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  1. Why yes John, I do believe my 2nd Amendment right has been infringed upon. I, a sane, law abiding, responsible adult, want an AR. But I can't have one unless I purchase one the State says I can or I break the law. Keep bending which ever way the wind blows, you mealy mouthed slimeball.
  2. Somewhere elee, Ohio I think, a 17 year old was removed from the parents' custody and turned over to the grandparents because the teen identified as the opposite gener and the parents refused to recognize that based on religious grounds. What I find interesting is most states say a person doesn't have the capacity to consent to sex, however they have the capacity to decide on life altering things like hormone replacement therapy and gender reassignment? It doesn't add up to me.
  3. Don't hear too much about DACA and immigration right now, do ya? The left has found a new demographic to cater to for awhile.
  4. A vandalized billboard on Interstate 65 in Louisville called out the National Rifle Association following the recent school shootings in Kentucky and Florida. The sign on I-65 northbound near the Fern Valley Road exit read "Kill the NRA," and was tagged with "Resist 45," a group that opposed President Donald Trump. Photos of the billboard, which is owned by Outfront Media, circulated widely on social media Monday. David Watkins, a spokesman for the company, said Tuesday that the vandalism on the Outfront property had been "immediately removed." Last week's school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead has renewed outrage and debate over the nation's gun laws, with the NRA taking heat from those who want to see tighter regulations on firearms. The NRA's official Facebook page shared the sign on Monday telling gun owners that it's "a wakeup call. They're coming after us." See more HERE ( fair warning, the site is loaded with pop-up ads )
  5. Anyone wondering why these occurrences are happening more need to take a close look at the media coverage/sensationalism of the events. I offer exhibits A,B, and C: And yes I know I am being slightly hypocritical here. But what if even one of these four incidents listed in this threat was credible? Or did result in another school shooting? Anyone think these four thought of this all on their own, at about the same time, in the past week?
  6. Just a reminder this is this week.
  7. I saw on social media that they broke ground today. Here's hoping it's the start of something good.
  8. I can live with human error, it hsppens everywhere. But not the excuse "we couldn't..." because thats BS. Be honest, say "We didnt...". But ultimately the person who gets the blame here is the shooter. Not the NRA, the gun, the feds... the puke that pulled the trigger.
  9. There's too many variables. I do not, for one second, buy the story that the Florida loser's IP address couldn't be tracked down. Of course part of the problem too is there's a lot of idiots out there who type that kind of thing as a goof. Thousands of them I'm sure. But this kid had a record already. The "smoke" was already showing.
  10. So it looks like this will be working out well for us here in this part of rural Chemung County. Haefle out of Spencer announced this week they will be providing high speed internet to our town starting about a mile up the road and working their way out. That's some great news for those on "the compound". A couple neighbors have said that Spectrum workers are up here as well looking at poles with the intent of running broadband as well. As one of them put it, it's like a 21st century version of the Trans Continental Railroad race. We plan to go with Haefle. The reviews from people I've spoken to have been pretty good and it looks like they have some great prices on their high speed. Their top tier is still slightly cheaper than what we're paying now, and should be faster. Which is good, because lately our ATT doesn't like the HBO Now app. A lot of buffering lately.
  11. 12 years old, and charged with a felony. Tell me again we have to focus on guns, gun control, etc.
  12. Police Investigating Graffiti At Ithaca Skate Park

    Graffiti at a skate park? GASP!
  13. Elmira Police Investigating Basketball Game Assault

    That's how EPD posted it. I assume it's the old Y gym.
  14. 7th Annual Cowgirl/Cowboy Event