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  2. Trooper Injured In 2017 Crash Retires

    At a ceremony held on Friday, Trooper Craig Foglia officially entered into retirement. Trooper Foglia was seriously injured May 17th, 2017, while conducting a traffic stop on St-86, in the town of Campbell when his vehicle was struck from behind by 78 year old Kenneth Aukett of New Jersey. Auckett was charged with several traffic violations including reckless driving. He later plead guilty to those charges. Foglia was seriously injured and hospitalized at Strong Memorial Hospital for nearly two months. There, he was surrounded by his wife, Kristina, mother and father, sister Lanette, medical staff from Strong Hospital and his entire State Police family. he was released from the hospital on July 12 2017 but faced months of rehabilitation and recovery. At the time of the crash, Foglia was a 14 year veteran of the State Police. Troop Commander, Major Eric Laughton presented Craig his retirement shield before dozens of troopers and family members.
  3. The Elmira City Youth Court is currently having their membership drive for 2018. Training sessions will begin on Sunday, 10/14/18, and run for seven weeks with the Bar Exam being given the final week. Applicants must be in grades 7 – 11 and attend school and/or live in the Elmira area. Elmira Youth Court Court is an alternative to the criminal justice system for young people who have committed a crime or an offense. It was started in Elmira in 1997 as a proactive response to increasing juvenile crime. Rather than allow the situation to spiral out of control, Police Chief Michael Ciminelli and the Elmira City Council adopted the Youth Court Program which was then developed by Rick Kallenborn. Youth Court is a diversion program that gives first-time offenders a chance to avoid entering the criminal justice system or Family Court. It holds these youthful offenders accountable for their actions as they are judged by their peers. It also gives members an opportunity to work in the criminal justice system firsthand, prosecuting, defending, and judging the actions of their peers. The goal of Youth Court is to intervene in early anti-social, delinquent, and criminal behavior, and to reduce the incidence and prevent the escalation of such behavior. The Elmira Youth Court is one of the busiest in the state, handling more than 300 cases a year. If you are interested in becoming part of the Youth Court Team and would like to receive an application, please call the Elmira City Youth Court office at 607-737-5802. You may also email us with your questions or interest to lmiller@cityofelmira.net Applications must be returned no later than Friday, October 12th.
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  5. The Artist's Eye

