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  1. Horseheads Police Investigating Theft Of Purse

    Makes me feel a little bit better about receiving an AARP card in the mail last week...considering i'm only 40
  2. Krusen To Run On Independent Line Only

    I wish Moss would stop the negativity on Facebook. It's a real turn off.
  3. He really is the driving force behind many of the positive things happening in the city.
  4. This is a great breakdown - appreciate your efforts.
  5. I remember the pitch that the paper bags were worse for the environment- I almost fell out of my place in line!
  6. Heights Man Arrested For Fraud

    If you needed it that bad, sure.
  7. Bannerman's Castle on the Hudson

    Pretty much. mwuah.
  8. Heights Man Arrested For Fraud

    He has been running this scam for years, and been in and out of trouble for even longer. IT takes a lot of balls to even go do this in the first place, but then to openly admit who you are while doing it, just takes the cake. You would think he would leave town, and play the game somewhere where he doesn't know anyone. The social media fury stating all of the people who have witnessed this, was just astounding. I feel bad for his family, as they are not anything like this, in fact, the polar opposite. I have often given money to people, and in my heart I hope they are using it for good, although I am sure they often aren't. If they choose to misuse it, that's their karma.
  9. There's a running joke in my house about having giant bags of bags. I have a ton of tote bags, yet I always seem to forget to bring them to the store. I do use the plastic bags for bathroom trash cans, and other things. If we can move forward with a more responsible way, I am all for it. Although, I will be honest, this means that in the meantime, I may continue to hoard the plastic while I can. LOL
  10. Perhaps a little bit of both.
  11. Elmira Downtown Cleanup

    I'm going!
  12. Interesting - I hope they check that out as well. The answer to this would be much more telling, don't you think? I feel that the cleanup over the past summer was very hush hush. The entire section was fenced/hidden from view, and I don't know if they even said what they were doing. I have a distant relative that lives in that neighborhood, and they had no clue what was happening. You're right Chris, what would we do if they closed the school? I don't have the answer for that. Yet if there is a correlation, something must be done. I'm not into lawsuits, that doesn't solve anything. Yet having our students in a safe learning environment is important. What I find interesting are the types of cancers that have been associated with former students, particularly testicular cancer, many attributed to athletes. I would rather see a witch hunt than it be ignored.
  13. Bannerman's Castle on the Hudson

    Yes, they truly are. Just being in the countryside, and along the way, in the middle of nowhere, stand castle ruins from ages ago. I found Edinburgh to be the most fascinating, they even had a cemetery for soldier's dogs Irish castles were equally beautiful, although I was somewhat grossed out at the Blarney castle after a local told me they all come over at night and pee on the spot where tourists kiss the rock. LOL