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  1. Google Ads

    I read a couple bloggers who have ads show up and it is so annoying.
  2. Gift Wrapped

    Rope should be "people". Fingers itching to get wrapping done lol
  3. Gift Wrapped

    The true reason for the season. I had forgotten how stores would have Christmas music playing in the background as rope shopped. I also remember how the air was filled with voices greeting everyone with Merry Christmas. Thank you for vsharing.
  4. Traditions & Memories

    You remember correctly son.
  5. I thought I heard on the news tonight that some of this money was going to be used to build a cheese plant in Painted Post. Didn’t a Kraft Plant close in that area? Isn’t there a cheese plant in Waverly? Doesn’t make sense to me.
  6. Mother Of Abandoned Baby Pleads Guilty

    That’s what I thought but was hoping the plea deal would be for a solid 9 Year’s.
  7. Sounds good. Victoria, season two is starting in January on PBS channel. Like this show.
  8. Mother Of Abandoned Baby Pleads Guilty

    I wonder if she'll serve the full 9 years?
  9. Rave: Pine Valley Farm

    Always like stopping to check out their fresh produce.