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Election Results
  • Chemung County Executive Race: Chris Moss (R) 55% Jerome Emanuel (Dem) 29% Krusen (I) 16%
  • 1st District: Pastrick (R) 57% Pucci (Dem) 43%
  • 2nd District: Manchester (R) 69% Saglibene (Con) 30%
  • 3rd District: Sweet (R) 53% Lynch (Dem) 40%
  • 4th District: Brennan (R) 64% Bond (Dem) 35%
  • 5th District: Margeson (R) 64% Stow (Dem) 20% Miller 15% (I)
  • 7th District: Sonsire (Dem) 63% Milliken (R) 36%
  • 8th District: Woodard (R) 58% Callas (Dem) 41%
  • 9th District: Burin (R) 74% Fairchild (I) 25%
  • 12th District: McCarthy (Dem) 50% Collins (R) 45%
  • 13th District: Drake (R) 65% Logan-Lattimore (Dem) 34%
  • 14th District: Smith (R) 68% Heyward (Dem) 31%


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    My personal concern about the broader issue of legalization (not whether to opt-out) is driving under the influence. I was a prosecutor for many years where I handled cases of driving under the influence of pot, and I now represent the family of the couple killed in a Horseheads crash last year by a driver charged with driving while impaired. Through this work I have seen firsthand that the science for proving a person is impaired by pot is shaky at best. The cases generally require other proof than sobriety and blood tests, and frequently that evidence does not exist. I essentially have a libertarian stance regarding personal consumption of impairing substances, but I worry very much about the effect they have on drivers. Proving impairment by alcohol and other drugs is far easier than pot, and with legalization we will probably have far more high drivers. Moreover, edible cannibis can have an unexpected effect on even seasoned users, and with edibles legal and available it’s reasonable to fear people will get behind the wheel before they realize how impaired they are. Again, this irrelevant to the opt-out question because if marijuana can be grown and purchased in nearby counties, all of these problems will be here too.
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    According to one study, nearly 20 million people deleted their Facebook accounts in 2018 alone. Many have done so out of concerns for personal privacy, others due recent changes that they feel restrict free speech. Another study done at the same time showed that 32% of Americans did not have a Facebook account. Social media can be a great source of information, but genuine attempts at providing information and discussion often get bogged down with insults and other issues brought on by people using fake accounts. Savvy politicians know that social media is a great way to reach out to constituents, but what about that 32% of people who don't use it? Furthermore, unless one pays to promote a post, only a small percentage of those who like or subscribe to a page actually get to see every post thanks to Facebook algorithms. Live town hall meetings throughout the community are certainly helpful when held, but what if there was another way to field questions from citizens and have a healthy discussion? At the suggestion of one of our long time members, ElmiraTelegram.com will try to make that a reality. This new section offers people the chance to post a question, and get a response from their elected officials. Once question or suggestion has been posted, representatives from throughout the community will have a chance to respond. From there, we hope to facilitate an exchange of ideas from the community. We strongly encourage representatives from town, city, and county offices to stop by frequently to see what's on peoples' minds. Additionally, you can subscribe to this forum and receive alerts when new posts are made. Hopefully the community will find this to be a helpful means of communication and information going forward.
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    In May 2016, The Dead South rented a flatbed truck and toured around Toronto, playing eight shows in eight hours.
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    The question of whether Chemung County officials are for it against the possession and use of recreational marijuana is irrelevant if the New York State legislature votes and Cuomo signs a bill legalizing it. If that happens, the question will be whether the Chemung County Legislature should pass a law prohibiting the growth, sale and distribution within our county’s borders. The argument in favor of “opting-out” of growth, sale and distribution is the attendant costs of use, i.e. law enforcement, education, treatment etc. However, opting-out not only eliminates any revenue stream and job growth in the cannibis industry, but also introduces a dilemma. If nearby counties - Tompkins and Broome for sure and probably Steuben - do not opt-out (i.e. allow growth, sale and distribution) people from Chemung County can simply travel there to get marijuana and bring it back here as it would still be legal to use and possess under New York state law. I have proposed the creation of a Citizen Advisory Board and Inter-municipal Committee to study this issue. I remain undecided on how to proceed and would like as much input as possible before we make this important and impactful decision. Of course this is all dependent on legalization by Albany, but it sounds as though this will happen sometime within the next 12 months.
