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  1. Local Newspaper Group Plans Layoffs

    The papers have been too expensive as it is, I can't imagine what they'll want to charge once they're being delivered from 2 hours away.
  2. Co-Founder Of WhatsApp: "It's Time. #DeleteFacebook"

    C'mon Mark, no love for the hashtag headline?? LOL
  3. Elmira Animal Control To Crack Down On Unlicensed Dogs

    There's really no excuse for not having an animal vaccinated. They offer free clinics a half dozen times throughout the year for God's sake.
  4. Oh it is, it's arguably historic. I think a lot if it is because of the upcoming change in the executives chair. I'm sure there have been those who thought about running in the past but took one look at the mess and "noped" out.
  5. Co-Founder Of WhatsApp: "It's Time. #DeleteFacebook"

    A buddy who writes for PC Magazine just released a new article about how to minimize your personal info available to Facebook: See the rest at https://www.pcmag.com/feature/359951/how-to-prevent-facebook-from-sharing-your-personal-data
  6. Both Sides Of The Coin

    I have to agree. Maybe it's knowing there's gonna be a locally owned brewery opening up there ( ok, I'm sure that's part of it ) but seeing construction signals progress. Especially once those steel girders start going up.
  7. Economic Issues Spur Interest in Local Government

    What bothers me is for the past couple years, county lawmakers have only quietly admitted the legislatures' hands have been tied by the "second floor's" policies for communication between constituents, department heads, and lawmakers. Often with a "Well, whaddya gonna do?" demeanor. And only now that a certain someone is stepping down are they being more publicly vocal about it.
  8. The Neal McDuffee Family

    It's amazing as you read things like this you suddenly start to realize where area towns and roads got their names from.
  9. I don't think it's a "sinking ship" mentality. Really you have what, one candidate simply stepping down ( if I'm remembering everyone ). Ken Miller is running for County Exec. and that's about all I can think of. Otherwise, you have incumbents being challenged in their districts, always a good thing to have a choice. I don't believe anyone has stepped up to challenge Rodney Strange or Brian Hyland, at least not yet. A change from the top down might be the very thing to give the county the shot in the arm it needs. 30+ years is too long to be in office, any office, if you ask me.
  10. So he turned out to be another scumbag in the end. Go figure. First off, who in the effing F sees a dinner set and thinks it's worth $31k? That's just out of touch with reality there. Furthermore, I wasn't aware offices required elaborate dining facilities. I thought they were for working in. Hell, I better run out and get a dining set, I've been missing out. Of course mine will be made by Dixie because of assholes like this. And.... AND... he then publicly throws his wife under the bus?!?! Classic.
  11. Any word on the knife control protests will be?
  12. Both Sides Of The Coin

    "Down at the local job site, a couple construction workers sat down to eat lunch. Opening his lunchpail, one says, 'Damnit, peanut butter sandwiches again. I'm sick of 'em.' 'Why don't you ask your wife to make you something else?' the other replied. 'Whaddya mean wife? I'm not married. I make my own lunches.' The heavy machinery is in place and ground is breaking in Downtown Elmira to prepare for the new $14 million, 75,000 square foot facility to be built on Water St. as part of the city's Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI ). A lot of conversation has taken place about the future and path for Downtown Elmira, and I've watched it with a good deal of interest not only for the purposes of this site, but also personal interest as well. Much of that conversation is pretty positive, which is a good thing. We need some good news around here for a change. But there's two sides to every coin. There's a new crop of people who see the potential that lies within an area like Downtown Elmira. They bring fresh idea and a new positive energy that, frankly, the area could use. They are attempting what many have tried and failed to do; get a foothold and restore the beauty of the place once known as "The Queen City". Some come to the area unencumbered by memories of what once was, they see only what can be. Which is a good thing, of course. However I think there's too much of an attitude of, "be positive, or be quiet" in response to the people who have lived here for generations that raise questions or doubts about the latest, greatest thing. Hurricane Agnes gets blamed a lot for the despair many residents of the city feel, but there's more to it than that. should be remembered that residents of the area have been here and heard a lot of pie in the sky promises over the decades. Developers and researchers have come and gone, millions of dollars thrown their way, only to see little or no results in return. "Good 'ol boy" deals and politicians' personal interests or screw ups have slowly chased small businesses out of downtown and to the west of the county or other outlying areas. A giant hockey arena that was supposed to be the savior of the city sits on a corner in the very heart of downtown, largely unused, costing millions while the major players have moved on. The people of Elmira have always been resilient. They've been through hell, yes, and they stayed. They've earned the right to be skeptical when presented with "the next big thing" if you ask me. To tell them to sit down, shut up when doubts are raised is doing a great disservice to the people who built this community. Having said that, I also think the people of this area need a paradigm shift. Folks, the Elmira you remember is gone. Like that last Labrador Duck in Brand Park, it aint coming back. It's sad, yes, but it's also time to stop living in the past. While I defend the right of every person to be skeptical about the future of the city, I also believe it's time to stop automatically dismissing every new idea that someone proposes. Sure, some of the ideas are blatantly stupid ( **cough, roundabouts... ) but you know, some of the ideas and things I see happening are pretty good! I've often believed that if you point out problems without offering solutions, you end up becoming part of the problem. Lord knows there's a lot of problems in this area, but truth is, we're still better off than others. People need to remember that. So if someone moves here and gets a glimmer of hope in their eye looking at a run down building in the city, good for them. If they want to invest their time, money and sweat into making something of it, yeah you can be skeptical, but I also think they deserve the chance.
  13. When the product is "free" ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. ) it isn't really the product. We are.