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  1. Traditions & Memories

    I bet. Growing up, I had a bunch of nostalgic ornaments I looked forward to pulling out each year. As an adult, my parents basement flooded and they ended up throwing everything out. That was like a gut punch. Now my favorite ornament is a memorial one of my Dad that hangs near the top each year, looking over our holiday festivities. I would throw everything out the window if that was ever lost.
  2. A friend of mine had hers as well. Senseless and stupid.
  3. Traditions & Memories

    Very touching story.
  4. Gift Wrapped

    Nice nostalgic write up, Linda, Thanks for sharing.
  5. Chicken and Jazz at Horigans

    Sorry I missed Steve- I love his stage presence. I think your week is more of my vibe- might see ya!
  6. Suspicious Package Investigated In Ithaca

    What the.... six weeks... where is Darwin when you need him? Oh Ithaca....
  7. Rant: Holiday Check Out Lines

    I keep seeing commercials for the Masterpass- it's where we are these days. I do self checkout at Tops, but I often still need the attendant.
  8. Rant: Holiday Check Out Lines

    That was my initial impression when I saw that you had asked. Given the picture, it would have been a perfect pairing.
  9. Computer Issues

    And this has nothing to do with net neutrality?
  10. Chicken and Jazz at Horigans

    I thought that might have been the back of your head I noticed as we were getting ready to leave. I think they sounded good- I am not a traditional jazz fan so to speak, so it took me a minute to adjust. I am much more into music with lyrics. While we were eating, I did comment that I felt like we were in a Charlie Brown movie. As our time progressed, I think I became more accustomed to it and found it to be quite impressive. The sound fit well with the crowd and the venue. Do you know if it is the same band every week? I guess I never knew they stopped doing Irish music on Wednesdays.
  11. Last night we checked out Horigans for their Wednesday night Chicken and Jazz special- they have live jazz music playing and offer chicken and waffles for $12.95. We had heard about it from friends of ours who recommended we check it out. I am not a huge jazz fan, but it added to the ambiance. I can't personally go to Horigans without getting a bowl of French onion soup, because I think it is one of the best places to get it cooked properly. It didn't disappoint. Chicken and waffles- wasn't really sure what to expect- the waitress said it was a Belgian waffle with maple siracha syrup and several pieces of chicken. She had me at siracha. We ordered and split the plate between the two of us. It was not a Belgian waffle, it was a large flatter type, but still good. Not WOW, but good. The chicken was 4 fried drumsticks- great breading, a little fatty on the inside, but good presentation. The siracha was dotted along the plate for a nice presentation, and to mix it with the maple syrup was really tasty. Overall, we would not give it a ten, but definitely a 7 or 8. We don't get to that part of Elmira often, so I am not sure when we might return, but it was a unique experience in a clean, comfortable atmosphere. I believe it is a weekly event. While there we were talking with someone who was raving about Finger Lakes House, I am looking forward to trying that soon.
  12. Not sure if this is related to the article in the paper on Sunday about the money Watkins Glen was awarded, but I find it refreshing that the Village asked the residents what they wanted to see done with the money, rather than telling them what they were going to spend the funds on in the future.
  13. Vacant Lot To Get New Tenant In Elmira

    Wow- good for them! So will they be moving from their College Ave location? Does Jim Davis still run the operation, or is he retired?
  14. Rave: Doug's Fish Fry

    I think a lot of places serve them on a bun. I almost feel like that is the standard in a lot of places. I have heard they have been in Watkins before- good to know about the not for profit edge.
  15. Mother Of Abandoned Baby Pleads Guilty

    I'm still amazed that baby was found alive, and still in the bag. I hope the baby is fostered/adopted by a loving family that deserves her.