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  1. On Friday, the Steuben County Sheriff's Dept. in conjunction with other county agencies conducted alcoholic beverage sales compliance checks at a total of thirty four establishments throughout Steuben County. "Operation Safe Sales" used operatives under the age of 21 under the supervision of the Sheriff's Dept., Corning Police, and Bath Village police to ensure compliance with the law. Of the thirty four establishments checked, representatives from the following locations allegedly sold alcoholic beverages to the operatives: Canisteo Acorn Market at 12 West Main St. in Canisteo 7-11 at 40 Dennison Parkway in Corning 7-11 at 26 Main St. in Arkport "This is the time of year that our children return home from college and others return home for holiday gatherings," said Sheriff Jim Allard. It is my hope that in conducting compliance checks we are able to remind all retail establishments of their responsibility to help keep everyone safe in Steuben County. Arrests in relation to the alleged sales are forthcoming as well as notifications to the New York State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board regarding the retail establishments in question.
  2. This morning the Elmira Police Department began receiving Criminal Mischief complaints. As of the time of this release, there have been 15 different reports. The reports were of damage to windows at businesses and vehicles where the glass was shot out. It is believed that some type of CO2 powered weapon is being used to intentionally damage property. This criminal mischief has also occurred outside of the City of Elmira. It is expected that more damage will be reported. The investigation into this incident continues. The Elmira Police Department is asking any witnesses or anyone with information regarding this incident to contact the Elmira Police Department at (607)737-5626, or the tip line at (607)271-HALT
  3. Howard Brooks, the 40 year old West Elmira man arrested in 2015 on charges of possession of child pornography, has plead guilty. In August 2015 the FBI searched Brooks' Lexington Ave home. At that time Brooks admitted to flushing thumb drives down the toilet because he knew the drives contained child pornography. The drives were eventually recovered and found to contain hundreds of videos. In federal court, Brooks plead guilty to receipt, attempted distribution, and four counts of possession of child porn. Receipt and attempted distribution each carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 5-years each, with a maximum of 20-years. Each count of possession of child pornography is punishable up to 20-years in prison. Brooks is scheduled to be sentenced in May.
  4. Police in Ithaca were called yesterday to investigate what was described as a suspicious package at a residence in the city. At around 4:37 pm IPD officers responded to a residence in the 400 block of West State Street regarding a suspicious package complaint. The caller stated that when he moved into his apartment six weeks ago he observed what appeared to be a pipe bomb in his closet. The caller stated he recently spoke to a friend regarding it, and that he ultimately called police today. Officers arrived on scene and located a suspicious device inside the apartment. A Bomb Squad from the Endicott Police Department responded and removed the device. The device was subsequently transported to a secure location where it was interrupted and rendered safe. No charges have been filed at this time.
  5. A write in candidate for the position of Justice of the Peace in the Town Of Baldwin has been deemed ineligible according to the town's attorney. At the town's monthly board meeting, attorney Tum Bocek advised that the county Board of Elections indicated the candidate was not a resident of the town and therefore could not hold office according to public law. Bocek explained that if the candidate were to sit on the bench, any judgments made would end up being thrown out. Tha candidate, who was not named, receieved 12 write in votes according to preliminary election results released in November. Going forward, the town board will have to decide if they will appoint someone to the seat or continue with shared services as they have done since the death of Hon. Mary Jane Buchanan in 2016.
  6. The Southern Tier got another financial shot in the arm this morning. At the 2017 Regional Economic Development (REDC ) Awards held this morning in Albany, Governor Andrew Cuomo split up about $750 million among 10 economic regions across the state. Cuomo awarded the Southern Tier $67.3M for the region. Additionally, the Finger Lakes Region was awarded $63.9M and Central NY $86.4M The awards target economic development throughout the state. "New York is more business friendly than ever before. Period," the governor said.
  7. The vacant lot and building at the corners of Madison Ave. and Water St. in Elmira previously occupied by Williams Honda is set to get a new tenant. Culligan Water of Elmira announced earlier today they have been given the "green light" to begin remodeling the vacant building. Culligan, which recently purchased Chemung Spring Water, will locate both businesses at the new location. A groundbreaking ceremony is planned for later today.
  8. Voters in the Village Of Van Etten voted Monday night on the question of whether or not to dissolve the village into the town. The proposal to dissolve the village passed 103-76. Lowering taxes and doing away with duplication of services were a few of the reasons cited by those who voted in favor of the dissolution. Currently the both the village and the town have their own fire departments. Also, residents of the village currently lay two taxes; a village and a town tax. Residents of the village will only have to pay one tax to the Town of Van Etten once the process is complete. Other residents said they would rather continue to pay for what they consider to be better services to the community. Now that the resolution has passed, a plan will be put together and presented detailing how the town will provide services residents.
  9. The Tompkins County Sheriff's Office is looking for assistance identifying the individuals in this video that were involved with a burglary that occurred at the Enfield Dandy Mini Mart at 3:00 AM this morning, December 12th. Anyone with information is asked to contact the non-emergency line to dispatch (607-272-2444) or the Sheriff's Office Tip Line (607-266-5420).
  10. On Sunday at approximately 12:20 a.m., an Elmira Police Officer was stopped in traffic on Lake St. and observed a vehicle across the intersection. As this vehicle passed, the officer observed Tareek L Simmons as the back seat passenger. The officer was aware that Tareek had an active Arrest Warrant for Robbery 3rd. The officer notified another officer and began to follow this vehicle to perform a traffic stop. When the officer conducted the traffic stop, Tareek immediately fled from the vehicle and a foot pursuit began. After a brief chase, Tareek was taken into custody. When retracing the path of the foot chase, a loaded firearm was located. Tareek was arrested on the Robbery warrant and also charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd, a class C felony, and Resisting Arrest. The Robbery warrant was related to an incident on November 11th, 2017, in which Tareek forcibly stole property from another person. The investigation into this incident continues. The Elmira Police Department is asking any witnesses or anyone with information regarding this incident to contact the Elmira Police Department at (607)737-5626, or the tip line at (607)271-HALT.
  11. Explosion In Lindley Kills One

