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  2. The cast was pretty happy with their opening night review last night, and as luck would have it someone was there to catch the moment for me: It's stuff like that which makes it all worthwhile. Gave me a smile ear to ear. They did a fantastic job again tonight. I really was hoping someone was recording it but our son doesn't think they were. Probably something to do with licensing I'd bet. I'm proud of each and every one of them.
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  4. New Restaurant Coming To Arnot Mall

    Well, it's not something available at the mall right now but personally, think we have enough BBQ places. Best of luck to them though.
  5. A Stitch In Time

    Thank you Linda. It's one of my favorites.
  6. A Stitch In Time

    I remember reading this before, Ann, but absolutely enjoyed reading this again. I love this story
  7. General Local Politics Chat

    I am told this morning we could see nearly a dozen new candidates step up for various legislative seats across the county. This is gonna be one hell of a year. ( Hellooooo carpal tunnel syndrome. )
  8. A catch all for discussion about this upcoming elections in Chemung County.
  9. WELLSBORO, PA -Several family members watched everything they owned go up in flames as a fire rapidly spread through their large 117-year-old home on Arnot Road in Charleston Township Thursday evening. The home located at 4933 Arnot Road is owned by Laura Jean McIntyre and all together four adults and one child called this old house their home. According to McIntyre she had just gotten home and sat down to rest, when she noticed something out the corner of her eye, when she glanced over she saw flames near the dog's cage and she quickly moved to open the cage to let the dog out, as she called out to warn the rest of the family that there was a fire. McIntyre was able to get everyone up and safely out of the burning home, including her elderly parents who lived in the apartment upstairs in the same home. Although everyone made it out, several animals were sadly lost in the blaze. The fire was reported at 11:50PM on Thursday, March 22, 2018. Flames and smoke could be seen a mile away from the Cherry Flats Road. Firefighters from Wellsboro, Mansfield, and Middlebury,, were the first to be called out to house fire. Later, Blossburg units and Elkland units were also present at the fire scene, as water stages were set up to help fire crews battle the large blaze. One fill site was staged along the Cherry Flats Road just past the Gas Company Road. By 6:10AM fire crews finally had the fire out after battling it for nearly 6 and half hours in temperatures in the mid-twenties and a strong wind blowing throughtut the entire time crews worked. Crews still had to remain on scene for a time to clean up and they were finally cleared to return to their station by 6:43AM. The American Red Cross was contacted and will be assisting the family during this time.
  10. A Stitch In Time

