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  1. The cast was pretty happy with their opening night review last night, and as luck would have it someone was there to catch the moment for me: It's stuff like that which makes it all worthwhile. Gave me a smile ear to ear. They did a fantastic job again tonight. I really was hoping someone was recording it but our son doesn't think they were. Probably something to do with licensing I'd bet. I'm proud of each and every one of them.
  2. General Local Politics Chat

    I am told this morning we could see nearly a dozen new candidates step up for various legislative seats across the county. This is gonna be one hell of a year. ( Hellooooo carpal tunnel syndrome. )
  3. A catch all for discussion about this upcoming elections in Chemung County.
  4. The things people will steal amazes me still.
  5. There is no effing way I am going to be able to get an infographic put together with all of these candidates.
  6. I'm not a huge fan of musical outside of a few classics and my Spanish is limited to what I picked up when the boys were little and watched "Dora The Explorer". But this was not just good, it was damned good. Good enough I'm going to go see it again. I'm proud of our son, but I am also proud of every single one of those kids for what they've done. I was f**ing blown away.
  7. They're not called "useful idiots" for nothing.
  8. Seemed like a good idea at the time, I guess.
  9. Local Newspaper Group Plans Layoffs

    The papers have been too expensive as it is, I can't imagine what they'll want to charge once they're being delivered from 2 hours away.
  10. Co-Founder Of WhatsApp: "It's Time. #DeleteFacebook"

    C'mon Mark, no love for the hashtag headline?? LOL
  11. Elmira Animal Control To Crack Down On Unlicensed Dogs

    There's really no excuse for not having an animal vaccinated. They offer free clinics a half dozen times throughout the year for God's sake.
  12. Oh it is, it's arguably historic. I think a lot if it is because of the upcoming change in the executives chair. I'm sure there have been those who thought about running in the past but took one look at the mess and "noped" out.
  13. Co-Founder Of WhatsApp: "It's Time. #DeleteFacebook"

    A buddy who writes for PC Magazine just released a new article about how to minimize your personal info available to Facebook: See the rest at https://www.pcmag.com/feature/359951/how-to-prevent-facebook-from-sharing-your-personal-data