    I love a good painting, especially a realistic portrayal. Actually, once upon a time I painted landscapes, getting so lost in the effort of creating art that I’d easily forget the time and when to eat. Sadly, I haven’t picked up my brush and oils in a few decades… though I used pen and ink to illustrate a few stories I’d written for my grandchildren a few years back. In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of abstract art, though I can appreciate various works of modern art among the different genres. Yet, each one of us views a painting, sculpture, or even a photo differently… because we “see” through our own heart, our own emotions, our own life experiences. That which may stir my thoughts and emotions with a depth of appreciation may do nothing for you at all. And that’s what art is meant to do – to stir our thoughts and emotions, perhaps leading us to recall another time and another place. A great work of art can transport us in thoughtful reverie as we ponder the meaning of the vision before us… taking us back in time to what once was… or stirring our imagination to envision something only a dream may hold. The artist’s work might convey a concept, an idea, a novelty… that which sparks our interest to understand better what the artist is trying to say or trying to elicit through our individuality. Good art should challenge us to think in a way we might not do otherwise. Good art can tear at our heartstrings and bring us to tears. It can incite anger at an injustice. It can elicit great joy within our soul. It can combine a dichotomy of powerful conflicting emotions. It can portray evil overcome by good. It can soothe the weary and distressed. And, it can even reflect a tremendous calming peace, a peace within the storms of life. A good painting can be likened to the beauty we see in the people around us. Each of us portrays an individual beauty, a uniqueness created by the Master Artist. We’re one of a kind, no duplicates. Even the world of nature exudes a seemingly immovable, yet ever-changing panorama which the Master Artist blessed us with. After He created each aspect of the world, our great God “saw that it was good.” (Genesis 1) And in our appreciation of nature, even the simplest perspectives excite emotions within us… as we observe brilliant sunshine lending both a glow and a shadow to life, the menacing darkness of gathering storm clouds, a brilliant colorful rainbow during or after the rain as the first rays of sun return, the fanning out of the sun’s rays from behind a cloud like fingers of God, the awesome display of stars and moon in brilliant light upon a black velvet tapestry, from the calm and peace of gentle waves to the roiling waters which batter a shore, from the awe of majestic mountain grandeur to the simplest flat or rolling land with grass gently waving in a slight breeze, to the colorful changes of the seasons… as these vistas elicit thoughts and emotions within our hearts and minds. And, though the world and people around us are seen individually, through our unique emotions, we see all as through the artist’s eye… The Artist’s Eye Linda A. Roorda In the artist’s eye is beauty beheld Within each scene perfection arrayed A haunting image that speaks to the heart A story told in visual display. ~ Facing blank canvas, brush poised in mid air A picture forms in the artist’s eye As ever gently stroke upon stroke The scene unfolds, its beauty to share. ~ From lighting bright to shadows darkened Lingering mirage or perspective clear Sentiments stir as we gaze upon The artist’s work from within the heart. ~ They say a picture is worth more than words And there are times words uttered alone Cannot convey the depth of feeling Where spoken voice the ambience missed. ~ For within our soul perception awaits The depths of which we don’t often plumb That we might enjoy designs unique By an Artist greater than humanity’s touch. ~ So we gaze upon the scene before us As emotions stir like brush on canvas For out of feelings tempered by life Colors are worked with passion displayed. ~ Thus, what the artist has framed for our gaze Reaches into the depth of our soul As image pondered gives rise to emotions Its secrets exposed through the eye of our heart. ~~ 02/13/15-02/15/15 All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without permission of author. ~~
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  7. Ithaca Police Investigating Bank Robbery

    A bit surprising that they don't even have grainy, wide angle security footage to release to the public.
  8. This one is not merely stupid , he is a Special Kind of STUPID ! Who the hell returns to the scene of thier own crime ... weapon in hand 🤦🏼‍♂️
  9. On Thursday at about 10:00 pm Ithaca Police Department officers responded to a apartment complex located at 150 West Village Place regarding the report of an assault. Officers arrived on scene and determine that a male subject had forced entry into an apartment while armed with a machete. While inside the apartment the suspect punched the occupant. The suspect demanded drugs and money from the occupant, and fled when the victim stated he had neither. The victim sustained a minor laceration to his hand from the machete during the altercation. While officers were investigating this complaint a second similar report came in. This second report was from an apartment in the 600 block of Chestnut Street, which is adjacent to 150 West Village Place. The victim in this second report advised that a subject carrying a machete entered her apartment and smashed her microwave. The victim stated the suspect fled prior to officers arriving on scene. While officers were formulating a plan to search the immediate area the suspect appeared back on scene and approached officers while still in possession of the machete. Officers on scene were able to safely disarm the subject and secure him in police custody without further incident. The suspect has been identified as Dakota Croak, a 20 year old resident of Ithaca. Croak was transported to the Ithaca Police Department for booking. Croak was later arraigned in Ithaca City Court on one charge of Burglary in the Second Degree, Menacing in the Second Degree, and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Fourth Degree. Croak was remanded to the Tompkins County Jail in lieu of $4,000 cash or $8,000 bond.
  10. Elmira Receives "Cities RISE" Grant

    Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood today announced the winners of the second phase of the Cities for Responsible Investment and Strategic Enforcement (“Cities RISE”) grant awards – which completes a more than $11 million investment over two years for neighborhood revitalization in cities and towns across New York State. Phase One, announced in June 2017, granted cities and towns a two-year subscription to a data platform designed to integrate and analyze data to strategically address blighted, vacant, or poorly maintained problem properties. Today’s new round of awards will provide municipalities with new resources and training to leverage their data into improved code enforcement practices and policy changes, and an opportunity to apply for innovation grants of up to $1 million to implement these strategies. Cities RISE Phase Two awardees include the cities of Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, White Plains, Elmira, Mount Vernon, Newburgh, Niagara Falls, Rochester, and Syracuse. “The Cities RISE program is helping communities address and transform the vacant, blighted properties that became all too prevalent following the housing crisis,” said Attorney General Underwood. “As a result of the funding secured by my office's settlements with the big banks, we’ve been able to invest in cities and towns across New York – and provide tools to rebuild and revitalize our neighborhoods.” Launched in April 2017, Cities RISE advances the Office of the Attorney General’s comprehensive strategy for helping New York families and communities continue to rebuild from the housing crisis. The original grantees of Phase One received a two-year subscription to a data platform designed to integrate and analyze data such as code enforcement records, tax liens, fire and police data to address and transform blighted, vacant, or poorly maintained problem properties. Phase Two of the program will continue to advance each municipality’s code enforcement initiatives through improved use of data and technologies, resources to leverage data into operations and policy changes, and support to help engage their communities in the process. The awardees will receive technical support from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and Tolemi – a social enterprise that created the BuildingBlocks platform used by all Cities RISE participants. Harvard and Tolemi will work together to provide municipalities with advice and training on how to leverage their data and evidence into operations and policy changes. City leaders, including mayors and supervisors, will participate in Harvard’s Executive Education Program in the summer of 2019 to discuss key problems in their municipalities, learn from each other’s plans to confront these challenges, and work towards developing new strategies and practices based on their own data-driven knowledge and community engagement process. Participating municipalities will also work closely with the Hester Street Collaborative, an urban planning, design, and development nonprofit. Hester Street will advise and provide training to each municipality in developing a feasible and effective community engagement process, including convening an advisory board of local stakeholders and hosting large-scale public meetings. The engagement process will allow municipalities to gain a better understanding of what is occurring on the ground and solicit input on what programs or operational changes will best help the community. During the course of the program, the 10 participating cities and towns will utilize knowledge gained from the data analysis, information gained from the Hester Street community engagement process, and technical support from Harvard and Tolemi to develop new and creative code enforcement strategies. In the summer of 2019, the participants will be eligible for innovation grants of up to $1 million to implement these strategic and equitable code enforcement practices. The initiative is being overseen by Enterprise Community Partners (Enterprise), a national community development intermediary that specializes in affordable housing and community revitalization. Cities RISE is one component of the New York Attorney General’s strategy to utilize funds resulting from settlements with large financial institutions to address continuing problems in New York communities as a result of the collapse of the housing market. Since 2012, the Attorney General’s Office has obtained more than $5 billion in settlement funds for New York State. With these funds, the office has supported several initiatives to address vacant properties and blight which continue to plague communities across New York State.
  11. Growing Ginseng In The Southern Tier

    Dang, I wish I would have known about this sooner ...
  12. East Side Farmers Market

    Eastside Farmers' Market Elmira, New York Local Farmers will be selling their seasonal produce, fresh eggs, meat, local honey, cheeses, maple syrup, jams, jellies, and more. There will be weekly entertainment from local artist and several non-profits will be in attendance throughout the season with informational and educational displays. The market accepts EBT/SNAP, Fresh Connect Checks and FMNP Senior and WIC Coupons. We are continually looking to expand the market with local farm and craft vendors as well as non-profit organizations. If you are interested in being a vendor at the East Side Farmers Market please contact Danielle Howie at 607-734-4453 ext. 216. The event is FREE and is located under the big red and white tent on the west lawn of the Holiday Inn Riverview (760 E Water Street Elmira, NY 14901).
  13. Arnot Health's Farmer’s Market

