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  1. Traditions & Memories

    Thanks Mary. I wasn't sure I was going to publish it. Seriously though, I was a wreck until it was found lol.
  2. Google Ads

    I really wanted to see what the site could generate in about a week, but I just couldn't deal with how awful it looked.
  3. Google Ads

    Nope, screw that. I can't seem to control where the ads go and what the content is. It's not worth the dollar a day or whatever I was on track to make. ( 0.57 since midnight or so). If things with hosting get out of control I'll re-consider it, maybe make them visible to Guest users, revisit crowd sourcing or something. But for now it's dirt cheap and those ads were completely ruining the look of the site for me.
  4. Google Ads

    At the suggestion of someone who messaged me by Facebook, I'm playing around with Google Ads which automatically put ads on the site and generate a small amount of revenue to pay for hosting. It's just an experiment right now to see how they work and fit into the site. So far on phone I'm not impressed. I'l tinker more, there's ways to control this I'm sure. If not, or if they're unanimously hated, they're outta here.
  5. Computer Issues

    My inner dialogue:
  6. He was there twice and that's the best pic they could get of him ?
  7. Guess the college kids know where not to try and buy their beer tonight !
  8. Totem Taxi..Rant

    When you've been the only show in town for so long...
  9. Computer Issues

    Update: Going on 4 hours, half of those on the phone with Apple support. Still no luck, although a little closer than when I started.
  10. I'l have to look, but as I recall he went through the whole process then learned after it wasn't even necessary.
  11. My initial reaction to this was to make some kind of statement about people not understanding how local elections work. However I then remembered the article from 50-60 years ago I found about a town politician who ran for re-election a year early.
  12. Suspicious Package Investigated In Ithaca

    Waited 6 weeks ?!? Can't be too careful I guess.
  13. Chicken and Jazz at Horigans

    Yeah, Pat stopped doing that a while ago.
  14. Computer Issues

    Nope. My stupidity.