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  1. Two Arrested For Selling Meth In Corning

    Randy will never learn. If you recall the drug bust pursuit on foot a year or two ago, between Big Flats and the Airport/ Consumer Square area- I believe it was a car chase which resulted in foot chase, yep, that was Randy. This picture has the makings of one heck of a meme battle.
  2. My son is born on Pi Day, so I tend to agree....
  3. It was brought up in a leadership meeting yesterday asking if our staff wanted to participate. I do not work at a school. Crickets chirped in response.
  4. Yes, he did. I didn't realize he left his first wife for his nurse, and later divorced him. I guess I didn't really know much about him other than his genius status.
  5. I asked my kids if they were participating, and my middle son replied, "I'm not looking to get suspended on my birthday, Mom". I like the suggestions of "Walking UP" rather than "walking out"- where they suggest you walk up to someone who is bullied, left out, etc and offer to help them, be kind, go out of your way to be nice to someone, rather than protesting. The picture of all the shoes on the capitol building lawn was an emotional touch that hit home for all the deaths thus far.
  6. Interesting concept to donate his salary.
  7. Police Investigating Fatal House Fire In Elmira

    So sad, I particularly feel bad for the surviving children.
  8. wow, that's pretty wild. Hope the person of interest is brought back for questioning.
  9. Nice to see some familiar faces here. I personally know both Sonsire and Pucci and look forward to learning more about their campaigns and goals.
  10. All of the City Council Meeting minutes can be found here: http://elmirapublic.novusagenda.com/
  11. What are your thoughts on the tax increase for the City of Elmira? What do you think about the way this was passed, and the players involved? After the initial outrage settles, what can be done by residents for the future, and who is willing to step up to initiate action?
  12. He is just way too smart, and I , way too ignorant. I just scratch my head at his findings, saying huh?
  13. Can you create a side by side listing of who is running for what, all positions?