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    For the record, I was watching it live for about 20 minutes towards the end when I logged online and besides myself, there were only 3 others watching at that time. I think Chris hit the mark with recording and posting rather than live streaming over social media. Considering none of the parties involved in the meeting can actually see the comments while it's streaming, what is the benefit?
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    Although I am a big fan of the Elmira Telegram as it fills a much-needed gap in reporting on local issues, I had not read any of the discussion threads on this issue until this morning when I happened to find them. Just to address a few points raised in this one... 1. I cannot wait for the litigation to be heard in court so that we can all move on. Many of the questions regarding the law and charter have been fully briefed in our papers (embedded in one of my recent blog posts) and will hopefully be answered by the judge when he renders a decision. The hearing was supposed to be held this week but a request from County Executive Moss’s attorney for an extension has pushed it back to July 19th. 2. I am happy to discuss any of these topics in public in an online forum like this or in person. I held one Town Hall on April 3rd where I raised the topics and invited questions, and will have another on June 15th from 11-12 at the Town of Elmira Community Center. The Town Hall Meetings are open to the public and all questions are welcome. I am also willing to participate in other ways if they become available. 3. Please keep in mind how this all started. In a meeting Moss told the Legislative leadership he was firing our lawyer and gave us a letter indictIng such. We asked what we could do to work through this short of litigation, and he said the only option was court. I fully agree with many of you that this is a distraction, and my personal remedy is to take proactive steps on lots of other things that matter rather than focus on this mess. 4. I also agree it is time to take up the Term Limit issue, something I fully support. It took Mark Molinaro and the Dutchess County Legislature two years to work through the specifics, but I don’t see why we cannot have something much sooner - certainly within the year. I asked to meet with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Legislature last week to discuss this issue. My sense is that there will be an Agenda item related to a Term Limit Committee for us to review later this month. 5. I also agree the pay and benefits for legislators is far too high. I was outspoken during the budget process last year about this, and will do so again in the fall. I was entitled to a $1,500 payout because I declined the county health insurance benefit, but I did not take it. I also declined to join the county retirement system. In other words, I did not take any of the offered benefits that come along with this position as I feel they are inappropriate. However, I do think the health insurance piece needs to be handled carefully as it may be unfair to take health insurance away from legislators who ran believing they would receive it and now rely on it. On my opinion this is a tough that requires thoughtful analysis. 6. It is interesting to get push-back regarding live-streaming as it seems to be well received by most people. I agree the quality would be much better with more sophisticated equipment. Hopefully the county will begin providing the service soon. Please let me know if you have any ideas for how I can improve things until then. Finally, I am doing what I can to be as transparent as possible. The only obstacle for me is time, as I am also a full-time lawyer and am raising two young children. As I am sure Chris Sherwood knows, running sites like this is a ton of work. My blog is only about 1/50th of what he does, part of the reason I am so impressed by him! If any of you ever has any questions you can reach out to me in a number of ways - email, FB message, my blog etc - or even call me at 731-9564. Please keep in mind that I am brand new at this, and am finding the learning curve is a lot steeper than I anticipated. I appreciate any feedback you have about ways we can do things better. Finally, someone recently remarked that elected officials are just placeholders, as the seats will long outlive the individuals. I will be a legislator for a term or two, and the someone else will take over. All I can do is try my best while I am in there and then hand the seat over to the next. Perhaps someone on this thread will be just that person.
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    https://www.mytwintiers.com/news/health-violations-and-hazards-found-at-hometown-teams-bbq/1956858264?fbclid=IwAR3B1zrw7dYBYe4U74spWFHIgVBxq6fAnpFkXNKO9AOk0NB_BPjd7RunzsE How is this guy still allowed to operate a business after all the charges at the last establishment he owned? Their "sponsored" ads keep popping up on in FB feed, so I posted the health violations link and it was deleted in less than 5 minutes. Now I still see the ad, but apparently they blocked me from commenting again.
