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  1. Hallmark Store At Arnot Mall To Close

    And I hate myself for the first thought that popped into my head: They can’t leave – it’s a stationary shop!
  2. Elmira Woman Arrested On Larceny Charges

    They do tattoos that to look like a choker. Can't tell which it is.
  3. Hallmark Store At Arnot Mall To Close

    Snail mail is dwindling – and that means cards, too. You’d think that fact should make Hallmark go out of their way to keep local retailers like Mahatma carrying their product.
  4. Hallmark Store At Arnot Mall To Close

    I thought they'd announced that a hotel in the BonTon location was the latest of their extra-most-bestest plans.
  5. I agree.... Since only 30% of filers meet the minimum expenses to itemize now (at half the standard deductions), it’s a safe bet that significantly fewer (mostly wealthy) tax payers will take a hit from the changes in property tax deductions: 1) Property taxes exceed $10k a year (so, real estate worth over half a million) 2) Total itemized deductions exceed the new standard deductions (12k individual/24k married filing joint) Bear in mind that most itemized deductions (averaging $2000 a month) only kick in after they exceed a percentage of income.
  6. Area Police Looking For Missing Child ** UPDATED**

    I agree. The follow-up reports gave zero information other than both were safely returned home. Seems like we see more frequent “missing” children that are basically domestic and the child is not in any danger…... whether it’s parental/family not communicating their plans or called in by an over-reacting (or possibly spiteful?) estranged spouse. Either way, when the community is asked to respond and be on alert, there’s reason to believe the child is in true danger – and that should warrant disclosing as much detail as possible.
  7. Rave: Regal Cinema At Arnot Mall

    You nailed my exact sentiments right up until that last line, Mark...... I can’t recall the last movie I saw in theaters. And honestly (aside from cost) watching in the theater is a lot less enjoyable for me. I’ve never had any pressing compulsion to see any movie a few months sooner than it’s available on PPV, so I’ll wait.
  8. Five Star Clinic

    A couple years ago, I was bitten on my wrist by a gnat (black fly?) and it became infected. The third day at work, it clearly needed attention. The site was inflamed and raw, and blue/black lines were beginning to trail up my arm. So I popped in to Five Star on the way home. I was seen within minutes and marked the perimeter, and sent me off with a script and instructions to follow up if the area didn’t recede. The care and service was speedy, friendly, professional & efficient. A much better option than waiting until my primary could get me in or enduring an entire evening in the ER!
  9. Totem Taxi..Rant

    You should be able to click this link: https://www.uber.com/invite/geoffreyr654ue and download the app, so you have it when the need arises. And please let me know if that code is still valid when you do. We got it when my husband signed up to drive for Uber, and he hasn't been doing it for a while.
  10. Rant: Holiday Check Out Lines

    I need to find an avatar again....without one, my Green "K" looks just like KRSullivan's green "K"; I don't want him to get blamed if I post something snarky.
  11. Totem Taxi..Rant

    As far as I know...this code is still good for $15 on your first uber ride: geoffreyr654ue Give them a try. They are faster, friendlier and for most rides significantly less expensive than totem.
  12. Rant: Holiday Check Out Lines

    You don't even need the self checkout at Sam's now. They have an app that you can scan your items on your phone, post the payment and then show the door person the bar code your way out. It would be even faster if I could ever remember to open the app when I start shopping and just scan as I drop stuff in the cart.
  13. That's one of the most common meanings for some gangs. But it can be for other stuff too - a few gang sects use it to signify the death of a gang "family" member. And the occasional douchebag with no gang affiliation that just thinks it looks cool.
  14. Mother Of Abandoned Baby Pleads Guilty

    Most likely six years, then parole for three (and able to breed again). Her being out on the street by 23 is not even the worst part of our system. There's a good chance that by 18 months she'll start asking, and eventually get the court to order mandatory visits with that poor child in prison.