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  1. The idea of making a trip back to the Adirondacks to return the feather kinda cracks me up. On second thought, drop it off here, I'll take it up do him.
  2. Flooding Causes Road Closures In Chemung County

    Breesport - N. Chemung Rd just north of Federal Road has some water going over it. Nothing impassable, unless you're an idiot and blast through it like the person I saw as I was there.
  3. Flooding Causes Road Closures In Chemung County

    If this were Thursday, I'd say a lot. Hard telling though.
  4. Flooding Causes Road Closures In Chemung County

    Just saw this on FB. Route 414 near Wagners. This is gonna be one hell of a clean up.
  5. Flooding Causes Road Closures In Chemung County

    Johnson Hollow Rd. Is closed from the Schuyler County line to Millport
  6. Flooding Causes Road Closures In Chemung County

    Chemung, Southport and Pine City are being called for mutual aid to the Towanda Fire Station for manpower and boats. Multiple water rescues in progress. One of those being told to stay in county, Southport I believe. Wellsburg being sent with a boat now.
  7. Good rule of thumb is to approach the intersection assuming the other three drivers are idiots. Then, follow traffic law. Followed by seeing at least two of the three, in fact were.
  8. Flooding Causes Road Closures In Chemung County

    Harris Hill Rd closed until further notice:
  9. "All animals are equal..."
  10. You or I would have two options as well: Plead guilty or spend a fortune on a lawyer to stay out of jail.
  11. Ya gotta get up pretty ear- Wait, no ya don't. Or someone had sticky fingers and it was a really lousy cover story.
  12. Broadband: Access Denied

    We are fortunate to have found the ability to have unlimited high speed internet over the past year or so through ATT&T. However, speeds are often unreliable and generally speaking, only one person can use it at a time or else you can forget it. It's raining, or very cloudy? Forget it. Considering the price we have to pay to get it, over $100 a month, only for the internet, it's still unacceptable. We anticipate having a new, hopefully better provider in the next year or so, but it's been too long. It's a failure of leadership among both the county and the townships. I'd dare say there's plenty of town leaders who are of the old school, "I don't use computers" mentality ( just look at some of the responses to the above mentioned survey )so it's not a priority for them. We here in the rural part of Eastern Chemung County have sat and watched for years as new rural broadband initiatives are announced only to see that technology go to upgrades in places like Big Flats, Southport, etc.They have highs speed internet in places like Millerton for God's sake. We are LONG overdue to be brought into the 21st century here in rural Chemung County.
  13. Sunday, September 16th at The Community Arts located at 413 Lake Street in Elmira 2-4 PM To celebrate the life of Duvid Smering, gather with us for music and remembrance. Bring your fondest memories of Duvid and share them during the program. Food and beverage will be available.Featured Musicians:Piano - Dino Losito and Dave Solazzo Bass - Bill Kahl and Mike SolazzoGuitar - Hugh Douglass and John ManfrediDrums - Lou Grassi, Tom Killian and Mike MeltoVocals- Cookie Coogan Saxophone- Rick Doginario and Colin Gordon
  14. Bicyclist Struck By Car In Elmira

    A couple years I had a kid on a bike come out of nowhere, wrong way and on the sidewalk in the "business district". Goes flying over my hood. I ask if he's okay, he gives me a bunch of lip so I assume is is and call 911. The amount of witnesses that appeared out of thin air to claim I ran the stop sign was nothing short of miraculous. Cop arrives, asks me what happened. Fortunately I had a city fire dept. vehicle ahead of me. So I told him to call and verify "6--" just left. That's all he needed to hear and shortly thereafter said I was free to go. But I hadnt thought to do that, I wonder what the outcome would have been. All those "witnesses" so ready and willing to blame the driver and not the dumb ass that caused the accident to begin with. Anyway...