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  1. Flooding Causes Evacuation In Campbell

    Wow! A flow like that could do some serious damage, and not just the usual flood kind of damage.
  2. I couldn't resist. I did the survey and managed to stuff a three page letter into the "comments" box at the bottom. There, I feel much better now. Oh, I still feel oppressed, but at least I'm happier about it.
  3. Lyn St. James is one of my all time favorite drivers. In 1985, I saw her become the first woman to win a major professional auto race when she came in first in her GTO class (and 9th overall) in the IMSA GT Serengeti 500 at Watkins Glen. She was driving a Jack Roush Ford Mustang #07 by herself, while all the other top 15 finishers were multi driver teams. Somewhere around here I have photos of her on the winner's podium and in the garage. This accomplishment went largely unnoticed at the time (notice how it's still not even mentioned in the blurb above), but I'll never forgot it. And it was no fluke. The following week she would go on to finish 2nd overall in the IMSA GTO/GTU street race in Columbus.
  4. Watched the new Star Wars at home last night courtesy of my Amazon Fire Stick, so the price was right . I have to say my wife and I were disappointed a bit. There seemed to be a lot of cross-cutting through the various story lines, and the cross cuts seemed to happen at the worst possible moments. Some of the crosscuts were very short vignettes, like the quick one with the wookie eating his bbq meal, which seemed odd and out of place. It left you asking "what the heck?" Virtually none of my questions coming out of The Force Awakens film were answered in this movie which was disappointing (unless you believe Kylo Ren's disclosure to Rey about who her parents were ... I know I don't believe what he told her). Other complaints: You-know-who was too easy to kill, and you never did find out how that character rose to prominence in the first place. The movie got very dark at one point, almost as if it was going to turn out like Rogue One did in its ending. What I did like were the new characters portrayed by Benicio Del Toro and Laura Dern. It was an interesting contrast because one you liked then hated and the other visa versa. I wish they developed them a bit more, and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of one of them for the next film. I also liked where they took BB8. That little dude is a warrior! The comic relief they said was going to be in the movie was minimal and understated. This was good, because the film was pretty somber, and a clownish character like Jar Jar Binks would have been disrespectful to the plot. In fact, the best comic relief in the whole film came when Leia was lying unconscious in some kind of incubator. Yours truly snarked that they probably shot that scene after Carrie Fisher had passed away. I thought I was hilarious, the wife, not so much. I'd give this film a 6 out of 10, but I may up it a notch after I see it another dozen times.
  5. Bourbon Mead Wine

    Jim has a new mead coming that is a melomel. Melomel is a blend of honey mead and fruit that has fermented and aged together. Jim's melomel is honey with raspberries in it. It sounds tasty. We shall see.
  6. Bourbon Mead Wine

    Thanks for the review!!! I'll take it as a rave that you liked it, and a rant that you didn't get enough. Glad you at least got a taste of it Hal. And I'm glad you had help drinking it as it tastes like it could be a bit potent. Now, the back story on this development: I've been making mead for a few years now, and always like trying something a little different every time I make it. A while back, we were at a gun show down in Bloomsburg (I know, me at a gun show, who would have guessed). At the show, a way back in the corner, was a fellow conducting wine tastings for a small winery down near Philly. Always up to try some wine, we ventured over to see what he had. The one product that really stood out was his bourbon mead, created by aging his mead in used whiskey barrels. The barrels imparted a tasty hint of the bourbon that was once resident to the barrels. A very nice product, so much so that I thought I would give it a try with my next batch of mead already cooking back home. After much discussion, we came to the following conclusion: Why try to coax out the whiskey flavor from a used barrel for several months when it would be just as easy to blend in a bit of actual bourbon with the mead at the end of the process? So, I had a plan. After nearly a year in process, the mead was done. And I had some aged bourbon on hand! All I had to do was find the right blend (which I listed on the bottle label by the way). This is always the fun part of making any wine: Adjusting it to taste! Add in a wee bit of bourbon, sample it, record the result. Add in a wee bit more, sample, record. Continue until it is just right. By that time you are generally in a pretty good mood, if you know what I mean. You should how bad it gets when we back-sweeten our wines all weekend. I too found this product to be best when served over ice. I generally enjoy all my wines on ice as it seems to bring out the fruity flavors a bit more, and in this case the honey flavor stood out a bit more when on the rocks. I forgot to tell you, but you should have tried the mead while eating vanilla ice cream on the side. The mead explodes with a honey flavor while masking the bourbon. Very neat combination.
  7. My taxes for up here in Catlin came in the mail today, so that's one town who got their's out early.
  8. Rave: Regal Cinema At Arnot Mall

    So let's see, $6 just covers the processing fee. Mmmmkay. I can rent the movie in HD on PPV when it comes out, watch it on my 60+ inch TV with full Dolby surround, sit in one of my 4 cozy recliners (right where we wanted to sit), eat my own better-for-you-popcorn and DRINK WINE. And while the movie is playing I am copying it to DVD for future enjoyment. All for only $5.99. I got you beat by a penny. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The folks sitting in my recliners didn't have to shell out $12 or more each just to watch. I guess I just don't get the attraction of going to the movies these days ... BTW, we're going to see the new Star Wars at the theater next week.
  9. Two Charged With 75 Counts Of Vandalism

    I'm guessing his shirt says "I ain't very smart"
  10. Five Star Clinic

    I too had a great experience with 5 Star. Last year I was bitten on the hand by a rat terrier at a party at a relative's home in Grand Island, causing several puncture wounds. There was a sign on the front door that warned "DO NOT PET THE LITTLE DOG". Unfortunately, we went in the back door ... never saw the sign. The next day, July 4th, as I was driving home, my hand swelled up considerably. We decided to swing into 5 Star right when we got back to have it looked at. In spite of the holiday, they were open and I got right in. Left with two scripts for antibiotics (because germs in dog bites are so bad, they recommend two different meds be taken simultaneously). Got the meds and was fine by the next day. I think my copay was only $25. It would have been days before I could have gotten in to my primary, and it would have been hours of waiting (and expensive) if I tried to go to the ER. These guys are the real deal and took excellent care of me. My only complaint was they never relayed the info of the event to my primary. Now that I know this though, I will relay it myself next time I need their services.
  11. Hey, maybe he's just a sensitive guy ...