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  1. Police Investigate Gun Shots On Elmira's Southside

    I'm missing something here.... There's no previous reference to finding a first weapon - just gunshots and bullet holes.
  2. Beaver Dams Woman Arrested For Grand Larceny

    Glad they got her and everything was recovered! Still not what most people would consider 'elderly'.
  3. Horseheads Police Investigating Theft Of Purse

    So....Horseheads PD has some explaining to do
  4. Horseheads Police Investigating Theft Of Purse

    OMG!!! Whose characterization is THAT???
  5. Suicide In America

    I think you’re right….the average person doesn’t care any less about non-celebrities or non-veterans, they just don’t have the opportunity to express their feelings for something that’s not brought to their attention. Since cause of death is protected, it’s only revealed when/if family chooses. So, unless it’s a public figure, cause of death is rarely announced – and in the case of suicide, often purposely concealed. Why? Hundreds of reasons. Reluctance to spoil their loved one’s memory in the minds of others? Embarrassment that their loved one was “defective” somehow? Guilt that they weren’t able to prevent it? I really think that last one is probably the most common. And I don’t really know how change that stigma. The more these celebrity struggles make the news, the more dialogue there is about what measures everyone can (and) should take….what signs to take note of and when to intervene. That dialogue is undoubtedly helpful in many ways…but also has some counter-productive potential. First, there’s the noted uptick in overall suicide after these stories hit the news. That’s certainly understandable. From the perspective of a suicidal person, if someone all the money and success of these celebrities didn’t overcome the helplessness, what hope do they have? Also, these stories are usually accompanied by PSAs for others to “see something, do something”. This possibly reinforces to the survivors things they may have overlooked (and coulda woulda shoulda spotted)……contributing to the guilt. “We were inundated by every news source telling us what signs to watch for, and we still failed them”. And even more reluctant to advertise their loss. I have no clue how media and social attitude can be turned around to change that perception.
  6. Krusen To Run On Independent Line Only

    I really don't see much of this on Moss's page that I follow.....is there a separate campaign page?
  7. Of course, that doesn't quite explain the dozens and dozens of other events that have featured members of the Parkland student body up until this week when closed for the summer....just this appearance.
  8. I think I did see their graduation in the news over the weekend.
  9. One would logically think that hearing from the professionals who have researched and investigated the matter for decades would be more productive than venting on social media, FB and YouTube presentations....but we'll have to see if logic prevails
  10. Yep.....When I saw the "mis-spelling" flash by on the news last night, I had to rewind and see it again.
  11. I looked him up and found some articles that include video and more detail on his situation. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/michael-rotondo-30-year-old-man-evicted-by-parents-speaks-out/ Somehow, he believes he's capable of having custody of a child? Let me get this straight - he doesn't think a job and household responsibility (paying for home expenses, rent, utilities, groceries etc) are necessary for him to provide for a little kid....but he thinks his parents should be required to provide for him? I wonder which of his colleges courses taught him that?
  12. Seems like Cassondra's mug shot has been posted here before....but the site search doesn't bring up her name. Was a previous arrest possibly archived? Or does she just have typical "faces of meth" characteristics?
  13. Horseheads Police Warns Public Of Phone Scams

    Today I started getting calls from a number that says "Owego"....but is a robocall claiming to be my hacked Google account
  14. Terrible and shocking.