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  1. 2018 Republican Primary Results

    Miller was out working the corner of Ridge Road and Wygant until past 8pm last night, waving at cars and yelling for folks to vote. I thought Printup would get more votes.
  2. 2018 Democratic Primary Results

    Pete Keenan was certainly one of the most aggressive in advocacy and working the streets- I thought for sure he would have had more votes. We used to run in the same circle back in our 20's and I was hoping he would have an opportunity to make an impact. Yet, even despite his loss, I think he DID make an impact.
  3. DPW Announces Fall Work Program For City Streets

    These guys truly are hard working guys. They have helped me on a project and I am so grateful to their hard work.
  4. Tops Market In Elmira To Close

    I read somewhere that theft could also be a factor- when there are so many repeated thefts that drives costs up. It will be an eyesore for that plaza, as it appears the City has been making some improvements on other store front facades on South Main. Just when the train appears to be moving forward, off falls the locomotive.
  5. Tops Market In Elmira To Close

    I'm surprised it was South Main and not Cedar St.
  6. Gloom, Despair, And Agony On Me

    I really needed to read this today, Carol. Thank you.
  7. Thus far, many have been very tight lipped about this, which tells me the authorities want to have each and every duck in a row prior to making any statements or arrests. From some of the things I have heard, from both reliable and unreliable sources, I think this outcome is going to shock a lot of people. Heights is a small town, people are talking, and yet, so many are not.
  8. What's sad is the number of filthy, heartless Facebook posters encouraging this. There is a serious mental health issue around here, on both sides of the "fence". Kudos toemergency personnel for talking the gentleman down.
  9. Capriotti To Purchase Baldwin Street Properties

    What's great about his properties is that he charges a reasonable rate- he's not out to outprice the market. He also has an airbnb above Finger Lakes House, and has plans to bring many more to the area.
  10. Capriotti To Purchase Baldwin Street Properties

    Jim is one of the greatest assets to revitalizing downtown Elmira, without a doubt! I had spoken to him about these properties, and I believe he is also looking to add a coffee shop/possible live music venue in this property as well.This man has a vision, the drive, and the capacity to bring this to life. I wish him the best!
  11. Elmira Woman Charged With Grand Larceny

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. All in one day, what an idiot. Someone had their sniffer out, and it clearly wasn't her.
  12. "Curveball" Music Festival Cancelled

    Phish posted last night officially that their plan was: Refund all legitimate wristband purchases to the credit card that was used for purchase (if you bought from another person, ask them to refund you) Provide free live stream webcast of their upcoming concert Merchandise that was supposed to be sold will soon come online for a special post event merch sale, with all proceeds going to local counties effected by the flooding - Considering the band lost millions on this event, I find it very classy that they are donating proceeds to the area. Many people want to purchase merch from the concert that never was, and will likely purchase all available items. This is one avenue that the band could recoup a glimmer of that financial loss, and instead, they have chosen to give it to our area. If I wasn't a phan before, I kind of am now.
  13. Honest mistake in a rush, or intentional fraud? Thoughts? Character insight?
  14. "Curveball" Music Festival Cancelled

    eightballs at curveball, say it ain't so!