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    Well ... finally getting that Wheat beer ready to brew , filtered the water today . Tomorrow I get to do my first “mashing “ , although more of a steeping the grains than mashing it’s still a little more involved as water volume to grain and malt ratio has to be followed and steeping temp has to be held at 152 degrees for 45 Minutes so constant watching is needed . Now since I like a citrus tone to my beer I’ll be adding a bit of sweet orange along with the Required Valencia orange peel ( think Blue Moon Summer Blend ) . If you all don’t mind I’ll be posting some pics as I go along . This along with planting Apple and peach trees and new bees due in a couple weeks and a Pistol Shoot coming up should be interesting !
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    On Saturday, video surveillance footage was released to Facebook by the owners of Foster's Wines & Spirits in Big Flats showing three people working together to steal a quantity of merchandise from the store. The video was shared across social media and viewed more than 35,000 times. A few hours later, New York State Police in Horseheads arrested 34-year-old Michelle Russo of Elmira New York for shoplifting. Russo was charged with petit larceny for stealing several bottles of liquor and wine from Foster’s Wine & Spirits in Big Flats. Two other subjects were identified with the help of social media and police investigation, and their arrests are imminent. Russo was turned over to Elmira City Police Department for two outstanding warrants. She is to appear in the Town of Big Flats court on April 26, 2018. The owners of Foster's thanked the public for their help. "It's funny how many people threw these criminals under the bus inorder to do the right thing," they wrote. "My phone went off all day with people coming forward to help out."