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  1. Burgers & Beer Corning - RAVE

    Good review!! Already trying to think of a good time to go.
  2. Ha jokes on them I don't wash my hands!!
  3. Town Of Chemung Lays Off Entire Highway Department

    Well if the Town Board or Supervisor get a pay or insurance benefits maybe they should suspend those and maybe that would free up some money for the people who actually work.
  4. Sample This BBQ

    That's what I don't understand and why I was so disappointed. All the reviews I read were raving about it, I have a good friend who works there that raved about it and she was the only reason I went there. Which is the reason for me not posting it out on facebook like I usually do. Phat Daddy's is the best local bbq hands down his pulled chicken and pork does not need any sauce (I like the spicy) . TBH I really wasn't all that impressed with Burkes way back in the day either. My complaint with him is he didn't clean the meat very well. I am not a fan of fatty hunks on/in my meat. I tried the slaw but I am new to eating slaw and something just didn't sit right with me. I couldn't place the taste of the sauce or slaw juice to me it was just weird. At least there was some bacon in the beans even though it was soggy. You are a lot stronger of a person than I am, Cold meat equals me walking out. Was the pork extremely soggy like it sat around in fatty juice all day? Ive decided to pass on the breakfast for 10.00 I can get a decent filling feast from Denny's.
  5. Did I read correctly that the card was used on a weekend and out of town? Also if they had some sort of trade mileage for gas deal it should have been documented.
  6. Sample This BBQ

    Now all we need is the BBQ Pizza joint and we will be set. Well I guess I was right on the money with the beans!!
  7. Sample This BBQ

    Usually I do wait a while but I was asked to come and try it out.
  8. Rave Poppin Charlies

    Was in the old Dominos building by Denny's
  9. New Restaurant Coming To Arnot Mall

    Im with ya on that one!!
  10. Sample This BBQ

    Tried out the new bbq place on Old Ithaca Rd in the old Mustang Sally building. Decided to go with the 2 meat plate which was 13.99 and came with 2 sides. I went with Briskit and pulled pork with beans and mac and cheese. I was pretty excited to try it as the reviews ive seen were all very positive,mine will not be. The mac and cheese: No flavor what so ever very bland. The Beans: fresh from the can The pulled pork: very slimy and wet like it was made in a crock pot and left soaking in juice definitely not smoked before hand honestly just not good. The Briskit: again very meh the portion I got was very fatty I didn't get to eat much meat. The portions on the sides was good however the meat portion was lacking and to me not worth the $$ Usually I will photograph my food but it would have not been a very pleasing picture. I was pretty disappointed and honestly only kept eating it because I was hungry. I did share with a co worker who had the same opinion of the meal. Overall the meal would have been decent for a bar putting it out as a lunch special not a place that specializes in BBQ. Now for some positive: The staff was very friendly I was greeted at the door with a smile and a hello. They do serve family style and the sides when eating in are all you can eat. They also do serve an all you can eat breakfast that I will give a shot one of these days.
  11. Twin Tiers Outdoor Expo

    Looks to have more vendors than what was at the First Arena. I recommend Pacific Mountain Farms for the spicy venison jerky.
  12. I have no complaints with Spectrum. The tv worked well when I had it and Ive never had any issues with the internet they actually just boosted their service from 6ombps to 100mbps with no extra charge. However we did have all new lines ran from pole to house and in house so that helps as well.
  13. Rave Poppin Charlies

    Today's lunch from Poppin Charlies! Smoked Catfish w/mac & cheese and beans. First let me apologize I started to eat the catfish before I took the picture.Ive had smoked fish 2x My first still had a face so definitely less guilt in today's lunch. On to the important stuff the flavor was well balanced not to much smoke taste and just enough spice to know its there At times I forgot I was eating fish. On to the sides The mac & cheese was good not dry or over done. Good cheese flavor. I briefly recall shoveling beans down my throat and since there is pictured evidence i know they were not just a dream!! Not pictured was the corn bread. It was gone before i could bring up the camera. Consistency is very important when making food and i have not had a bad meal at Poppin Charlies!! Order via phone or facebook messenger to have your order ready when you get there.
  14. Thank you for sharing this bit of history!!