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  1. Mr Steven's looks like Dolph Sweet from "give me a break" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolph_Sweet
  2. Elmira Woman Arrested On Larceny Charges

    lets just cut to the chase Chris, its hot! it really ties the whole "look" together! :-)
  3. Music & Memories

    Ok...im there next show (that is close). any suggestions?
  4. Hallmark Store At Arnot Mall To Close

    more of a "Carlton Cards" guy, if you must know! :-)
  5. Music & Memories

    its always a real high energy and very fun experience (for the whole family) to hear you and the band play. it certainly Aint no "sit down" music!
  6. Elmira Woman Arrested On Larceny Charges

    oh sure, I'm well aware of current styles...(ya right ;)...the way it appears to tightly wrap around her neck, it looked like ink rather than an external accessory. Either way, i dig it!!!
  7. Elmira Woman Arrested On Larceny Charges

    please help me out here as i cant see so well! is that a close -pin neck tattoo?
  8. Hallmark Store At Arnot Mall To Close

    I have no love loss for Hallmark. They are very demanding and less than helpful. the building i bought in 2003 had been a gold crown dept within a pharmacy for many years. Yet when i bought the building and opened up the pharmacy they wouldnt allow me to continue as one. (per the rep.) then after about 12 months i called to see if i could pleed my case (again) and was told that i could, no problem, would just have to redesign 1/3 of my store to meet their linear foot requirements. turns out the rep gave me incorrect information so she could retain our acct as she was not a "Gold Crown" rep! ive benn fuming ever since! lol
  9. Five Star Clinic

    i have always heard good things about the 5 Star clinics on our area!!
  10. Candor Man Arrested On Drug And Gun Charges

    ran into a door!
  11. Totem Taxi..Rant

    thank you, i do have the app, just not used to using it locally. :-)
  12. Totem Taxi..Rant

    still have to remind myself they are here
  13. Totem Taxi..Rant

    Waiting for over an hour for a ride. Downtown Elmira. It’s 1 degree out.
  14. Chicken and Jazz at Horigans

    No it’s different people each week. The one I usually go to is the 1st Wednesday of each month. My friend Steve Webb is in charge of that week each month and his nights seems to be more funky (think herbie Hancock) and even some blue grass (think Bela Fleck) too. By the way Steve Terwilliger got up and did sing in the second set.
  15. Chicken and Jazz at Horigans

    i just realized that i saw you there, my apologies for not saying hello.....had fried chicken on my mind! Mary how did you rate the Jazz portion of your night? i thought they sounded great! the xylophone player was really getting into it!