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    I think any committee to update the Charter should include citizens as well as legislature and executive members. Maybe that's just me. I'm also someone who questions that charter being adopted in the first place......while the county was in the midst of trying to recover from a natural disaster (one might say the whole plan was decided by voters under duress - or too busy to vote against it). Not only were most residents too distracted from flood recovery to participate in drafting it, it seems like any positive governance and progress in the County ground to a halt when the charter went into effect. We are still waiting for this wonderful form of government to dig us out of the damage to the economy and community. 1972 was not our first flood. Under the previous county government model, Chemung County recovered (and boomed) after the 1946 disaster.
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    Me neither.... "IF" the state legalizes, then residents of all counties can/will indulge and all counties will have to deal with any potential effects of usage. The County Exec's position to "opt-out" of cultivation/distribution is moot on the 'social ills' argument. And it seems a lot of people opposed to legalization in general have the misconception that "opt-out" would somehow prohibit or at least decrease possession and use and their potential negative effects. Hopefully that distinction will be made clear if/when there any public meetings or propositions that the Legislature sends to the public on the "opt-out" issue. I hate to disparage the average voter...but I really think the issue needs to be broken down to about a 5th grade level by the media (not just social media) and the facts pounded in that if someone opposes "legalization" for individuals they need to address that with their STATE representatives, and that the COUNTY would only be deciding whether to "opt-out" of commercial operations.
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    Curious, how many overdoses result from legal opioids vs street acquired? I would wager deaths from overdoses would decrease if controlled drugs with known strengths were to be more easily available. Deaths would still happen, deaths occur from alcohol overdoses. But how many people die because that latest hit they got was tampered with an "enhancer", or what they got had one or two cuts less than the normal supply chain? We should just legalize everything. Why does the government think they have the right to decide what I am allowed to put into my body? Because of this, people who truly need the pain relief are being denied access "for their own good". It's disgusting that the government thinks it knows better than doctors and their patients.
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    Wouldn’t you know it .... Bruin came back on the night I didn’t replace the card in the camera !! It must have gotten a jolt from the bacon because he hit some boxes I had at the other end of the field for cleaning . In the two new pkgs the queens were settling in will recheck this weekend . One queen box was a bear to get the cork out so I opened the other end and , yup she scooted out Fast ... Grandson was there helping and he kept an eye on her ( even though I could clearly see the fluorescent green dot ) I dumped the rest of the colony and covered it quickly ... those queens are quick !! They went through 1:1 syrup fast for a couple days but they are on pulled wax and are bringing in pollen and are slowing back on that . Adam suggested I use shallow supers as brood box’s ( back is shot ) as my brood frame wax was old and with none to replace on the weekend , kind of easier to inspect anyway . I have room in the fence for one more hive and my overwinter hive is where I want to try my first split from simply to keep that genetic stock going once thier numbers are a bit higher . Johnny Go , I have room fo four and no more even if I get the bug to make another split .. I must resist ... LOL 😂 PS , card back in camera last night !!
