coming from Grey stopped or it would have been a mess.
  10. Good luck to her!
  11. Report Of Found Handgun Leads To Weapons Charges

    28? Jeez these guys look so much older than they are. That's kind of scary.
  12. Fatal Motorcycle Crash In Horseheads

    WETM just released the names. This is heartbreaking.
  13. Not sure how I feel about this. I guess if the new 100 Water St building is completed and apartments, business and brewery all open according to plan this neighborhood could really pick up. That would make the pedestrian bridge a plus and a selling point for tenants there. I've heard folks criticize the one in Corning however I see a lot of use out of that bridge when I happen to be in town from time to time.
  14. It is not low income, it's affordable income.