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  1. He's been campaigning all Summer from what I can tell. I thought he was a Democrat and didn't have a primary opponent. But then I also thought he'd already alsonnounced his candidacy before last night as well, so...
  2. Pretty cool idea. Sadly, it will probably be the only place some of those kids will get taught nutrition by example.
  3. Southport Man Arrested On Criminal Nuisance Charges

    I understand the need to protect the livestock, but dude...
  4. Not much of a platform. I'm told that even if Cicci stays in the lead after the official count, Woodard will be on the Conservative line, setting up a possible 3 way run in the 8th.
  5. Town Of Chemung Eyes Property Tax Hike

    I thought this recent exchange on Facebook was priceless:
  6. Sales Tax Presentation Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

    Because their votes are needed in November? So if I'm reading this right, the County has been taking the lions's share of the city's sales tax monies and plans to continue to do so while not also including them in the redistribution plan? That's a one way street to financial collapse for Elmira. A public hearing is exactly what is needed. And for what it's worth, why isn't the Town of Baldwin reported?
  7. 2018 Republican Primary Results

    Not the last minute strategy I'd have chosen, but different strokes.. Might have helped to have some supporters write a letter or two to E.T. Yeah me too, if only on name recognition alone. Which, appears to have been a large part of the strategy. I thought some of Brennan's comments on social media over the past year or so would have come back to bite him in the keister, but apparently now.
  8. 2018 Democratic Primary Results

    No doubt, and no disrespect intended, but I can't help but wonder if that hurt his chances some. Chemung County isn't as "progressive" as the rest of the state at the moment ( thank God ).
  9. Town Of Chemung Eyes Property Tax Hike

    Here's what Mike Krusen has to say about it:
  10. If this guy is in jail, how is he able to make so many phone calls in the first place?!?
  11. 2018 Democratic Primary Results

    Locally, I knew it would be a tight race for the legislative seat, maybe even with Randy Reid coming out on top. He was very active in Tioga County it appeared. I also thought things would be at least a little tighter in the 12th and 4th Districts. Especially in the 12th; Keenan put a lot of work into his campaign. I had a hunch the 5th was going to go Margeson's way. As for the governor's race, I'm surprised Nixon did so well.
  12. Chemung County Political Field Worksheet

    Updated again. Did I miss something with Scott Drake? I thought he was running as a Republican against Madl. Did he go with the Conservative line?
  13. Two Elmira Men Arrested On Weapons Charges

    All I could think was, at least one of them is already used to having a number printed on his shirt.
  14. There's definitely room for some overhaul in the system, no doubt. But she's still out of her mind.