    I started this piece of embroidery early August, 1973. At that time I was a young 19-year-old bride of 7 months living in Iceland with my husband who was stationed at the Naval Base at Grindavek. We did not qualify for base housing so we lived in an apartment in Keflavik. I absolutely loved the whole experience and totally embraced the new adventure of living in a different country. Our apartment was modest but the view from our living room window was priceless; the Atlantic Ocean in all it’s glory and I remember thinking I’d never take that view for granted or forget. I shopped at the local stores, including going to the fish market every day for the catch of the day. Our mail came through the military base but I’d stop at the local Post Office just to visit with any one who was there at the time. Conversation was never a problem once it was apparent I was an American; they were as fascinated about Americans as I was about them. Our neighbors were wonderful, friendly people who always welcomed us into their homes with such hospitality and graciousness. Icelandic was not easy to speak but I did my best and was never made to feel foolish when I inevitably butchered their language. I’d receive smiles from the shop keepers or the person I was speaking with and then they would help with the words and phrasing. Since the winter nights were so long in Iceland you would have many different hobbies to help keep you busy. A neighbor introduced me to the art of embroidery and instead of starting out with something simple as she suggested I picked this ambitious piece. It was so large that I had to use a standing frame to hold the piece. She told me that as I worked my tapestry the back should be as neat as the front so I began working slowly and carefully. When it was time to return to the States I only had a small portion done but I wasn’t worried, I was young and had plenty of time to get it finished. Time, however, had other ideas and before I knew it 5 years had gone by and I hadn’t touched my tapestry. I remember setting up my frame and working on the tapestry, watching my toddlers play as I carefully stitched away. I’d set it aside then return to work on it every so often. Life happens, you get busy, and before I knew it more years passed by so quickly. It was not finished when my Dad died in 1982 at the age of 47. At that time I had just about completed the left half of the tapestry to the lady’s shoulders. I no longer had the heart to work on my tapestry so I packed everything up and put it away in the attic. More years passed so quickly and before I knew it our sons had graduated High School and eventually left home to start their own lives. Sometime during the mid 1990’s I was going through photo albums and came across pictures of our time in Iceland. Seeing those photos reminded me of my tapestry packed away in the attic all those years ago. I found it, set up my frame, and again began working on my tapestry. Watching my needle go in and out, filling each space with colored yarn, I gradually realized that when I was working on my tapestry I didn’t think about anything else. Concentrating on each stitch relaxed my mind. I worked slowly, trying to complete my stitches so that the back of the tapestry was as neat as the front, just as my friend from so long ago advised. I changed jobs during this time period so again work on my tapestry was haphazard at best but I kept it close at hand. Again the years flew by and before I knew it, we had celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Our sons married giving us daughters and within a couple of years we were blessed with the arrival of our grandchildren. There were parties, holidays, celebrations and sometimes painful goodbyes to more loved ones. Health scares, happy times, harsh words, not so happy times, tears and laughter. So much simple day-to-day life happened as I worked on my tapestry every now and then, stitch by stitch. By April, 2010, my tapestry was almost finished except for several rows in the upper right hand corner. Mom died April 14th that year, and though I still can’t explain why, this urgency came over me to finish my tapestry. I quickly realized I didn’t have enough of the colored yarn for that section of my tapestry so off to Michaels I went, sample in hand, to try to match the color. I wasn’t able to match it exactly but I did find a color that was close enough. To this day, when I look at my tapestry I can see the color difference in that section and I am always reminded of Mom. When I told my husband it was done and showed him the completed piece he praised my work. While the back wasn’t as neat as my long ago Icelandic friend said it should be, he made me feel as if I were Monet and had completed a masterpiece. He told me we had to have it properly framed and that’s what he did. We took it to a professional framer and I remember how excited the gentleman was to work with such a large piece of embroidery. “You don’t see pieces like this very often these days” he said and recommended the use of conservator glass to protect the colors of my tapestry from fading due to sunlight. It took time to pick out the wooden frame and the colors of the matte finish to compliment the colors in my embroidery. I don’t know why, but I remember shedding some tears on the drive home the day we picked up the finished piece from the framer’s shop. Seven years later my tapestry hangs on our bedroom wall and as I look at it I realize that each stitch, from start to finish, represents 37 years of my life. I’m reminded of our time in Iceland, the early years of our marriage, the births of our children and their growing years. I look at different parts of my tapestry and I’m able to remember certain events in my life both happy and sorrowful. Until I started this story, however, I also realize that I never really saw the beauty of the piece as my husband did. What I saw was failure because it took so many years to complete something that I had started so very long ago. Not any more. My tapestry represents a life….mine. I am as much a part of that tapestry as the colored yarn that makes up the picture because looking at it now, I remember my desire to create something beautiful when I selected this very ambitious piece all those years ago. Viewing it with different eyes, I also see that it contains my hopes and dreams through all those long years. There is heartache, joy and life in my tapestry. Different parts of the picture hold the tears I sometimes cried while working, soaking into the yarn and becoming a permanent part of my tapestry. My tapestry has absorbed all the love shared during those 37 years, and I now see, as my husband always did, something of beauty, something that holds a part of me in each and every stitch. I accomplished my desire of long ago to create something beautiful and despite time I did it…..one stitch at a time.
  11. New Restaurant Coming To Arnot Mall

    Shoppers at the Arnot Mall will soon have another choice of place to eat beginning later this Spring. Hometown Teams BBQ will open for business in May in the mall's food court in the former Arby's location next to the arcade. According to their Facebook page, Hometown Teams BBQ will be a "family style" restaurant with a local sports team theme. Owner Don Lewis says Hometown Teams BBQ will work with local sports teams to give back to the community.
  12. Question The Candidates

    With nearly every legislative district being contested, this year's election cycle will no doubt be one for the books. Voters across the county will potentially change the direction and future of Chemung County. ElmiraTelegram.com is looking to be the community's source of information to make the best decision on Election Day and needs your help. If you can ask the candidates just one question, what would it be?
  13. I've heard nothing but good reviews about it
  14. The things people will steal amazes me still.
  15. There is no effing way I am going to be able to get an infographic put together with all of these candidates.
  16. West Elmira Police Department announce the arrest of 40 year old Angela A. Smith of Lindley, NY after she was located with more than $845.00 worth of stolen property from the Dollar General Store located at 1808 W Water Street in West Elmira. More than 245 Items which had been stolen were recovered. Angela Smith will answer the Criminal Charge of Petit Larceny in the Town of Elmira Court on April 11, 2018.
  17. The field of candidates seeking a seat on the Chemung County Legislature has grown even more as candidate Peter Keenan has announced his intention to run for the County's 12th District Legislative seat. The 12th District Is comprised of the City of Elmira and parts of the Town of Southport. Keenan, an Elmira native, will face incumbent Paul Collins. On his Facebook page, Keenan describes himself as a "progressive activist" stating the the current county legislature represents the interest of the County Executive, not the constituents. According to his website, he believes all Chemung County Legislative meetings should be recorded and made available online for public viewing and that legislators should be required to hold district meetings at least once a quarter. He also plans to take on issues such as the county's opioid epidemic and expanding the local economy through exploring renewable energy. Keenan will hold an event on Saturday March 24th at Horigans in Elmira to kick off his campaign. The event begins at 1 pm. To learn more, go to http://www.votepeterkeenan.org
  18. I showed this to everyone, we were all blown away. We are all so happy to be able to preform for the community, and love every moment of it!
  19. I'm not a huge fan of musical outside of a few classics and my Spanish is limited to what I picked up when the boys were little and watched "Dora The Explorer". But this was not just good, it was damned good. Good enough I'm going to go see it again. I'm proud of our son, but I am also proud of every single one of those kids for what they've done. I was f**ing blown away.
  20. It was a good time watching these young folks tonight . Obviously a lot of hard work and dedication here !!
  21. Elmira's South Main Street became "The Great White Way" for a couple hours this evening as the Elmira High School Footlighters opened their presentation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony Award winning musical, "In The Heights". "In The Heights" tells the story of a vibrant community in New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood – a place where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet, the windows are always open, and the breeze carries the rhythm of three generations of music. It’s a community on the brink of change, full of hopes, dreams and pressures, where the biggest struggles can be deciding which traditions you take with you, and which ones you leave behind. This wasn't just your ordinary high school play. The students have been working on this presentation daily for months now, and it showed. When a performer, any performer, takes the stage, a transformation happens with the sound of that first note or the rise of the curtain. Tonight, a group of high school students turned the O'Dell Theater into a neighborhood in New York. Immediately, I was struck by the appearance of the actors. With their maturity and onstage presence, it was easy to forget these are high school students. They weren't just reciting their characters' lines, they were the residents of Washington Heights. Add to that the cadence and style of Miranda's writing, and it's even more impressive. I cannot imagine how hard they worked to get such a rock solid performance. Of course being a musical, one must be able to act and sing. No shortage of talent there either. To try and single out one or two actor's vocals would be far too difficult, they were all that good. The amount of soul each put into their singing was mind blowing. The set was perfect in it's simplicity. Any more would have been unnecessary, and really a distraction from the performance. The lighting and use of the props on stage set each scene perfectly. The entire performance was roughly two hours, although it certainly felt a lot shorter. If you missed tonight's performance, you have one more chance to not only see a true Broadway performance and support some of the youth in our community. "In The Heights" will be presented again Saturday evening at 7pm at Elmira High School's O'Dell Theater. Tickets are available by calling 735-3288 or at the door. The cost is $10 for adults, $5 for students, and worth every penny.
  22. Last week
  23. They're not called "useful idiots" for nothing.
  24. Seemed like a good idea at the time, I guess.
  25. I posted this in the School shooting topic, but it fits here too... By the way, David, you're correct that being prohibited from sporting the backpack of choice is a violation of rights that falls loosely under First Amendment 'expression' . And hey Mr Constitutional Genius.... There is also the right to be "secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects" that's a whole Amendment by itself And violating civil right is indeed disgusting...First, Second, Fourth, Fifth....all of them.
  26. Today Chemung County Sheriff Deputies arrested 41 year-old John C. Grantham of Elmira Heights, NY for Promoting Prison Contraband in the 1st Degree, a Class D Felony, and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 7th Degree, a Class A Misdemeanor. Police say Grantham was found to be in possession of an unknown quantity of crystal meth after being transported to the Chemung County Jail from a court arraignment. Grantham was arraigned by Elmira City Court and is scheduled to appear back in court at a later date.
  27. The vegetable spoon....you know, the one with holes in it?
  28. Thanks Mahatma ... dad always said I was the sharpest spoon in the drawer !
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