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    While watching parts of last night's budget committee meeting, I believe I heard the "expense" of the county doing this brought up several times, along with talk of IT department, wiring, etc. There's also some other concerns I heard mentioned. 1) The meetings have been live streamed from a phone and still the quality of the audio and video isn't that far off from some of the clips you see from other municipalities that live stream broadcast meetings. So how much of an upgrade does the IT dept. see as necessary? You need a camera, and a high quality microphone. Maybe two mics, tops. Which brings me to another point: 2) Is it vital that the meetings be streamed live to begin with? Record them, upload them to YouTube the next day, and then store them on an external hard drive that you can get for under $100 at Target. Frankly, I think the county would do well to keep them OFF of social media. Do we need to have people commenting a dozen times complaining they didn't hear something that was just said ( Scrub the video back and turn up your volume! ) As for video presentations that are shown during the meeting, upload them as a pdf or other file and people can click an external link to view them if they really want to. It's quite simple to have two windows open on a desk top, one to view and one to listen along. I understand "wanting to do it right", but you can "do it right" into spending thousands of dollars you don't need to. If people are that concerned about audio quality or whatever, they can come to the meetings as Mike Smith suggested last night. I will disagree with him however. Granted, the state may not mandate this be done, but don't underestimate the interest the constituents are taking in what goes on at meetings because they're not there in person. We the people also have obligations and can't necessarily attend multiple meetings each month. ( And for what it's worth, I was following the STREMS meetings back when they were only posting the minutes. ) Maybe I'm missing something, which would be my question. Does it have to be so complicated in light of the fact it's merely a courtesy service offered by the county?
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    It'd be interesting to see what could happen with this and more if we had a public access tv station here in Chemung County.
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    I learned today that the NY Assembly and Senate have passed bills requiring all IDAs to live-stream meetings. This will likely be signed by the governor. https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2019/s88
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    To clarify, I was referring to the county taking over the process of making the meetings available. Making the meetings available online can't possibly be as complicated or expensive as its being presented to be. And hinestly, if someone wants to follow these meetings that closely they can't wait a few hours for it to be posted, then they should attend in person.
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    There are a lot of good points here. Many other counties provide either live-streams or recordings of public meetings, and it is something that many people - including myself and County Executive Moss - ran on during our respective campaign. As I mentioned elsewhere and at the meeting, Chemung County has been looking into providing this service, and I have simply filled the gap by doing it from my phone until something else is in place. It has been largely well received from what I can tell aside from occasional audio-visual problems. Samantha Potter, the former communications director under Tom Santulli, live-streamed a number of legislative meetings and presentations to the official Chemung County Facebook Page last year and I recall appreciating it, not only when I couldn't attend but also when I could go back to verify exactly what was said. To the best of my knowledge, Potter’s streams cost the county nothing. The idea of recording and posting is interesting, but to be very honest the main issue for me is and probably always will be time. Juggling my job at Ziff Law, role as Legislator and duties to my children is tough, making time-saving activities very important. Live-streaming requires only a click of a button, while recording and posting means sometimes-lengthy uploads and additional postings to CCM. In addition, there are many times I will not be able to post the recordings until the following day - sometimes late in the day - because of the responsibilities I noted above. If something newsworthy or important has happened at the meeting, this type of delay could be problematic for people following county matters closely. In the end I find it interesting that Moss announced at his swearing-in that all meetings would be streamed, but now that they are streamed we are getting a lot of push back regarding cost, etc. I have probably spent a total of about $250 (upgraded data plan, tripod and small microphone that I don’t really use because it introduces other issues), and the quality is okay-ish. We can get this done cheaply if we want, something I would greatly like to see happen soon.
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    Am I the only one who thinks this season and the story line feels rushed? Maybe it's because of the Dragon Queen's love of Starbucks: I completely missed it, bit of course the Internet didn't.
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    I think a forum would be great. You (Chris), Frank Acomb and Steve Coleman have done an excellent job attempting to engage local leaders - albeit in very different ways. As I said above, people who are elected right now are just placeholders for the future. The idea that winning an election means you must disengage from public discourse is nonsensical, as most people who run for office have been engaged prior to being sworn in. I am up for anything you create, and am willing to help get it off the ground if you need anything.
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    I can make that happen with a few mouse clicks, not a problem. It's certainly worth trying. You thinking a forum where the initial two posts are a Q&A type thing and then discussion after?
