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  1. I have to agree with Adam that a full time clinic with an NP is not a service that schools should be providing. Any treatment beyond a bandage, a cold compress and a place to wait for parents should be performed at the medical facility of the parents/guardians' choice.
  2. Except they have in fact not "paid their debt" and are still serving their sentences under supervision of Parole Officers. And probation is not the same as parole. Probationers are typically first time offenders with non-violent misdemeanors. Parolees are felons who are eligible to be released after serving 2/3 of their sentence. William H. Spengler was on parole when he became the excuse Cuomo used to push through the SAFE act. He'd served 17 of his 25 year sentence (for killing his grandmother with a hammer) and was released on parole. Then he illegally made a straw purchase, murdered his sister, started a fire and gunned down the firefighters who responded.
  3. http://www.corningburgers.beer/ https://www.facebook.com/CorningBurgers/ I know many are skeptical of new openings…….but we checked out this place today – a week after they opened their doors for this location (they have had a spot in Hammondsport for a few years). For strictly burger/food, they have a pretty automated “order here” and, seat yourself, self-serve type set up. But we sat at the bar for full service. As a bar…..they offer over 30 beers on tap and relatively full wine/liquor service. Ross was a young fellow who clearly learned “old school” bar habits from some older generation. Super friendly, accommodating for tasting samples….and just plain cheerful rapport. Domestic beers are $1.75 8oz/$3 pint and the extensive selection of IPAs are all $3.50 8oz /$6 pint. Along with my husband’s craft beer (after a taste) and my mixed drink, I ordered wings (hot buffalo + garlic parm) and they were very good. Can’t say enough how refreshing it was to get a 4 oz bleu cheese (as opposed to a ½ full 2 oz cup and being charged a $1 for “extra”). When the husband ordered “the same” wings an hour later (on a new kitchen shift), the fresh grated parmesan was absent….but Ross rectified that by bringing out a generous cup of parmesan immediately – before they started to cool. We got a glimpse of burgers that others ordered. All looked to be every bit of the third pound they advertise (Kansas sourced angus) and we will definitely be trying them on the next visit.
  4. Police Investigating Death Of Child In Elmira

    Welcome Momof2 I agree that it seems hush-hush. I haven't seen any FB rumors, but have a gut instinct on why no information would be released, and may never be. Not even publishing a death notice/obit is the most unsettling to me. Sensitive or not, it's wrong to carry on as if she'd never existed.
  5. That's what I meant, the pushers eliminate the need to touch anything with your hand...and the offset doorway with no doors at all are especially nice - no touching to enter or exit. The "environmentally friendly" ones that have a pull door and only have the blower and no paper towels to dry hands or open the door are the worst. The Purell in my purse will have to cover.
  6. A lot of doors push...or can be grabbed with a paper towel. But these have always grossed me out. I don't know what kind alleged research was ever conducted for them to be touted as "sanitary" for decades. Unless everyone's hands are sterilized first, there is no way that warm, moist air is not making it worse by dispersing and cultivating bacteria.
  7. Town Of Chemung Lays Off Entire Highway Department

    It seems a bit theatrical to single out Richter (on the Elect Mike Krusen FB page) and then announce to the SG that you're prepared to ask the Comptroller to investigate. If one were a litigious sort, they might think casting such aspersions are grounds for a libel suit.
  8. Town Of Chemung Lays Off Entire Highway Department

