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  1. Maybe they should start reporting when there isn't gunfire or crime somewhere in the city. Just a thought ...
  2. There's also been a structure fire and a camper fire, both in the Jungle within the last month. Sounds like the Jungle is becoming a pretty rough place lately.
  3. Bicycle Sharing program Could Be Coming To Elmira

    Elmira had a extensive program similar to this when I was a kid. You would have a bike, then someone else would take it. I think we called it "stealing" back then.
  4. I say throw his ass in jail ... ... Oh, wait ...
  5. Ha ha, looks like no one admitted to ownership of the firearm. The great Carnac predicts there will also be a couple of charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
  6. This story sounds shady to me. Really, really shady ...
  7. #1 - EVEN GREATER! Of course now the cat is out of the bag. Glad I make my own wine as this may drive prices for wine and tastings up. Who knows, in a couple of years Catlin may make the top ten list for top wine regions We don't have lakes, but we got ponds, bonfires and damn good wine!
  8. Santulli Responds To Mayor's Recent Newspaper Column

    Ahaha, she missed that you referred to to as two too. Wow, that was a mouthful ...
  9. Two Arrested As Fugitives From Justice

    Wow. It's hard to believe they got the ages right on either of these two people.
  10. Anyone remember the bad guy "Willie Lopez" from the movie "Ghost"?
  11. "Curveball" Music Festival Cancelled

    Well, in the absence of a Phish festival, I thought I would throw this up here to remind everybody that 49 (yep 4-9) years ago there was another small music gathering in upstate NY: Woodstock. This schedule puts things from that weekend in perspective. Well except for the storms, I guess storms were not in the schedule then either :
  12. "Curveball" Music Festival Cancelled

    You know, the irony of this whole situation is amusing. Too much water, ergo, no Phish ...
  13. "Curveball" Music Festival Cancelled

    Seems like this decision could have been made days ago. To wait until the fans are at the gate is just stupid. There's going to be some really pissed off people.
  14. One way or another, this crook will end up in jail ...
  15. I'm not a fan of these "race" groups. That said, as I read this flier, I see no evidence of hateful or threatening dialogue. Yet some how, cuomo has turned this into a potential "hate crime" issue. Leave it to cuomo to now go after the 1st Amendment rights of those he disagrees with (much like he did with their 2nd rights). The only "hate crime" here is the hatred cuomo has for New York State residents. Don't forget to vote in November.
  16. Beaver Dams Man Arrested For Writing Bad Checks

    Hope they didn't accept a check for his bail. Just sayin' ...
  17. Robbie Nichols Reveals New Hockey Team Name And Logo

    I look forward the new team and owner. It will be fun to watch what Robbie can do with the team and arena without being under Afr's thumb. He certainly has done a great job with the Pioneers baseball team, given that they aren't even affiliated with the professional ranks (think way way back when the Pioneers were affiliated with the Baltimore Orioles and how popular baseball was here then!). I'm sure you all remember all the naysayers who hated the negative connotations of the "Jackals" name back when that was new. In the end, the name was embraced by most fans and they had a lovable mascot in "Blade" (although Blade actually looked way more like a playful Malamute than a nasty ol' Jackal). I can't imagine what they will have for a mascot now. Perhaps Blade wearing a badge and sporting a nightstick. Depends on Robbie's budget I guess ... I have no doubt that Robbie's new team will do well. Elmira is a hockey town, and has been for the last 45 years, ever since Elmira College took to the new ice at the MAC with their first men's team. While we had a professional level drought here last year, it was nice seeing the return of fans to watch the men's and women's games at the Domes. The men's team was very young last year, nearly all freshmen. It took them half the season to gel, but by mid-season they were on par with the rest of the teams in their conference. Given that nearly all of them are returning, I expect them to play at Division III national contender level this year. As for the women's team entering their 18th season, what can we expect? Well, they only finished second in the nation last year under their new coach Tim Crowley, so that bodes well. In just 17 years the 3-time national champion EC Women's team have made it to the NCAA national tournament 14 times, finishing 3rd or better in the nation on 10 occasions. So expect that trend to continue this year ...
  18. Re-sentencing for the Skeloses not until Oct 24. They were already found guilty and sentenced once before. Silver's re-sentencing date was supposed to be July 13, but apparently hasn't happened yet. For crying out loud, PUT THEM IN JAIL ALREADY!!!
  19. Walking on the wrong side of the road in the dark is never a good idea. Very tragic story.
  20. I would think at this point, we're all indigenous.
  21. Fatal Motorcycle Crash In Horseheads

    I still don't understand how some random guy standing all day by the side of the road with a flag is a "hero". That was a pretty lousy news story.
  22. Ummm, no. This year sucked. An early thaw in early February caused the sap to run for a week and half. But then, our crappy winter kept on rolling for 5 1/2 weeks until finally it warmed enough for the sap to run ALL AT ONCE! Just like the flood gates were opened, it was hard to keep up with the flow. The sap was not as sweet as usual: sap usually requires boiling down to a 40:1 ratio but this year it was a 64:1 ratio - way less syrup out of the same amount of sap. Perhaps it was better in other parts of the state, but around here it sucked. My production was down 20% from past years.
  23. Car Found In Chemung River Boat Launch In Wellsburg

    Especially if he was using the same friggin' Tom Tom I have ...