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  1. Horseheads Police Warns Public Of Phone Scams

    I've been getting a bunch of calls from National Healthcare advertising health plans available in my area including Blue Cross/Blue Shield and others. Caller ID lists calls as coming from a number of States. Last time I got a call, I pressed whatever number to speak to a rep. I got some fellow trying to disguise his accent. So I asked him "Before we get started, where are you calling from?" He gets defensive and asks me where I am calling from. He's clearly a Pakastani by accent, and easily agitated. So I tell him that this is not how it works, because I asked him first where HE was calling from. He gets pissed at me, curses and hangs up. So it is definitely some kind of scam.
  2. Next up, Dean Skelos and his sleazebag son. June 18th retrial date (but they are trying everything they can to get the date changed and trial moved out of state and the key witness against them tossed) Stay tuned ...
  3. Meet the Candidate

    Mike Krusen named Sullivan his Deputy Supervisor running mate back in January. I have to say, for a moment there and the way it was presented, I thought ol' Adam may have thrown his hat into the ring.
  4. He's been found guilty now twice. Throw his ass in jail already! If they let him sit out jail time while waiting for appeal, we have serious problems in our legal system here in NYS.
  5. Like my wife said, just change the name from Field & Stream to just Stream. If one more big company joins in, it will kill this chain.
  6. I have to admit, I stopped into Field & Stream this week to buy a new air horn from their boating/kayaking department. I swear I believe I was the only customer in the store. Every time I saw another person walking the aisles, it turned out to be a F&S employee who jumped out to greet me. I wandered over to the firearm department to see what had changed. To my horror, some of the floor space, where the stacked boxes of bulk ammo and reloading equipment used to be, was now clothing. The handgun counters seemed less populated. There were two associates sitting down at the far end past the rifles, and neither bothered to get up to come down to ask me if I needed any help. Not another soul was there shopping. I snagged my air horn, paid for it, and scurried to my truck, hoping no one I knew would see me coming out of the store. I could tell this chain is in trouble. BIG TROUBLE! That night when I got home and checked my email, I found a questionnaire from F&S wanting to know all about my purchase experience at their store. I gave them a ho-hum rating, and the survey caught that and asked me to comment on what I didn't like. I responded that I didn't like the way they were removing America's most popular modern sporting rifles from their inventories. I further told them I was disgusted at the way they had arbitrarily adjusted their minimum age to buy long guns, excluding young hunters and shooters, the very same people they should be catering to and relying on to become lifetime customers in future years. Finally, I chided them for forgetting who their customers are and gave some advice to their Board of Directors: Take your CEO out and publicly flog him prior to terminating him with zero benefits, as he is destroying your company. I have never seen a corporation dedicated to a certain niche customer so blatantly turn against their base. My wife wisely commented that they should just change their name to "Stream" before it's too late.
  7. I know what your thinking. That's got to hurt, right? http://gunsgeardaily.wpengine.com/springfield-armory-cuts-dicks-off/ In a move to counter Dick's Sporting Goods recent misguided attack on the rights of gun owners and those of the next generation of up and coming outdoors enthusiasts, Springfield Armory will stop selling firearms to Dick's and their subsidiary Field and Stream.
  8. On the bright side, it looks like they recovered the entire cast of the muppets. Maybe there'll be another movie ...
  9. Since it sounds like he didn't even have to clean up his own mess, I would suggest the fine be on the high side, plus require a year's worth of community service cleaning up, you guessed it, other peoples' messes along the Chemung River.
  10. Cost Of Amazon Prime To Go Up

    I say it's worth it here too. I do most of my business purchasing through Prime now. In the "old" days, I would have to go from supplier to supplier to see where I could get the bulk of the items I needed just to bundle to help reduce my shipping costs on purchases (which were several hundred dollars per year). Now, I just click "buy" on amazon for an item. Price is still good and shipping is free. Two hours later, I order something else. Two hours later ... , you get the idea (I'm probably the reason they had to raise prices). Started using the Prime movie streaming services a couple months ago, and really love that service too. Prime is easily worth the price, and it tickles me to have the postman come to my house on Sundays too.
  11. Well, except for law-abiding citizens. We'll just throw your ass in jail ...
  12. Town Of Chemung Lays Off Entire Highway Department

    I agree that there's more to this story than we are hearing. All I'm saying is that Krusen comes off looking pretty bad by accusing the Town of Chemung admin as being "incompetent" and threatening an audit. This is the same game he and Santulli have played with the City of Elmira. You simply cannot deny that all municipalities in the county were hurt to some degree when the county changed the sales tax distribution scheme a few years back. That was a huge loss for the smaller towns, all at the expense of making the county appear to look good, and all of our small towns continue to struggle with the loss of those funds. I have to say that Richter was pretty mild in his comments on the situation to the press. He didn't seem point fingers or place any blame. On the other hand, Krusen chose to make a personal attack on that town's leadership.
  13. Town Of Chemung Lays Off Entire Highway Department

    From today's Star Gazette: Someone needs to tell Mike Krusen that it is pretty stupid to come across as a dick in an election year. Perhaps the voters will tell him soon ...
  14. Oh, this just got even better: Trump Signs Order Requiring Recipients of Federal Aid to Work About damn time ...
  15. The facebook post was on May 4, 2017. Its text is included in the libel suit which can be seen in the Star Gazette's archives for June 20, 2017, updated on June 21, 2017