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Election Results
  • Chemung County Executive Race: Chris Moss (R) 55% Jerome Emanuel (Dem) 29% Krusen (I) 16%
  • 1st District: Pastrick (R) 57% Pucci (Dem) 43%
  • 2nd District: Manchester (R) 69% Saglibene (Con) 30%
  • 3rd District: Sweet (R) 53% Lynch (Dem) 40%
  • 4th District: Brennan (R) 64% Bond (Dem) 35%
  • 5th District: Margeson (R) 64% Stow (Dem) 20% Miller 15% (I)
  • 7th District: Sonsire (Dem) 63% Milliken (R) 36%
  • 8th District: Woodard (R) 58% Callas (Dem) 41%
  • 9th District: Burin (R) 74% Fairchild (I) 25%
  • 12th District: McCarthy (Dem) 50% Collins (R) 45%
  • 13th District: Drake (R) 65% Logan-Lattimore (Dem) 34%
  • 14th District: Smith (R) 68% Heyward (Dem) 31%


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  1. Election 2020

    You know, I can't stand either party any more. But up until the last couple days the Democrats look like they were ready to implode as the party struggles between "blue collar" and "batshit crazy socialist". Then Dumbass comes along, spouts off a Tweet, and suddenly the Dems are reunified in their hatred for him. Good job, Don. It's so ridiculous anymore I suspect it's intentional.
  2. Netflix: "Mine"

    Well, in this instance I get what their criticisms were about at least. But for a mindless, "let's see what happens" experience, and considering the low expectations I had for it, it was really good.
  3. Our younger son chose this movie to watch last night, and honestly when it started I didn't have very high hopes for it. So you may think, like I did, that it's "Castaway" in the desert, right? Well, it turned out to be a damn good movie in ways I wasn't expecting. There's some subtle storytelling here, little hints dropped along the way that there's something more in this guy's story. Then, as the desert heat, dehydration, and hallucinations begin, you get to see it. The last 1/2 hour or so is great visual storytelling, I thought. You're not sure what's real and what isn't. There's a lot of symbolism going on. It left me going to bed thinking, "Wow." As expected, it got horrible ratings. But if you're looking for a way to kill an hour and a half, take a look.
  4. Iszards Has Been Purchased

    Mr. Capriotti is doing one hell of a job, no doubt.
  5. Trail Cam Delights

    I knew we had this topic somewhere around here. I checked the trail cam that's been out for a couple weeks and unfortunately I had it set a little to high off the ground. I did manage to get this shot: Funny enough, I saw Mama and baby yesterday getting a drink not far from there. I put the cam back out and made a dirt hole set without the trap, we'll see if a little smelly gunk brings in something interesting.
  6. Home Brewing

    I know absolutely squat about brewing, but have the notion to try and make a good blueberry ale that isn't watery.
  7. Gardening Thread 2019

    The catalogs are arriving and our Winter weary brains are turning towards looking out the window, dreaming what we'll do when Spring arrives. What are your garden plans? And as time goes on throughout the year, how's it looking?
  8. Gardening Thread 2019

    Okay, will do.
  9. Gardening Thread 2019

    Things are taking off. The beans, zukes, and pumpkins have blossoms started. Additionally, we might have peaches this year. One tree in particular is loaded:
  10. Anyone else watching it? I was worried it'd just be a re-hash of the previous season but it seems like they've stepped it up a bit. Eleven is becoming more bad ass as she gets older it appears. So far we're enjoying it.
  11. One thing thst bothers me though: Why is it, that a good deal of time has passed and yet 11 still can't barely string a sentence of more than four words together?
  12. People who post spoilers, at least intentionally, should be flogged. Same for people who think it's funny to blurt out endings and major plot points to ruin it for others. How can they have spoilers for Season 4, did they film that at the same time as 3? ( I'm not gonna go looking in order to avoid said spoilers.)
  13. Just finished it and over all it easy pretty good. There was one thing I don't believe was historically accurate, namely a character's reaction to another's revelation. And I hope I managed not to spoil anything. I do believe they left room for Season 4.
  14. Briggs Cream Ale Making A Comeback

    When I met up with Steve he said there have been several area bars that are very interested in having Briggs available based on the historical/ local aspect alone. I'm very hopeful and supportive of his efforts, and have no doubt his enthusiasm and passion will pay off. It'd be AWSOME to see the brewing returned right here to Elmira.
  15. This is a story I've been setting on for a couple months and finally released today: http://home.elmiratelegram.com/?p=1752&fbclid=IwAR0oguqhcCrO14Y5T0Y25FLRadVvR658QWrl1sF5pvl5AECp10quQbpImkA I spent about an hour and a half, maybe more, talking to Steve back in April. I think it's a pretty interesting concept and am really looking forward to seeing how it goes.
  16. Best Cover Songs

  17. Best Cover Songs

    I think we did this once before a long time ago, but after seeing Ryan's new column I thought maybe we could do it again. What are some of your favorite cover songs? "Hurt" has got to be one of the all time most awesome covers ever done. Trent Reznor, who wrote and performed it with Nine Inch Nails said: I remember having the same reaction the first time I saw it. Cash also did a great cover of "Rusty Cage" originally recorded by rock band Soundgarden: As Ryan mentioned, one of Johnny's songs, "Ring of Fire" was covered by punk band Social Distortion and it's pretty good.
  18. Gardening Thread 2019

    That's a good idea. I do have to go up there next week so I'll take a look.
  19. New Guest Column

    Good point. For most of the people I sent that to, I figured I was more likely to get a response if I kept it local. That said, if someone wants to write a column on something national or world news related, I won't turn it down! I should note, the only thing is the guest column would have to be posted under a person's real name, same as the others.
  20. New Guest Column

    A couple people have indicated they'd like to participate, I hope to receive something from them, and many others, soon. The more submissions I receive the better. I'd like to run new ones twice a month if possible.
  21. It's pretty hard to take someone seriously when they wear ridiculous looking hats like this to work: It's Congress lady, not the local flea market. ( Although I suppose one could argue there's better quality goods and services at the flea market. ) That right there, the word "frighten" is where a hare brained idea like this would ever get traction though.
  22. County Executive & Legislature Disagreements

    You would think so, wouldn't you?
  23. County Executive & Legislature Disagreements

    WENY is reporting that Moss has filed a second lawsuit, saying that the legislature acted improperly when it amended the county charter to clarify regarding the county attorney position.