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    I think it's a first. I for one would love to see more representation join and take part in discussion that includes the voters, taxpayers and other elected officials. As I said before, a forum tab dedicated to discussions with the elected representatives would be nice. While I recall that you didn’t get answers from a number of candidates when you approached them in campaign season, maybe the ones who did respond would be receptive to an invitation to join the discussion…….The current situation with various legislators and the Exec only posting their own narratives to their own audiences only fosters more divisiveness and exacerbates the problems. Considering we are actively planning to escape New York State within the next 3-5 years, there is a part of me does not even care if Chemung County governance continues to worsen with further conomic stagnation and crime…..which I believe it will as long as the elected officials continue to act independent of (and without consideration for) the concerns and will of the taxpayers who are funding their idiocy. Like my family, the taxpayers who have the means will keep evacuating and the ones who can’t afford to leave will have less and less money for the county ( and towns, city, school districts, et al) to waste.
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    This is one of the first issues I raised with Chairman Dave Manchester as far as crafting a issue-based resolution What he told me and I believe to be true is that in January or early February members of the IT Department came up to the 5th Floor and took measurements, etc for equipment. He also told me Moss is taking the lead on this. As such, I have deferred action as I have been anticipating something coming up from Moss - though it has not yet. As I mentioned here and in my blog, I cannot wait for the county to take over! I had to increase my data plan for a decent cost as Wi-Fi can be unreliable, it is distracting for me to have to think about recording when I am in the meetings, and audio-visual quality will be better when it is done with something other than an iPhone. My thought is I will do something proactive on the issue unless we have an Agenda item from Moss by the six-month mark.
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    “You’re a saint!” said a friend recently. “No,” I replied. “I just do what needs doing.” As my husband has become more physically limited, I’ve picked up the slack. I could not do otherwise. Admittedly, at times I feel overwhelmed and resentful, utterly exhausted physically and emotionally. Working a full shift from 3-11 a.m. in medical transcription with friends beginning to retire, running to medical appointments on multiple afternoons every week for years and taking care of most home chores, I can become shortsighted and pull a good pity party. Then I remember how the Lord has been with us as He works “all things together for good to those who love Him.” (Romans 8:28) We now understand the grieving process after the total loss of Ed’s vision, the passing of our 25-year-old married daughter, and my breast cancer amidst my husband’s health issues. He had been legally blind since damage by the incubator’s pure oxygen after premature twin birth (his right eye never had vision). Yet, Ed farmed with his dad as he grew up and for 10-1/2 years after we married. We marveled at his determination and ability to do whatever he could with limited vision. So, it was a surprise when depression set in as he lost the last vestiges of sight. No one told us until later that it takes time to grieve any loss, to understand, and accept the challenges. There is often denial, not wanting to face changes. Guilt or the “if only” stage may be followed by anger and depression. Learning new ways has not always gone smoothly. We dealt with Ed’s depression at becoming more limited in his abilities, along with major changes in our roles. Though it took a toll on our marriage, we remained focused on our children’s needs. When all seemed well, 11 years ago he developed unrelenting muscle/joint pain and dizziness, neuropathy, had multiple surgeries, grand mal seizures, life-threatening pancreatitis, severe congestive heart failure, COPD on chronic asthma, and more. Then, my mother had a stroke leaving her partially paralyzed, and I took charge of her affairs, too. The good news is that our love survived… and grew deeper. After vision loss, Ed spent six months at The Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton, Massachusetts with invaluable training among others who were blind. Finding it harder to get around now, in a wheelchair for appointments, Ed does his best to help – he works a few hours weekly from home, makes my grocery list, does a load of laundry weekly, adds pellets to the stove, and more as he’s able. We can’t go to church together, take walks, have date nights, or travel to visit family and friends. Instead, we value quiet time talking, listening to music or favorite preachers on Christian radio and TV, even playing “Trivial Pursuit” without the game board. Through it all, Ed’s faith, wisdom and sense of humor remain intact, seeing us through difficult days. God has granted us strength to accept change and persevere, with insight and compassion we would not have had without the trials. We understand better how to help each other, like when to offer assistance or give each other space to learn by trial-and-error. We’ve learned the community has kept its eye on our family over the