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  1. Starting tuesday, i will be collecting signatures of those registered as Conservative Party members for Sheriff Moss, i will also be collecting signatures soon for Brian Hyland for 6th district. anyone interested in signing, or know someone, please let me know when a good time to stop would be.
  2. Krusen To Run On Independent Line Only

    he bypasses a face-off with Moss which if he primaries and loses, takes alot of momentum out of his campaign and fuels the Moss campaign in the general election this at least guarantees him a bight at the apple, though i think in doing this, he has put blood in the water, and supporters may start to waiver, has not helped his reputation in the wake of prior news stories...My biggest thing is i see it as robbing voters of a chance to really see what both candidates have to offer,bring substantive issues to light, and while i have spoken with him and found him nice enough, this move almost seems to make people think there is something to hide. Politics is not my strong-suit but i would much rather support the guy that puts it all out there and rolls the dice, come what may.
  3. Krusen To Run On Independent Line Only

    seeing this move, while politically smart, i now know where my support goes
  4. Meet the Candidate

    i have been tooling with the idea and making new friends
  5. Voters Approve Elmira School District Budget

    am i wrong or was the contingency budget higher than the proposed budget? I thought thats how it read in the mailer sent out
  6. MEET THE CANDIDATE: BIG FLATS COMMUNITY CENTER MAY 23 AT 6 PM. Please join Dave Sullivan, Town of Elmira Supervisor who will be my Deputy Executive, and me for a lively discussion on the topics of importance today in County government and throughout our community. We will be discussing economic development, local taxes, and neighborhood revitalization as well as local government relationships to name a few. Dave and I look forward to an open conversation and exchange of ideas and concerns. We are pleased to include Ed Fairbrother, Town Supervisor for Big Flats in the conversation. All residents are encouraged to join this important conversation.
  7. By some of the reporting and his own statements, he apparently liked the rough stuff in the bedroom, so i am wondering if some of those women are not just amending situations to suit their/someone else's agenda?
  8. I guess when they decided to re-arrange the grades and schools that housed them, they could have maybe closed down the one with suspected ties to carcinogens built on known brownfield sites, used EFA and perhaps Washington elementary? Academics at this point
  9. thanks for the info Kevin, as a taxpayer i say the school does not need a NP let alone a clinic, that is what hospitals, Doctors offices, and walk in clinics are for. It seems more and more schools are becoming a social service rather than a place of learning and dumping more money into them is not getting any fruitful results...quite frankly it is way past the point of getting old that myself and many other's properties are nothing more than piggy banks for schools and governments
  10. i think a better job can be done trimming the administrative part of the budget, 200k increase and it seems that is the lion's share every year....besides, where did the one billion Cuomo just stole from us go? this is def. a no vote in may
  11. was downtown today at one of the few businesses left. they told me the next big idea from the city is to do away with a stretch of parking spaces on either side of water street(oddly enough, the stretch with any businesses left) to expand the sidewalks (wider) in order to accommodate foot traffic! This will also negatively affect the number of spaces available for the Gym down the street, probably the biggest contributor to bodies in the area. In today's paper, the $800k economic development grant coming to the area, instead of actually developing a business friendly environment, a bit over half is going into social service type projects( 3 more DSS type employees, and housing improvement monies) so at best a poor area is possibly going to look nicer but no real business development. How silly is it to make doing anything down town MORE difficult currently for hopes of future possibilities? Perhaps they should work on getting people down there on a regular basis, THEN make improvements as needed? It is decisions like this that clearly demonstrate the severe case of rectal-cranial inversion that is suffered by many on the City Council
  12. Democrat Joins County Executive Race

    following the link, it ends in a blank page
  13. Town Of Chemung Lays Off Entire Highway Department

    No, but it is Mr. Richter that initially blamed, as was quoted in the first story, the County...so in that respect it could be seen as a political move(not the vote, but the public statements). Regarding budgeting, according to the reading, they were aware of this issue at budget-time so why weren't funds found/arranged/raised etc at that time? Why pass a budget then approve a contract, or conversely; why approve a contract before passing a budget but not arrange for funds to cover it before doing so? between those choices made, and if they are going against the Law as noted by Mr. Krusen, then perhaps an investigation IS warranted again something in that situation(based on information at hand) does not add up. I want to clarify, i do not know Mr. Richter at all, and have only met Mr. Krusen 2-3 times, so i really have no real dog in the hunt, i just am starting to believe (in certain aspects) the County is not the mustache twirling villain some would have people believe
  14. Town Of Chemung Lays Off Entire Highway Department

    "Richter says the main reason(emphasis mine) they're hurting financially is due to the loss of sales tax proceeds. But he says the decision to lay off the workers was not just his alone." That is a quote from a story on 4/11, the Union issue did not become the main reason until 2 days later, reported in the Star Gazette. It cannot be said enough, the sales tax issue, (while not helpful) has been in effect for years, there has been plenty of time to plan a budget accordingly failure to have done so seems like an either devious, or stupid mistake. if it was because the Union, well why not say so from the get-go? Perhaps because there is a high sentiment of the County being the boogie man, it provided a scape-goat, and if Krusen is correct about his politics, enables Richter to help his candidate down the road I have my issues with County politics, and will gladly discuss them, but i have a bigger issue with the lack of testicular fortitude and honestly over all
  15. Town Of Chemung Lays Off Entire Highway Department

    Richter fired the first volley when in fact; blamed the move on the decreased sales tax revenues..and by his own statement; claimed the parties involved were warned of this potential eventuality earlier in the year, further proving this was not a surprise or could not have been budgeted for ..a de facto finger pointed at the County and given the timing of the statement it could be taken as a politically motivated one The CGR report did indeed demonstrate the decreased revenues to municipalities, but it also demonstrated it has been in effect for 3-5 years. Budgets are done annually, so the excuse does not pass the smell test, but does shift blame. If this issue was not properly budgeted for appropriately, shame on those responsible for doing so as it would seem to be a fairly obvious issue, and IF it is due to other motives, then perhaps it indeed bears looking into. Ultimately it is another example of how effed up politics has become...if one makes a decision, they should have the conviction to stand by it,openly and honestly come what may.