    I'm clueless here.....I guess I've always had the impression that it's pretty much rural/agricultural/residential community. Can someone from the Town of Chemung shed some light on how many retail businesses there are that collect sales tax?
  9. And about time to allow states to administer drug tests for some SNAP recipients..... http://www.cbs46.com/story/37935155/trump-administration-weighing-drug-testing-for-food-stamps
  10. I agree. Even if those that are purchasing those staples are paying retail (and often convenience store 300% markup) for products the USDA can distribute at wholesale cost. I have long believed that SNAP pretty much amounts to a welfare subsidy to corporate food retailers. And it may be picking nits.....but no where in the proposal's wording ("include items such as") does it list items that would be specifically excluded. So saying that "The boxes would not include fresh fruits or vegetables" is speculation at best, if not a straight-up fabrication.
  11. Maybe it's just me, but when NPR makes the above statement.....do the "quotes" seem to give the impression that is exactly what the packages would be limited to? In an article that had room for 18 paragraphs (most of which are dedicated to opponents of the plan)......I just can't grasp why they feel the need to edit the actual subject matter to leave out the preceding qualifiers and abridge the list of foods. https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/msar-fy2019.pdf
  12. Duh….I only read the excerpt of that letter in section 17 and didn’t even scroll to see that three was an Exhibit A. That looks like it’s worded as dollars “since” January 1, 2016….for invoices reviewed on in April 2017. So he may have included three months more than the plaintiff cites as “during 2016”. See...this is where I would prefer to see documentation rather than just statements. It's actually only "listed" as an allegation by the plaintiff. There’s not anything provided to show how the plaintiff concluded how much, if any, of the defendant’s usage was personal. Unlike the plaintiff, he has use of county vehicles during the course of business. I also don’t see anything that supports the claim that the plaintiff and defendant’s official business are “similarly placed appointed or elected officials in the County who have the use of fuel card”….when one is part time. In fact, he states himself that his “net fuel usage during 2016 is consistent with his use during prior years”. That right there raises a red flag for me since he is now part-time and dedicating half his day to another job….I would expect a significant drop from previous years. Make no mistake....I don't doubt that political competition is a significant motive for the defendant raising questions about these dubious practices (now). But I don't think he's incorrect that our "officials" spend a lot of time hiding their activity and using their positions for their own gain. I’d like to have access to clear budget breakdowns every year for every agency and entity. I think we all deserve to know how the county is spending our money without having to submit a FOIA request to beg for each individual morsel of information. And the local TV and news outlets do not have investigative reporters who will dig into these matter. It seems pretty certain that, at some point before now, the Sheriff must have been aware of all the in-bred, favoritism, and inside network taking care of their friends within the county. I'm not really impressed that he could have challenged the shadiness a long time ago, and chose not to (until now). But I'm glad his actions are finally shedding light on them (now).
  13. Sample This BBQ

    Thanks for trying to give us a heads up, Spiff. Decided to give it a try in hopes that you caught them on a bad day. They weren’t doing any better today. We got there a little after noon. And were warmly greeted by everyone. Very pleasant people, which really does make me feel bad that this place just won’t last very long. We shared a three meat, it came with 4 sides (if we’d each ordered a plate, the sides would have been “all you can eat” ). The husband saw a table that had just left had four mac n cheese on the empty table, all with barely a bite taken…Sooo, that confirmed your underwhelming review of that dish. No need to even try it. We went with brisket, ribs ($1.50 up charge) and he wanted pulled pork. For sides we picked green beans, cole slaw, potato and macaroni salad. The food was served very quickly. Since it all came at once, the cold sides were pushed aside so we could dig in to the meats. They were all cold. Not “beginning to cool”. Not straight from the fridge, but a little under room temp, like they’d been sitting a cool drafty room. When the super sweet server asked us how awesome everything was, we had to be honest and let her know it was all cold. She was incredulous at first, but swooped it back into the kitchen while we started on the sides. The beans were still hot…even after sitting and pretty good (not fabulous, as they needed a little s&p and the bacon was soggy and undercooked to my taste). The slaw was not likely house-made, but it was a good brand whatever it was. Potato and macaroni salad….bland not much more than a light coating of mayo on each. (they will never be selling these for the $7.00 a pint take out they advertise!). The meat was warm when it came back out with apologies, but still not hot. None of the meat had much flavor, nor the sauces. The “spicy” sauce was not. We went in hungry, but really lost our appetites. We picked at the brisket and ribs and asked for a box and a check. Shouldn’t have bothered with the box. He tried the pulled pork when we got home and seriously got gaggy. My stomach still feels bad and not even sure if I’ll feel like eating dinner. He still plans to give their breakfast a try....but not going back for lunch/dinner.
  14. I haven’t seen Moss’s $2487.39 figure that you mention….not sure if it supposedly covers the same time frame. However, the $1545.36 is noted as the plaintiff’s 2016 usage and the $1768.36 appears to be the defendant’s usage in 2016 (to draw a comparison between “similarly placed appointed or elected officials in the County who have the use of fuel card” (the part-time Deputy Executive and the Sheriff) .And states that the defendant’s usage reflects both business/personal travel). Again, if there is any policy that permits the County Executive to waive mileage documentation and/or authorize any county official to use resources for anything other than county business. The notion is outrageous and should have been 86’ed as soon as it was brought to light...unless the officials who could put a stop to the practice are also availing themselves of this benefit. I agree that there doesn’t seem to be any obvious necessity for a county sheriff to accompany the Liquor Authority representative on the visit to the Arena (with bodycam). However, the bodycam footage that was published does serve to disprove the characterization of “abusive” behavior.
  15. Several weekend and multiple out of town purchases. There doesn't seem to be any denial that the Deputy Executive used gas for personal travel. Near as I can ascertain.....he was absolved because the Executive said personal use is an "approved" expense. It would be nice if someone addressed why the hell there is such a policy that county resources can legally be directed for personal use. And begs the question: what other personal expenses, not reported as taxable benefits, are permitted that the public is unaware of?
  16. By the way, if anyone wants to review the entire complaint without jumping through all the cross-referencing of SG articles that Mark did: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3870733-Libel-Suit.html#pa.ges/p1 The SheriffMoss4ny page that is cited seems to be closed down, but if the portion quoted in the complaint is the most damning piece they could find, it doesn't seem to support a defamation claim.
  17. Thanks for digging this up Mark! I’m not a lawyer, but I’d much rather discuss the complaint itself than what some reporter says that a judge said Krusen said. In the FB excerpt you cited, Krusen emphasized the words: “pilfering free gas from taxpayers”. Some people might construe the “pilfering” characterization as “false” since he was later cleared of the allegations. And if Moss made that statement publicly about any number of Joe Citizen defendants whose cases are dismissed, then it very well may meet the standard of libel (even with the qualifier of “I’m going to call it as I see it”). And then there's New York Times Co. v. Sullivan that sets this plaintiff apart from Joe Citizen….: So it didn’t matter if Teddy wasn’t indicted for manslaughter – people are still allowed to speculate publicly that he was guilty of manslaughter.
  18. I re-read the SG article multiple times and am at a loss... Since I can't find any published copy of the complaint/lawsuit, I haven't seen any references to specific statements that the plaintiff is alleging are false. Just that he "made statements regarding the case". Is Krusen asserting that simply relaying facts from an investigation, or stating that the investigation did indeed take place constitutes libel? Countless people have made countless statements regarding the OJ case on social (and other) media for decades. Simpson was ultimately cleared of any criminal wrongdoing connected to the death of Nichole and Goldman......does that mean anyone who speaks of the OJ case is committing libel?
  19. http://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/nsor/ Seems like it would be a reasonable idea to maybe just not release someone at “high risk of re-offense” from jail to begin with. That’s always baffled me.
  20. Sample This BBQ

