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  1. After living through the massacre, I can see the desire to want some means to protect one's self during possible future events. That said, pulling it out to threaten somebody is just plain stupid. LOL. I see what you just did there Hal ...
  2. I put this elsewhere, but I'll stick it here too: I'm certain the vast majority of kids that walk out today do it because: 1. "Hey, I get to cut class with all these other people. What's the reason they are letting us cut class again?" 2. Peer pressure. 3. "Look! That chick I think is cute is skipping out. I'll skip out too; maybe she'll notice me ..." The press has really manipulated this whole issue ad nauseam. They make it sound like the whole country is doing it so your school should too. And whatever you do, don't punish the snowflakes for exercising their right to speak out and protest against guns, because guns are bad, m'kay. Aside from the press, it appears the hot locations for protests have some really good handlers working them, feeding the kids the mantra of which to speak in front of the cameras. Clearly, it's a small insignificant group of actors, but they're getting all the press. My question: Where in the hell are those teens in the about to turn 18 through 20 year old range who are about to lose their rights? I mean, if I were a kid, I'd be really, really pissed about this. If they are out there protesting, we sure aren't hearing about it.
  3. Well this topic was certainly a JINX!
  4. About time this jury reached a verdict. Facing 20 years in prison. Sentencing on June 11th. My guess is he'll appeal and be free the whole time like Silver and Skelos.
  5. BTW, Am I the only one who thinks the "UFO" in this video looks like a bug sitting on the image screen?
  6. Good point. Hope the ETs don't have that sun and magnifying glass thing figured out yet ...
  7. The 9th Circus Court of Appeals is a joke. The Supreme Court routinely reviews more 9th Circus cases than those of any other Court. Of the cases they review, a whooping 80% are reversed or vacated, well more than double the amount of any other Court. Only 28% of the 9th Circus Judges were appointed by Republican Presidents. The problem is obvious.
  8. You shoot until the threat is neutralized. The only thing this mother needs to come to terms with is how she failed her 19 year old son. She raised a common street thug. The consequences are on her, not on the gentleman who had to use deadly force to protect his family.
  9. Two Charged With Robbery in Elmira

    Are you telling me this guy didn't hear the cops coming for him?
  10. Well, rest assured 10% of it will find its way back into cuomo's election coffers, so that part is accounted for ...
  11. Ferrario To Build New Facility In Big Flats

    RATS! I always enjoyed watching the salesmen try to run back and forth across the busy Miracle Mile while I was waiting for my service work. Always thought that would make a nice Olympic event. Kind of like Frogger ...
  12. Flooding Causes Evacuation In Campbell

    Wow! A flow like that could do some serious damage, and not just the usual flood kind of damage.
  13. Watched the new Star Wars at home last night courtesy of my Amazon Fire Stick, so the price was right . I have to say my wife and I were disappointed a bit. There seemed to be a lot of cross-cutting through the various story lines, and the cross cuts seemed to happen at the worst possible moments. Some of the crosscuts were very short vignettes, like the quick one with the wookie eating his bbq meal, which seemed odd and out of place. It left you asking "what the heck?" Virtually none of my questions coming out of The Force Awakens film were answered in this movie which was disappointing (unless you believe Kylo Ren's disclosure to Rey about who her parents were ... I know I don't believe what he told her). Other complaints: You-know-who was too easy to kill, and you never did find out how that character rose to prominence in the first place. The movie got very dark at one point, almost as if it was going to turn out like Rogue One did in its ending. What I did like were the new characters portrayed by Benicio Del Toro and Laura Dern. It was an interesting contrast because one you liked then hated and the other visa versa. I wish they developed them a bit more, and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of one of them for the next film. I also liked where they took BB8. That little dude is a warrior! The comic relief they said was going to be in the movie was minimal and understated. This was good, because the film was pretty somber, and a clownish character like Jar Jar Binks would have been disrespectful to the plot. In fact, the best comic relief in the whole film came when Leia was lying unconscious in some kind of incubator. Yours truly snarked that they probably shot that scene after Carrie Fisher had passed away. I thought I was hilarious, the wife, not so much. I'd give this film a 6 out of 10, but I may up it a notch after I see it another dozen times.
  14. Rave: Regal Cinema At Arnot Mall

    So let's see, $6 just covers the processing fee. Mmmmkay. I can rent the movie in HD on PPV when it comes out, watch it on my 60+ inch TV with full Dolby surround, sit in one of my 4 cozy recliners (right where we wanted to sit), eat my own better-for-you-popcorn and DRINK WINE. And while the movie is playing I am copying it to DVD for future enjoyment. All for only $5.99. I got you beat by a penny. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The folks sitting in my recliners didn't have to shell out $12 or more each just to watch. I guess I just don't get the attraction of going to the movies these days ... BTW, we're going to see the new Star Wars at the theater next week.
  15. Two Charged With 75 Counts Of Vandalism

    I'm guessing his shirt says "I ain't very smart"