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  1. Mom always said I could be about as sharp as a marble! :-)
  2. if Mark didn't point it out i never woulda caught it. That Hal and his sharp wit!
  3. lazy campaign slogan.
  4. St Patrick's Day 5K/ 10K

    lemme know when they are offering the 0.5K with a shortcut and then I'm in!
  5. ive always liked Chris as a deputy but ive heard some unflattering things about how he has been as a the boss.
  6. wow, what a great read! thanks!
  7. king of the jungle right there!
  8. "to fight drugs" ....what is this, a boxing match? :-)
  9. Music & Memories

    Ok...im there next show (that is close). any suggestions?
  10. Music & Memories

    its always a real high energy and very fun experience (for the whole family) to hear you and the band play. it certainly Aint no "sit down" music!
  11. 200 Years In Time: The Lowman Family Clock

    Detailed accounts about local history with familiar names....so enjoyable to read and learn about! beautiful clock too! Kudos to the late George Lowman Howell for donating such an awesome gift! Very generous! Thanks for posting this!