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  1. Trail Cam Delights

    We used to have a trail cam topic on the old sight, and it was always pretty cool to see the images that these cameras capture when no one is around. I'll start. Caught this image on one of my cams up at my cabin this past weekend. Places to go, things to eat ...
  2. Town Of Chemung Lays Off Entire Highway Department

    I agree that there's more to this story than we are hearing. All I'm saying is that Krusen comes off looking pretty bad by accusing the Town of Chemung admin as being "incompetent" and threatening an audit. This is the same game he and Santulli have played with the City of Elmira. You simply cannot deny that all municipalities in the county were hurt to some degree when the county changed the sales tax distribution scheme a few years back. That was a huge loss for the smaller towns, all at the expense of making the county appear to look good, and all of our small towns continue to struggle with the loss of those funds. I have to say that Richter was pretty mild in his comments on the situation to the press. He didn't seem point fingers or place any blame. On the other hand, Krusen chose to make a personal attack on that town's leadership.
  3. Town Of Chemung Lays Off Entire Highway Department

    From today's Star Gazette: Someone needs to tell Mike Krusen that it is pretty stupid to come across as a dick in an election year. Perhaps the voters will tell him soon ...
  4. Trail Cam Delights

    Got some pretty neat pics today up at the cabin cam: Lots of pics of deer, fox, turkeys and Mr. Squirrel too.
  5. Oh, this just got even better: Trump Signs Order Requiring Recipients of Federal Aid to Work About damn time ...
  6. The facebook post was on May 4, 2017. Its text is included in the libel suit which can be seen in the Star Gazette's archives for June 20, 2017, updated on June 21, 2017
  7. So Krusen alleged that Moss bullied the employees at the First Arena Bar and the video evidence clearly shows this is not the case. That's one lie for you Mr. Krusen. Let's keep count, shall we?
  8. Phone Scams

    I get a similar call from a guy named Tim all the time. His call never rings on the phone, just goes straight to email so there's no caller ID. I guess they can do that now. He says "Hi, this is Tim again. Sorry I missed you. Still trying to get a hold of you regarding the $250,000 line of credit we have approved for you. Call me back on the number that shows up on your Caller ID." Ummm, Tim, you can't even operate a proper scam ...
  9. Phone Scams

    Well this week's hottest phone scam seems to be the "Your Apple iCloud account was hacked" scam. I've received several calls this week from a recording named "Molly" warning me that my iCloud account has been hacked. Was was directed to "press 1" to speak to a representative. Not letting the fact that I don't even have an iCloud account deter me, I figured I would see what they are up to. Caller was a male with a very thick foreign accent, I'm guessing Pakistani. Asked him where he was calling from and he said Cupertino, CA. Asked him why my caller ID said Maryland and he said they have offices all over but insisted he was still calling from Cupertino. Silly rabbit. So next he insists on helping me straighten out my iCloud account. "This is bad" I tell him. "I'm really worried about someone trying to steal my shit!" I exclaimed. He tells me to calm down and he will fix it. So he and I go through a whole series of instructions on how to log into the set up screens on my non-existent Apple device and make a bunch of changes, obviously so he could gain remote access of my fake Apple world. Finally I got bored and asked him if he had seen the news. He said "No" and I told him that my President Donald Trump just came on TV and announced that he was going to start bombing the caller's third world shit-hole country back to the stone age, and that the caller better quickly go find a secure rock to crawl under. The guy goes off on me and starts swearing up a storm, so I hung up on him. BTW, the guy already new my name, phone number, address and email address. Maybe I'll get a visit from this scumbag. Go ahead, make my day ...
  10. Phone Scams

    I used to use the canned air horns all the time. I'd get calls with salesmen looking to speak to the owner. I'd say "You mean Mr Horn?" And they would say "Yeah, if he is the owner". Then I'd tell them I would transfer them. After making a clicking noise, I'd blast the caller with the horn, then every time he tried to talk I'd give him another little toot. Was fun until I kept getting calls from the same place with everyone asking to speak to Mr Horn. Seems like a good way to set up your colleague, just have him call my number and ASK to speak to Mr Horn. After about the fifth call, the horn died a miserable death. Maybe time to re-hire Mr Horn to deal with these endless Google calls I keep getting.
  11. Gosh I hope they don't rehab it like they did with the last bridge at that location. Explosives! Watched them blow up the old bridge back in the late 70s.
  12. She does have a certain mischievous look about her, doesn't she?
  13. Cooperative Extension Class

