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  1. https://www.bikewalktompkins.org/limebike-faq/
  2. I believe they can only be unlocked from the app or by the company after they authorize your access (and payment method)....and the rider is charged for as long as they leave it unlocked. I suppose they can just be carried away, but would be unusable unless the thief was inclined to remove that lock - which basically entails re-building the dang thing.
  3. Chemung County Political Field Worksheet

    It does look like a few losers in D or R primaries just signed up for a different lines. What kind of selection process do they have for the smaller parties like Conservative, Independent, Working Families candidates? https://www.chemungcountyny.gov/Ballot - General Election Candidates 2018.pdf
  4. West Elmira Police Seeking Pick Up Truck

    I agree that it sounds like an honest mistake. Context matters. "As a result of the location where the tools and ladder had been placed in regards to the roadway" That's a little different than the original report that the items were taken "from a yard area"
  5. Ithaca Police Investigating Bank Robbery

    A bit surprising that they don't even have grainy, wide angle security footage to release to the public.
  6. Am I guessing correctly that he's looking for write-in votes? I'm not clear on how this works. I don't see where it says what line he's running on...and after the primary seems a little late to get on any party ticket.
  7. Santulli Responds To Mayor's Recent Newspaper Column

    Yep...I saw Santulli's "unbareable" mistake and would have pointed it out if you hadn't! It brakes my heart and hertz my eyes two sea that stuff!
  8. Two Arrested As Fugitives From Justice

    Truthfully! Rough lifestyle certainly takes a toll.....If this is what the police are used to seeing, it must be the reason why we recently had them say they were seeking to identify an "elderly" woman in her fifties.
  9. Sure it's nice to see a lot of response to something you post like your kids' achievements or your new ride. But I just don't get that more likes/shares are a reward in themselves....especially if it's for bullshit stuff. I know that FB, as well as third party click-baiters get advertising dollars for more traffic, so we can expect that bullshit sensationalism. But not aware of any payouts to members for more likes. Although I know that youtube has monetary gain for videos viewed over a certain number of times.
  10. It also seemed to spawn a few people claiming to have verified the story with the police themselves.....that were also shared over and over. I can't fathom it....it's pretty sick if you ask me. And ought to be akin to filing a false report or pulling a fire alarm as a prank. Is there maybe some dopamine rush from seeing how many people fall for it?
  11. Interesting stuff, Hal! I’ve always found the different interactions in nature fascinating. And amazed at cause and effect situations that aren’t realized until after an unintended consequence occurs. Do you know if hops only control mites as part of manufactured product like Hop Guard, or do these products basically compensate for lack of hops growing? In other words, could just increasing hops growing possibly have a natural miticide effect and reduce the need for Hops Guard?
  12. I wonder how they balanced this effort against the huge Trooper presence assembled today in Watkins & Montour to send the Curveball crowd down the road when many may have been partying all night?
  13. "Curveball" Music Festival Cancelled

    I don't doubt in a crowd that size there were many many fans that were understanding and wanted to help more than hinder the local efforts. And, I'm not trying to throw them all into the same category. As I said, they were quick to criticize the whiners. But it was pretty sad to see that (as is too common these days on social media), the "me me me" jerks were the ones dominating the Phish page when I looked at it :-(
  14. "Curveball" Music Festival Cancelled

    No Kidding!! Me me me!! "The town should send fire trucks to bring us water". "I'mma sue someone". My personal favorite: "we should blow up the Health Department" But, if you look at the statement above from the band themselves, they could have shaped the conversation and inspired better reactions from fans. Their message could have been a little less 'all about us'. Instead of just speaking about only how heartbroken they are for their beloved fans and their beloved crew....it seems like they could have acknowledged the locals and pretended to show some concern/sympathy for their host community. I can at least say....other fans weren't shy to call out the ones being selfish centered and remind them that there are community members in the region suffering way more than missing a festival, and the community has more important issues to spend resources on right now than their party.
  15. I would think a third option would be to donate it to a federally recognized American Indian tribe to use in their sacred ceremonies. I guess "two" is as far as hiz highness can count
  16. Wow. Am I understanding correctly that the employee would have had to leave the DD store to go to Walmart.....buy the cards, then return to engage in a second phone call to report the card numbers to the thief? All without mentioning this important assignment from the CEO to any co-workers, shift leader or managers? It really was a stroke of luck for this impersonator to randomly find just the right employee gullible enough to fall for all that.
  17. Robbie Nichols Reveals New Hockey Team Name And Logo

    As long as the county is done "investing" tax money into it, I'm happy with however any independent private businessman want to spend his own money and market his product!
  18. Bicyclist Struck By Car In Elmira

    It certainly is annoying that whenever tax money is spent on a "share the road campaign".....the messages all seemed to be aimed at motorists and rarely give public reminders to cyclists of the rules they are required to follow. And often seeing their violations being performed right in front of LEO, without consequence, makes me a little angry. Against traffic, helmet-less, on the sidewalk, against traffic signals....have even seen a baby being towed in a stroller while they break other traffic laws. It really is a wonder it collisions aren't more frequent....and wonder why rules for them are so rarely enforced.
  19. He didn't hang in there very long. https://www.mytwintiers.com/news/local-news/dr-coleman-drops-out-of-race-endorses-democrat/1336497617
  20. Improving The City Of Elmira Must be Our Community's Top Priority

    The towns and villages north and further removed from the interstate have a lot of dilapidated infrastructure as well. Patches and band-aids are them norm up this way. When we finally got "new" repairs, it's practically a local tourist attraction. And that's usually after something has flooded so bad it's actually washed away. That's why I get the impression that the those investments seem to focus on the density of population and commerce.
  21. Improving The City Of Elmira Must be Our Community's Top Priority

    That's certainly true, although I think the focus there is likely a natural result of higher concentration of population/commerce - which is pretty much a direct result of higher traffic flow and proximity to I-86 (and to a lesser degree, Rt 14). Personally, I've often wondered why there isn't more than a porn shop and Vulcraft east of the Elmira exits. I guess I assumed the voters in those towns (Ashland, Lowman, Chemung, etc) must have supported zoning laws that excluded much else than residential/farming....while Horseheads/Big Flats rarely turn down a retail/commercial proposition. **Post Script: I've never thought the western towns growing retail at the expense of industry/manufacturing was a good idea. We need strong, long term good paying job opportunities with benefits. Relying on Schweizer's military boost as the primary industry was a short-lived gamble. And it was a good move for Chemung to welcome Vulcraft for that reason. However, a strong economy needs housing/retail to go along with those jobs. Otherwise, you have people working at Vulcraft, who live and shop in Horseheads/Big Flats.
  22. Improving The City Of Elmira Must be Our Community's Top Priority

    From the op-ed by Pucci: "The Chemung County Executive’s $166,273 salary is higher than that received by 41 of the nation’s 50 governors." There cannot be any reasonable excuse for that.
  23. Chemung County Political Field Worksheet

    Somehow I can't ever look at that initialism without my brain trying to say "Benevolent Order of Elks"
  24. Equally (or more) relevant questions might be: Who can posses it? Where can they posses it? What quantity can you posses? I'd think there would need to be some measurement that would distinguish between personal and quantities that indicate production/resale (where the taxes and regulations kick in). It's a plant that people can pretty easily grow/produce their own supply - whether for medicinal or recreational purposes. Would it be illegal to own a plant to produce your own (thus avoiding taxable transactions)? If you can have a plant...can you grow it in your yard, at your own risk for theft? Or would they need to be secured indoors?