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  1. Traditions & Memories

    Last year after my wife and I got the lights on the Christmas tree, we let the boys take over and begin decorating. Historically this has involved them putting them on the tree in the same location within a 6 inch radius and me telling them to spread the decorations out. The grownups will put a couple decorations on the tree as well, ones that must be on there; a couple from a honeymoon trip to the Adirondacks, a mini union suit that commemorated baby's first Christmas, etc. Additionally, there's the decorations that have been on my tree since long before I can remember. You see a tradition in our family was for each year the kids would get a new decoration from Grandma, usually around Thanksgiving or shortly thereafter. So I have decorations going back 43 years, each one with my name and the year on it. Some of them have to stay in the box now, or risk being damaged, but I try to put a few from over the years on the tree no matter what. One of those is particularly special, as represents a very specific memory. As I recall ( and Mom if I'm recalling this one wrong, I don't want to know ) I was maybe 10 years old, I don't know, shopping with Grandma one year and an ornament caught my eye. A galloping unicorn made of a glass like substance. I can't remember why I was drawn to it, although given my appreciation of fantastical beasts it shouldn't be a surprise. Anyhow, I asked for it, got it, and it became part of the collection. As far as I know it went on the tree every year I can remember after that. Especially after her death in 2010, that ornament is mandatory on the tree, placed by me in front of a light so it shines. So getting back to last year, there we are, decorating the tree and I reach for the unicorn. Not in the box. I look in the other. Not there either. I search the remaining boxes, and then becoming more frantic, the two decoration boxes again. Nothing. I began to think, surely I wouldn't have missed it when we took down the tree last year. Would I ? Even if I missed it in the house, I would have noticed it when I put the tree in one of our bird pens. Right ? What if I didn't ? What brush pile did it end up on ? Ohmygoditslostforever.... Folks, if you'd ever wanted to see a 42 year old man rapidly losing his shit, this would have been the time to see it. I was coming unglued looking for it. Fortunately my partner "for better or worse" ( or sudden insanity ) found it. Deep breaths, heart rate settled maybe feeling a little foolish, it went on the tree and we went on with Christmas. The point to all of this is, we all have our traditions, and in those traditions are memories that last long after we've grown and others have gone on. We were blessed to have been raised with values that put emphasis on traditions, or more precisely, the memories that remain long after the material things are gone. Nevertheless, there is that value attached to small things like a two dollar ornament. Maybe it's something I wouldn't have consciously recognized even ten years ago, but with each passing year do. With each passing year memories fade, it can't be helped, they just do. We forget life's little moments, maybe even memories of people fade. So we treasure those little plastic talismans that bring us not good luck, but good memories that may have otherwise faded. And we remember all over again.
  2. Traditions & Memories

    Thanks Mary. I wasn't sure I was going to publish it. Seriously though, I was a wreck until it was found lol.
  3. Google Ads

    I really wanted to see what the site could generate in about a week, but I just couldn't deal with how awful it looked.
  4. Google Ads

    At the suggestion of someone who messaged me by Facebook, I'm playing around with Google Ads which automatically put ads on the site and generate a small amount of revenue to pay for hosting. It's just an experiment right now to see how they work and fit into the site. So far on phone I'm not impressed. I'l tinker more, there's ways to control this I'm sure. If not, or if they're unanimously hated, they're outta here.
  5. Google Ads

    Nope, screw that. I can't seem to control where the ads go and what the content is. It's not worth the dollar a day or whatever I was on track to make. ( 0.57 since midnight or so). If things with hosting get out of control I'll re-consider it, maybe make them visible to Guest users, revisit crowd sourcing or something. But for now it's dirt cheap and those ads were completely ruining the look of the site for me.
  6. Computer Issues

    My inner dialogue:
  7. Computer Issues

    Today while trying to install the latest version of IOS, long story short the Mac got goofed up. Probably being 7 years old didn't help, but something went wrong in the installation process. For now it's a boat anchor until I can find a repair shop that has the version I need for an on site installation. I have a couple e mails out, fingers crossed. In the meantime I'll be working from iPad and phone, which can be challenging. Bear with me. Thanks to Spiff for the use of his ethernet. I really thought I could get it fixed tonight. What a waste of a Sunday evening.
  8. He was there twice and that's the best pic they could get of him ?
  9. Guess the college kids know where not to try and buy their beer tonight !
  10. Totem Taxi..Rant

    When you've been the only show in town for so long...
  11. Computer Issues

    Update: Going on 4 hours, half of those on the phone with Apple support. Still no luck, although a little closer than when I started.
  12. We hear every year how brick and mortar retailers are suffering due to more people turning to online shopping. Here's a thought: Maybe if they had more than one or two registers open when, ya know, more people are shopping they'd do better. Once already this year I've had a few things in hand, and seeing a line of people waiting for one register, said, "Screw this." and walked out empty handed. I can go online and get what I'm looking for, often cheaper, with no waiting in line. Why wouldn't I ?
  13. I'l have to look, but as I recall he went through the whole process then learned after it wasn't even necessary.
  14. My initial reaction to this was to make some kind of statement about people not understanding how local elections work. However I then remembered the article from 50-60 years ago I found about a town politician who ran for re-election a year early.
  15. Suspicious Package Investigated In Ithaca

    Waited 6 weeks ?!? Can't be too careful I guess.
  16. Chicken and Jazz at Horigans

    Yeah, Pat stopped doing that a while ago.
  17. Computer Issues

    Nope. My stupidity.
  18. "Hey, what could make me even less employable ? Oh I know..."
  19. Computer Issues

    Drive mailed out Monday, 3-10 days. I should have sprung for Priority.
  20. Southern Tier Awarded $67.3M For Economic Development

    Unless they had an insider telling them something, that money is separate from what was announced today.
  21. Vacant Lot To Get New Tenant In Elmira

    According to them memo, Jims still running it. And it sounds like they're moving to that location. It'll be nice for people coming into Elmira to see something more than an empty lot.
  22. Vacant Lot To Get New Tenant In Elmira

    It'll be nice to see some TLC at that location.
  23. Rave: Doug's Fish Fry

    While they're located in Cortland, I know they do some fund raisers closer to here at home so I thought I'd give them a mention anyway. Right on the main drag, Route 281, it's a no frills place. You go in and place your order and wait til they call you. Or, you can call ahead. When your order is ready you can eat in or take out. We got the Fish dinner with fries and coleslaw. The slaw was delicious ( still is as I sit here burping it up ), a perfect mix of onion/ pepper and sweetness. The fish was perfect, just a thin layer of breading and then some seriously delicious, flaky fish underneath. None of the ridiculously thick beer batter crap you usually get. It came on a bun which was kinda interesting, but worked once I ate it down to bun size. Not my pic but an accurate representation. Yum. In addition to soft drinks you can get beer and wine. There's also a freezer with some sinful looking sundaes in there. Portion sizes were perfect. Another bite and I couldn't have finished it. We were really happy and to be honest, I have to say it's better than any fish fry I've had around here. What's interesting is they also have a food truck and they'll work with local non profits to show up and sell fish as a fundraiser. They've helped local groups raise thousands of dollars serving up their product.
  24. Computer Issues

    Funny enough, we were at the Apple store in Syracuse on Saturday. Those iMacs are a sweet little machine. The graphics on the display are amazing. But that's a lot of guitar playing to get one of those babies. I'm trying not to buy a new computer if I can help it. I must be ill.