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  1. I think it's promising there's been a good deal of local firms and people working on the project up to this point.
  2. West Elmira Police Arrest Two On Drug Charges

    That's twice this week that an observant citizen called something in that got drugs off the street. Nice job folks !
  3. Our neighbor did this for years before he died. I never got on board with it mostly because the habitat the pheasants need just isn't around anymore. Also, the mortality rate of those birds was ridiculously high. They'd congregate along the road where the younger drivers found it amusing to swerve and hit them. What they didn't get, the damn Hawks quickly learned there was a smorgasbord waiting for them. They'd circle his field constantly it seemed.
  4. Resident Tip Leads To Drug Arrest In Elmira

    This is exactly what people need to be doing. Shine the light on the criminals and they won't be back.
  5. This is really exciting. Pat was one of the brewmasters at Grist Iron and makes some great beers.
  6. Tug Salute

    Amen !
  7. Life Changes

    "Expensive annuals" = my attempts to keep Lavender growing in front of our porch.
  8. Music & Memories

    As many of you know, among the other things I do I'm also a part time musician. I've been blessed to experience some of the things I once dreamed about. I've met and performed with people I once only knew through the radio. The lights, the crowds... I've been blessed. One of the best, and lesser known, things about what we do is getting to be part of the celebrations in peoples' lives. I don't know how many weddings, anniversary parties, retirement parties, etc. we've done over the past 17 years or more specifically, nearly 12 for me personally. These are kind of different from the bars or festivals where people are there to see us, we're not the main event. In a way, it's kinda weird, because we often start the day as outsiders. Yet more often than not we're still drawn in, and we're "family". We've become good friends with people whose celebrations we've been the soundtrack for. It's hard to explain, but there's something special about getting to do that. Every once in a while though, a moment comes along that we aren't really expecting. A special moment for someone that wasn't planned, it just happened. This past weekend was one of those moments. I'll let you in on a little secret: Every band has a schtick, some things they'll throw in to a performance that perhaps were once spontaneous but got such a reactions someone thought, "Hmm, we need to remember that." Often these will come out when the room needs a little energizing. It's not an uncommon thing for our fiddle player to find his way playing on top of a table or bar. ( While people are watching him, I'm watching the staff or owners of the establishment. The looks on their faces are often pretty entertaining. ) This weekend he ended up with company while doing so: At the end of the night as we were packing up, he came over to say goodnight. Introduced himself and said he's 86 years old, just had hip surgery this past year. He gave me a big hug, thanked us for the music, and left. No sir, thank you. You know, the world around us seems to have gone insane. We're told every day how bad people are. Lord knows I've been feeling like packing up and moving to the mountains somewhere, away from anyone. But then something like this happens, often when I need it most. I get to see people at their best, brought together by the common bond of music and celebration, and everything is just fine, if only for a couple hours. I feel so fortunate to have that opportunity. I don't remember this man's name, I'm awful at remembering them. He may or may not remember mine. But in some strange, cosmic way, we're forever a part of each other's lives now, part of each other's memories. Long after the very last note's played, when he's gone and I'm an old man myself, I'll remember that one night night some old guy climbed up on a table and danced to the music. I'll smile. He'll be alive still. Still dancing. That's pretty damned cool.
  9. Your Family Tree # 1

    I have no idea what it cost, which is just as well since Abby bought two.
  10. The 15th Annual Horseheads St. Patrick's Parade will be held on Saturday, March 10th, 2018 at 2 pm (RAIN OR SHINE). Every year the parade grows larger with participants and spectators! A very big thank you to all of our past sponsors for their commitment to this wonderful event! This year the Broome County Pipes and Drum Band will be joining the parade! Immediately following the parade, the Village of Horseheads Fire Department will host a Corned Beef & Cabbage dinner with vendors, live music from Kilrush and the Area’s best Celtic Dancers.
  11. Your Family Tree # 1

    We did the DNA testing you send away. That should be interesting.
  12. Ah, gotcha. I remember Hilary telling me about that. Nice to see it happening.
  13. Sorry KR, I didn't mean for my sarcasm to imply I don't think it's a good thing or to diminish it. Quite the opposite actually. I think back to the BS classes and things I had to learn to graduate like how South America and Africa drifted apart or how to differentiate obsidian from shale ( although if ya know nothing else Jon Snow, dragonglass comes in handy ). Anyway, I think of all the useless crap I had to learn 25 years ago. Then I can only imagine the useless crap being taught now. So to see something like this is refreshing to me.