years. It’s humbling to know God uses us to help friends facing challenges. When poetry began pouring out from the depths of my heart, reflective blogs were added and “Poetic Devotions” was born. Tentatively stepping out on a limb to blog publicly, the Lord blessed me with words and the right Scripture which strengthen my faith and touch the hearts of others. Yet, the role of spousal caregiver and healthcare advocate can be physically and emotionally draining, often leading to burnout from feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It’s hard to watch your loved one suffer. Stress and grieving the former way of life may take various forms. Like me at times, you may become tired, teary, irritable, short-tempered, depressed, lose interest, pull away from friends, or feel helpless, unable to deal with one more thing. Under stress, caregivers often let their needs slide. From experience, I can tell you not to neglect your own health. Ed insisted I get my mammogram which I planned to cancel because of his health needs. Dutifully going, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, facing surgeries without him at my side while he needed surgery in between mine. Diagnosed at an early stage, I feel blessed to be cancer free. Get plenty of rest. Learn when to say no. House cleaning can wait. Stay involved in activities or hobbies that interest you. I take walks, write, quilt, garden, make silk floral arrangements, and lead singing at church. Spend time with friends who support and energize you, just as reaching out to others will encourage them and you. Share your feelings, pamper yourself, and accept help. After my cancer diagnosis, friends showered me with cards, a beautiful pink azalea, were at my side for surgeries since Ed could not be there, and brought us meals. I feel guilty enjoying a day out with a friend, leaving my husband behind, but it’s emotionally relaxing and rejuvenating. Kayaking with friends last summer was awesome! Posting some of Ed’s humorous quips or an updated status on Facebook provides feedback to let us both know how deeply others care as we touch the hearts of family and friends. Essentially, we are all caretakers of each other. Seek wise counsel to discuss challenges or guide you in obtaining assistance from professional agencies. Find support within your church, or a community group specific to your family’s needs. Take advantage of local adult day care or respite programs. Search for helpful information and support online. Having observed us at a distance, our friend gave the above compliment. Though I do not feel deserving of being called a saint, we all are as Believers. Our lives are to be examples of Christ’s love working through us. Without His guidance we can do nothing (John 15:5), but it’s hard to remember that. If you fail as I do at times, don’t give up; apologize and forgive, identify the issues, and try again. I appreciated another friend who shared that, when so many marriages are torn apart by hardships, we are an example of long-term faithfulness. Without comparing anyone’s unique circumstances, others traveling their own very difficult journeys have felt the same way. I don’t have all the answers, but I praise God for His faithfulness in guiding and renewing us daily. Amidst many trials, David wrote, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1) Jesus says “Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) I Peter 5:7 reminds us to “cast all [our] anxiety on Him because He cares for [us],” while Isaiah 40:31 affirms that “those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.” And the Lord has given us His peace and strength to persevere together, even on those hard days, as we walk a different path than expected when we said “I do” nearly 45 years ago. Come Walk With Me Linda A. Roorda Come walk with me, hold tight my hand Listen to my heart as we share this path Guide my footsteps, don’t let me wander That my eyes remain focused on You. ~ May I ever at your side be found Growing in love with a trust secure. For in the trials that beset our days We find a wisdom that strengthens our bonds. ~ See through my eyes, understand my heart Know my emotions and the love within, While I appreciate your gentle spirit And all the ways you’re meant to be you. ~ Understand my fears, losses and pain Hold me in your arms with comfort and peace. Help me to know that wisdom is gained Along our journey on difficult paths. ~ Come walk with me, at my side be strong Not in mighty brawn, but in wisdom’s truth. Guide my footsteps in teaching my heart With mercy and grace let our light so shine. ~~ November 2017 All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without permission of author. ~~ Originally posted on the Network, an online resource for the Christian Reformed Church of North America.
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    A prayer this afternoon asking for help and I read this this evening. I’m trying to listen. Thank you.
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    I was thinking today, that maybe in the spirit of the original Lang would have done better to maybe get a well known headliner for each night and then feature local/regional and other acts from beyond. Some of the acts that played in '69 weren't very well known until they played Woodstock. Think shout how much money would be saved on three major acts instead of the lineup they have ( had?).
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    If you do, let us know with enough time to stock up on cameras and popcorn.