    Did they talk about how to bring a tree gone wild back to productivity again? That would have been interesting! As an aside, I went to the fruit tree grafting lecture hosted by Cornell Cooperative and given by some guys from Cummins Nursery a month ago. It was very informative and gave me the confidence to give it a try. I grafted 3 apple trees at the seminar and am now set up to do 12 more trees from hardy, semi dwarf root stock and heritage scions we collected from a couple of local orchards in Big Flats. The class showed us how to do bud grafting, and then the hands on part covered scion grafting. These guys were very comfortable with their knife work as they do 10s of thousands of these grafts annually. Me, not so much. The knives have to be razor sharp and the wood is a bit unpredictable when it's cut. I like my fingers right where they are. I got an omega tool; faster, safer and more consistent. We shall see ...
  14. Already a level 2 offender and he harms yet another child? I'm for making him sing falsetto and then throwing away the key.
  15. WHAT .... THE .... HELL ... I'm not sure what is more criminal: That someone actually stole that crap, or that a store actually tried to sell that crap.
  16. Rocks. Mankind's first weapon. Cain killed Abel with a stone. What's next? Spears? Slings? Trebuchet? Just think, if you're in lockdown in music class, you could hurl a large flaming piano at an attacker with a trebuchet! We've got a ways to go before our classroom technology catches up to an AR-15 for defense, but DAMN! (see below)
  17. After living through the massacre, I can see the desire to want some means to protect one's self during possible future events. That said, pulling it out to threaten somebody is just plain stupid. LOL. I see what you just did there Hal ...
  18. I put this elsewhere, but I'll stick it here too: I'm certain the vast majority of kids that walk out today do it because: 1. "Hey, I get to cut class with all these other people. What's the reason they are letting us cut class again?" 2. Peer pressure. 3. "Look! That chick I think is cute is skipping out. I'll skip out too; maybe she'll notice me ..." The press has really manipulated this whole issue ad nauseam. They make it sound like the whole country is doing it so your school should too. And whatever you do, don't punish the snowflakes for exercising their right to speak out and protest against guns, because guns are bad, m'kay. Aside from the press, it appears the hot locations for protests have some really good handlers working them, feeding the kids the mantra of which to speak in front of the cameras. Clearly, it's a small insignificant group of actors, but they're getting all the press. My question: Where in the hell are those teens in the about to turn 18 through 20 year old range who are about to lose their rights? I mean, if I were a kid, I'd be really, really pissed about this. If they are out there protesting, we sure aren't hearing about it.
  19. Well this topic was certainly a JINX!
  20. BTW, Am I the only one who thinks the "UFO" in this video looks like a bug sitting on the image screen?
  21. Good point. Hope the ETs don't have that sun and magnifying glass thing figured out yet ...
  22. Well, rest assured 10% of it will find its way back into cuomo's election coffers, so that part is accounted for ...
  23. Watched the new Star Wars at home last night courtesy of my Amazon Fire Stick, so the price was right . I have to say my wife and I were disappointed a bit. There seemed to be a lot of cross-cutting through the various story lines, and the cross cuts seemed to happen at the worst possible moments. Some of the crosscuts were very short vignettes, like the quick one with the wookie eating his bbq meal, which seemed odd and out of place. It left you asking "what the heck?" Virtually none of my questions coming out of The Force Awakens film were answered in this movie which was disappointing (unless you believe Kylo Ren's disclosure to Rey about who her parents were ... I know I don't believe what he told her). Other complaints: You-know-who was too easy to kill, and you never did find out how that character rose to prominence in the first place. The movie got very dark at one point, almost as if it was going to turn out like Rogue One did in its ending. What I did like were the new characters portrayed by Benicio Del Toro and Laura Dern. It was an interesting contrast because one you liked then hated and the other visa versa. I wish they developed them a bit more, and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of one of them for the next film. I also liked where they took BB8. That little dude is a warrior! The comic relief they said was going to be in the movie was minimal and understated. This was good, because the film was pretty somber, and a clownish character like Jar Jar Binks would have been disrespectful to the plot. In fact, the best comic relief in the whole film came when Leia was lying unconscious in some kind of incubator. Yours truly snarked that they probably shot that scene after Carrie Fisher had passed away. I thought I was hilarious, the wife, not so much. I'd give this film a 6 out of 10, but I may up it a notch after I see it another dozen times.
  24. Two Charged With 75 Counts Of Vandalism

    I'm guessing his shirt says "I ain't very smart"