    I saw this and had to c&p what I said to Karen's comment in another thread about the new "Hometown Teams BBQ" at the mall....
  21. New Restaurant Coming To Arnot Mall

    Agreed.....the market seems saturated in this area. Although I have to say, locally good bbq joints aren't as plentiful as bbq places in general. We have Burke's (when and where you can track them down) and Fat Jack's in Ithaca...and I've heard great things about Virgil's at Tioga Downs. (haven't tried the Nickel's place in Watkins Glen yet) But brick 'n mortar bbq places right here? I see lukewarm reviews. So if this place can put out something worth writing home about, they may do well.
  22. I posted this in the School shooting topic, but it fits here too... By the way, David, you're correct that being prohibited from sporting the backpack of choice is a violation of rights that falls loosely under First Amendment 'expression' . And hey Mr Constitutional Genius.... There is also the right to be "secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects" that's a whole Amendment by itself And violating civil right is indeed disgusting...First, Second, Fourth, Fifth....all of them.
  23. Two Arrested For Selling Meth In Corning

    Well....It certainly isn't for lack of effort from LEO - they've rounded him up more times than they should need to. Something needs to change at some level after these creatures are arrested.
  24. Two Arrested For Selling Meth In Corning

    When will RANDY learn? When will the system stop sending back out on the streets??? Seems like at some point they could have made him stand trial and be sentenced to each of his multiple charges with consecutive sentences and keep him LOCKED UP. March 2015: http://www.the-leader.com/article/20150312/news/150319853 Holed up in a motel with a gun and drugs...... charged with fifth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, second-degree criminally using drug paraphernalia, AND.... second-degree unlawful imprisonment (but no weapons charge????) Six months later, the story Mary noted: http://www.the-leader.com/article/20151027/NEWS/151029750 Charged with unlawful fleeing of a police officer, reckless endangerment, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and driving with a revoked license.
  25. Hawking passes and it's Albert Einstein's birthday......maybe Pi Day really is significant.