    Arnot Health's Farmer’s Market Arnot Health's Farmer’s Market will be held every other Friday from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. starting on June 16th and ending on October 6th in the Arnot Ogden Medical Center’s “Greenspace,” the shaded lawn on the west side of the facility grounds. The market will feature a bounty of locally grown produce and freshly prepared lunch options courtesy of the Turtle Leaf Café. Arnot Ogden Medical Center600 Roe AvenueElmira, NY 14905 11 a.m - 2 p.m.
  14. Police in Ithaca are still looking for a suspect who robbed a bank on Meadow Street. Yesterday at about 6:00 pm Ithaca Police Department officers responded to the Tompkins Trust Company bank, 775 South Meadow Street, regarding a bank robbery that had just occurred. Officers arrived on scene and determined that a male subject entered the bank, displayed a handgun while demanding money, and then fled the bank with an undisclosed amount of money. The Ithaca Police Department is asking for anyone with any information that would aid this investigation to contact the Ithaca Police Department.
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  16. Meet the Candidate - Tony Pucci

    Meet Tony Pucci, candidate for the Chemung County Legislature in the First District. Website: pucciforlegislature.com
  17. Meet the Candidate - Tony Pucci

    Meet Tony Pucci, candidate for Chemung County Legislature in the First District. Website: pucciforlegislature.com
  18. Meet the Candidate - Tony Pucci

    Meet Tony Pucci, candidate for Chemung County Legislature in the First District. Website: pucciforlegislature.com
  19. Meh ... not even interesting news anymore ! Same old “ din’t See’s nuttin “ .
  20. On Wednesday at around 4:52 pm, the Elmira Police Department responded to the area of Brick Pond on Sullivan Street for several reports of a disturbance involving a large group of people and numerous gun shots. Upon arrival, officers observed several people fleeing from the area in different directions. Officers observed one adult Elmira male to throw an unknown item into Brick Pond as officers were approaching him. The male also appeared to have an injury which did not appear to be from a gunshot according to police. The male advised that he had been “cut” but would not cooperate any further. New York State Parole was requested to the scene as this male is currently on NYS Parole. Police say no further details will be provided about the injury or the identity of the male at this time. The New York State Police Dive Team was requested to the scene in order to search the pond in an attempt to identify/locate the item(s) discarded in the pond. No other injuries have been reported to the police at this time and the matter is still under investigation. Police ask that anyone with information about the incident is requested to call the Elmira Police Department at (607) 737-5626 or leave a message on the anonymous tip line at (607) 271-HALT.
  21. Would You If You Could?