    An area man was killed in an explosion in a home in the town of Lindley. Police say the explosion, which was initially called in as a "wood stove explosion" happened around 1:50 pm on Friday. New York State Police and Lindley Fire Department responded to the call, and the investigation revealed that the explosion was the result of the man handling a home made explosive device. Police could not elaborate on what exactly the device was, however noted that the explosion was not drug related. The identity of the man has not been released.
  12. Harriette Hoyt, the 17 year old Sayre woman who allegedly abandoned her 8 month old baby in August has plead guilty to 2nd Degree Attempted Murder. Hoyt allegedly left the infant in a plastic bag behind a home on Walnut Street in Elmira. The baby wasn't found until close to 72 hours later. The child received medical care and according to police is now doing well in foster care. According to the terms of the plea deal, Hoyt agreed to serve nine years in state prison. She is scheduled to be sentenced January 26 in Chemung County Court.
  13. Terms of Use

    We've kept this site different from social media in that you can have a spirited debate here and yet keep it civil. Still, just to make sure people know what they're getting into there's just a couple simple rules: Be nice. Keep profanity to a minimum Every day ET comes into the homes of people from all walks of life and values. Even though that second rule is sometimes hard even for me, I try to conduct myself as if I were a guest in someone's home. Given the current heated political atmosphere, I also want it understood that ALL views from both sides of the political spectrum are welcome here. Don't be surprised if someone debates your beliefs head on though. That's what we're here for sometimes. I'll only ask that we try to refrain from name calling like "libtards" and "deplorables". There's enough of that elsewhere online. We've never required heavy moderation and I don't think we will going forward, thanks to everyone's understanding.
  14. New Facebook Page Name

    Among other little changes I've wanted to make, one of them is to change the name of the Facebook page that goes along with this site. It was on my mind for a couple reasons: We really aren't affiliated with the old newspaper Confusion about the FB page being the site Adding ".com" will route traffic here So I requested a name change. Easy enough, right ? Nope. They said that "The Elmira Telegram" and "ElmiraTelegram.com" are too different and it would cause confusion for the people who like the page. I appealed. Nope. So thinking I was sneaky, I started setting up a new page and would merge the two under the new name. Nope. Same reason as above. I appealed. A couple times. Sort of politely ( think Professor McGonigal in Harry Potter lol ) told them I was the better judge of what is and isn't good for the page and the site. And I'll be damned, they agreed. Probably sick of dealing with me. if only taking on big corporations was always this easy.
  15. Police Investigate Bank Robbery In Ithaca * UPDATE *

    Police have released the following pictures taken of the suspect. They're kinda small: