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Election Results
  • Chemung County Executive Race: Chris Moss (R) 55% Jerome Emanuel (Dem) 29% Krusen (I) 16%
  • 1st District: Pastrick (R) 57% Pucci (Dem) 43%
  • 2nd District: Manchester (R) 69% Saglibene (Con) 30%
  • 3rd District: Sweet (R) 53% Lynch (Dem) 40%
  • 4th District: Brennan (R) 64% Bond (Dem) 35%
  • 5th District: Margeson (R) 64% Stow (Dem) 20% Miller 15% (I)
  • 7th District: Sonsire (Dem) 63% Milliken (R) 36%
  • 8th District: Woodard (R) 58% Callas (Dem) 41%
  • 9th District: Burin (R) 74% Fairchild (I) 25%
  • 12th District: McCarthy (Dem) 50% Collins (R) 45%
  • 13th District: Drake (R) 65% Logan-Lattimore (Dem) 34%
  • 14th District: Smith (R) 68% Heyward (Dem) 31%

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  1. Election Day 2018 General Chat

    About one out of four people didn't vote on the library prop. This ballot design is horrible.
  2. Election Day 2018 General Chat

    It looks like a whole bunch of Moss signs are missing up the road. This is along a stretch where signs from all candidates are placed. I suspect someone/no no one acquired permission to place the signs. Why would a land owner give permission to both opponents? I also saw Krusen signs placed inches on either side of a Moss sign on CR64.
  3. Chemung County Executive

    Elmira will never be a vacation destination, there just isn't anything special enough for that. Even if it could offer something to become active as part of NYC's playground, those jobs basically suck. Sure there are a lot of jobs in the finger lakes, but many are seasonal, and virtually all are low wage. I heard Emanuel's comment about needing things to do as more along the lines of the old saw of Idle hands are the devil's playthings. And I agree with him. But, what type of things to do can be afforded by the current population which is causing the trouble? To me, the key to a vibrant city and downtown always has been, and always will be providing safety for visitors and residents. Except for a couple of waterholes, downtown is basically closed for business by early evening. There is no foot traffic, nor is there any reason for foot traffic. A catch 22 it seems. To break this circle, first people need to feel comfortable walking downtown. Have regular patrols with the goals of eliminating all sounds of gunshots from the area 24/7, set a goal of zero violent crime. Then they need to have a reason to go there. We have a some wonderful riverside parks, on both sides of the river. Imagine regular (at least weekly) free entertainment and food vendors in Riverside park on Market street. Encourage people to bring a picnic basket and relax, etc. Once foot traffic starts, businesses will follow. Get college students going there, and maybe some will stay here after graduating. There also needs to be a reason for people of higher income levels to want to live in or near downtown. Safety and things to do are key. What about the low income residents? Have a firm belief that a rising tide raises all boats, or at least those that are willing to be raised. I think Moss has shown the best appreciation for this strategy. I believe Krusen will just continue to go to his little affairs with the other elites and think things are hunky dory in his world.
  4. Chemung County Executive

    My favorite reply was by Manchester who said there are already term limits in place, the voters can limit the term at every election. It is a shame his opponent failed to respond.
  5. Chemung County Executive

    OK, responses are in. Comments? Mine are quickly summarized: - Emanuel seems like a good person with a good heart, but his information is vague, and seem a bit vanilla and/or naive. He has potential, but his lack of experience with government operations is concerning. - Moss continues to appear competent as a leader, good grasp of the realities of our area, and not a politician giving political answers. He has a proven track record of getting sluggish government agencies to move. - Kreusen seems more of the same old stuff. Knows exactly what needs to be done, but wants to meet and talk, have more meetings, external assessments, oh yeah and committees. For example, no personal opinion on term limits, let's leave it up to a committee to solve sometime in the next couple of years. sheesh... I'm still not completely decided, but I'm leaning heavily in favor of the tough, get something done candidate.
  6. Krusen Campaign Makes Further Claims Of "Dirty Politics"

    At least the whining loudens...
  7. To be fair,i don't know how much salary he is getting. I guess when you are contacting after retirement that isn't on the seethroughny page.
  8. Thanks KR, refer to my first post on this concerning the Arena. You're right, retired in 2015, $82,000/year pension for the same frigging job. This guy is knocking down a quarter million a year of our money, Plus whatever he gets on the IDA and STEG gigs. This double/triple/quadruple dipping should be illegal, but can't blame a guy for taking advantage of the system, I guess. Politicians who care about nothing but themselves first, then think we should be grateful when sometimes their work happens to benefit us. Wow.
  9. According to seethroughNY Krusen makes ~$150,000 in his current position. He made $140,886 in 2015 the only year listed, his yearly increases before then were about $4,000). That is pretty close to Santulli's pay, $140,000 in 2014. (there are no recent data on that site for either Moss or Krusen). Moss's pay in 2018 is $111,354. Krusen has always been the heir apparent, probably expects us to keep supporting him in the lifestyle he has become accustomed to. That is a powerful motivation to do whatever he can to win.
  10. Interesting, please tell me more about the first controversy you are referring to. I want to be able to make an informed decision come election day. How is Moss involved in this "controversy", other than Krusen dragging him into it to try and score a political hit? BTW, it is not Moss' first run for political office. How many political offices has Krusen run for in the past?
  11. Ask and you shall receive. This tells me a lot about Krusen. Classic deflection strategy, make the problem about someone else instead of addressing the issue. The Arena from day one has always been about lining pockets of politicians and their cronies, the type of stuff that never rises to the level of outright crime. And enough people have dirt on their hands that there will never be an "agency" investigation to conclude this is happening.
  12. Alpine Woman Charges With Unlawful Manufacturing Of Meth

    For most people, getting arrested and having a mug shot taken would make it the worst day of their life. For others, I guess it is their moment of fame?
  13. Chemung County Executive

    With the election just a few weeks away I realized I have seen very little from the three candidates on the ballot. What are their platforms? What would they do differently, if anything, from the way the county has been run under the last administration? I know nothing about Emanuel. I have yet to see even a yard sign. The political field sheet here is the only reason I know he is on the ballot. I know Krusen worked under Santulli, but nothing else. I know quite a bit of about Moss and his resume, not sure what he is proposing for the future. Any comments which would help me build knowledge to make an informed decision, from either readers here or the candidates themselves, would greatly appreciated.
  14. Saw It: Avengers: Infinity War

    Just saw it. Not sure how I feel about it once I get past the CGI. The story line is disturbing. Not because I don't like fiction, but because it seems too close to being something that can happen. No, not the how, but the objective of Thanos. In fact, try googling "Thanos is a good guy". I know the best Sci-Fi is realistic, but this is more of a 1984, of Fahrenheit 451 type realistic. Like I say, disturbing.
  15. Unrealistic fiction? Oh ye of little faith...