    If someone told you that you could go back in time to a day of your choice and change it, would you? I asked one of my sisters that question and she immediately answered "No, I have no regrets". "I'm not talking about regrets" I said, "Is there any one day or incident that you would change if you could"? Her answer remained a firm "no". For me one moment in particular came to mind, a snowy day in January, 1978. "I would have left the laundry soap in the car" I told her. "Regret is a waste of time" she said. I didn't see it that way at the time but Sis was right, I was talking about regret. January, 1978, was a very snowy month and another storm had hit the area two or three days prior to that day so there was still a foot plus of snow on the ground. I was unloading the car after shopping for our second son's first birthday celebration. Maintainence for the apartment complex where we living had still not cleared the sidewalks so I was being careful. All bags were in the house except for the laundry soap. "Leave it" my husband said, "I'll bring it up later". I should have listened. While carrying that single bottle back to the apartment I slipped and fell. I don't know what happened because I didn't feel anything. There was enough snow to cushion my fall and all I was aware of was the loud pop I heard echo through the apartment buildings. Evidently, that was the sound of breaking bones. When I tried to get up I found I couldn't move. I tried a couple of times but I just couldn't move and I didn't know why. Luckily someone saw me fall and my struggle to move and the next thing I know Hubby's kneeling by me telling me not to move. My ankle was shattered and the two bones above the ankle were broke. I can still see the faces of my two little boys watching from the bedroom window as I was loaded into the ambulance. Their tears broke my heart. In the operating room they told me my toes were where my heel should have been. I was in a cast up to my hip from January until July and then a cast from the knee down until September. That was nothing compared to the fact that I missed my son's first birthday. To add further insult to injury, two weeks prior to the accident I had interviewed for a position as a nurse at the Elmira Psych Center. The call that the position was mine came while I was in the hospital so I had to decline the offer. Thinking about the four surgeries, bone grafts, many, many casts and knowing I have not had a pain free day in 40 years because of that accident I was positive. "Yep, the laundry soap would have stayed in the car that day", that's the moment I would have changed. But then I started thinking about how my life and that of my family's might have been different if I changed that moment all those years ago. Working at the Psych Center meant I wouldn't have taken the various jobs through the years working with several different lawyers, which in turn eventually led me to my last position as a Court Clerk. I would have met and worked with different people. I wouldn't have met my youngest son's wife who also worked at the same municipality. If I hadn't met her my son wouldn't have either and we wouldn't have the two wonderful grandchildren they gave us including our only granddaughter. So many little things that would have changed that I couldn't even realize or the effects those changes would cause. If I had been able to accept that position at the Psych Center I believe that eventually the home we bought would have been a different home. Our boys would have grown up in a different neighborhood, met different friends, probably worked at different jobs. It's also possible my other sons may not have met the wonderful women they would eventually marry. So many things probably would have changed, some minor but some could have been major and definitely life altering, possibly not at all positive. Changes that could have been much worse than a few broken bones. The difficulties we have dealt with through the years resulting from that snowy January day have made us the family we are now. My sons grew up seeing their father cooking, cleaning, doing dishes and laundry every time I was recovering from another surgery or was in a cast. He has always been and continues to be my helpmate. To this day he's always concerned about me falling. I'd like to believe that in some small way my sons are the caring, loving, hands on husbands and fathers they are because of the example set by their Dad through the years. I will admit to having many "why me" moments through the years and will probably have more of them in the years to come. I try to keep to myself during those moments because I will admit to sometimes being a bit irritable. Hubby always knows when I'm having a bad day. On the plus side I always know when it's going to rain or snow and that can come in handy. I have often joked that in a past life I was a very mean, unpleasant diva ballet dancer who is paying for her actions in this lifetime. Was that day just a random accident or did things happen exactly the way they were supposed to happen? A long time ago someone once told me that everything happens for a reason and I've come to believe that is true. I was wrong when I told my sister I wasn't talking about regrets because that's exactly what I was feeling. Regret for a choice I made on that long ago day and the consequences of that decision. I will admit Sis had more wisdon than I did at that time. Regrets are a waste of time and I now try not to let that emotion into my life. Despite the daily aching joints and difficulty walking most days, I wouldn't change that day or any other. All those days, moments and choices through the years have led me to where and who I am right this moment. It may not be a perfect life but it has been and continues to be a good life shared with those I love most. If offered the opportunity to go back in time and change any one day or moment of my choice my answer would also be a firm "no thank you". Have you ever had one of those moments? What would you do? All rights reserved.
  22. Reed Announces Affordable Housing Grants For Elmira

    Just as convenient as the announcements (complete with photo ops and handshakes) of the sales of the buildings on Lake St and Baldwin.
  23. I couldn't get your link to work. http://www.christophercallas.com
  24. Reed Announces Affordable Housing Grants For Elmira

    Conveniently timed?
  25. He's been campaigning all Summer from what I can tell. I thought he was a Democrat and didn't have a primary opponent. But then I also thought he'd already alsonnounced his candidacy before last night as well, so...
  26. Southport Man Arrested On Criminal Nuisance Charges

    Wait ... he’s out hunting a dog on the streets of Southport ? The dog was chasing chickens in Southport ?! He gets himself charged for Criminal Nuisance for protecting his neighbors chickens ...” hello , Animal Control , I would like to report “ ... ! Yeah , that would have been the way to go !
  27. Am I guessing correctly that he's looking for write-in votes? I'm not clear on how this works. I don't see where it says what line he's running on...and after the primary seems a little late to get on any party ticket.
  28. Pretty cool idea. Sadly, it will probably be the only place some of those kids will get taught nutrition by example.
  29. Southport Man Arrested On Criminal Nuisance Charges

    I understand the need to protect the livestock, but dude...
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