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  2. The Stalwart

    The old red barn stood tall on an open flat, alone against the gray sky, testament to a long life. It had weathered countless storms, looking only a little worn with wear and with a few repairs… another great photo by my friend Kathy’s husband, Hugh Van Staalduinen. And once again, the picture painted a thousand words that raced through my thoughts. As we celebrated my husband’s 65th birthday in June, that barn seemed to be the perfect illustration of Ed’s character over the years. In fact, the day I saw the photo, and wrote this poem in a couple hours, I was waiting to bring him home from yet another hospitalization. Stalwart, steadfast and true, he’s remained standing no matter what life has sent his way. Oh, sure he’s aged, with just a few repairs; but, like that barn, he’s faced many storms head on, never bending to the winds attempting to shake his foundation. He’s remained firm with his faith in the Lord, resting secure in God’s provision and love. Yet, it hasn’t always been easy. There have been some serious storms that sent waves crashing against him… and against us as a couple. Despite some plain old-fashioned trials, dashed hopes causing great disappointments, the loss of a daughter, and his losses of sight, physical strength and ability, he’s overcome those trials with an inner strength and peace that comes from his faith in the Lord. Through each difficulty, his and our faith has grown stronger, for we’ve learned “[We] can do all things through [Christ] who strengthens [us]” (Philippians 4:13) As I’ve said many times before, James 1:2-4 says it so well, even though we don’t want to welcome another difficult challenge. “Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.” Being “strong in the Lord and in His mighty power” (Ephesians 6:10-13) is the foundation on which we survive great storms and come out standing. (Proverbs 10:25) Just like that barn in Hugh’s photo. If we have a good foundation on the solid rock (Godly wisdom), weathered by time (experience), the structure (our character) will stand tall… and prove stalwart and unwavering. The Stalwart Linda A. Roorda Stalwart and stoic through the test of time Facing the world to weather life’s storms Meeting head on whatever befalls Humbly proclaiming, steadfast I stand. ~ Bringing together nature’s harmony Weathered and worn, reliably true Dependably there to meet others’ needs Asking for nothing but structural care. ~ Like the pioneers who settled this land And carved their place from wilderness wild, Weathered by nature midst elements raw They kept life sheltered from all threats and harm. ~ Without proper care, wood planks become warped Foundations fail without wisdom’s base. Oh, can’t you see! The meaning is clear! How like old barns are patriarchs wise. ~ Learning through hardship true wisdom is gained Taking a stand for what matters most, Sometimes enduring alone in the crowd Serene and secure midst turmoil and storm. ~ God bless the stalwart, unwavering friend Who braves the path no matter the storm. Of foe unafraid, on wisdom standing Steadfast and loyal with comforting peace. ~~ 01/06/17 All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without permission of author. "Poetic Devotions" offers faith-based poetry and everyday devotions of praise by Linda Roorda. See more at her site HERE
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  4. At this point yes , that’s great . I was thinking more about after the whole thing is up and running . Again I hope to be proven wrong but remain skeptical about Elmira’s leaders ability to cooperate with the developer , the Brewery and other buisness’s looking to set up in the finished project .
  5. I think it's promising there's been a good deal of local firms and people working on the project up to this point.
  6. Please do not think of this as being negative as it it not meant to be .... Due to Elmira’s dealings with so called developers in the past I remain skeptical but hopeful for this project to come to fruition . As to the Brewery ... Great , glad to see it happen but given Elmira’s being not so small buisness friendly I wish them all the luck ! As to the other planned amenities , some changes need to be made with the current , let’s call it atmosphere , with respect to safety or well being of those who would like to frequent such a place . Frequent being the keyword for the finished project in that it may start out as the greatest thing to hit the City but must sustain that customer frequency to be successful or even survive ! I’m going to catch some flack here but I’m just being realistic when I say there is an element in the City that looks on this project as an “opportunity “ , an easy mark if you will , not as a way for Elmira to grow and prosper . It will take very few incidents from the local , insert your own descriptive , to get up to their particular brand of hijinx ( sp) and customer frequency will drop to the point of this well intended bright spot receiving a black eye . Again just my opinion ( hoping to be proven wrong ) !
  7. West Elmira Police Arrest Two On Drug Charges

    That's twice this week that an observant citizen called something in that got drugs off the street. Nice job folks !
  8. On January 14, 2018, around 1:40 AM, the West Elmira Police Department responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Evergreen Ave in the Town of Elmira after a concerned neighbor had called police. When police arrived they found it was occupied by two people. An investigation into the vehicle and subjects led to the recovery of Methamphetamine, LSD, Amphetamines, several hypodermic needles and drug Paraphernalia. 22 year old Autumn Diorio and 26 year old Danial Sargent, both of Horseheads, were charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 5th Degree, a Felony. Both subjects were arraigned in the Town of Elmira Court and remanded to the Chemung County Jail in lieu of $10,000 cash or $20,000 property bond. The West Elmira Police Department encourages anyone who observes suspicious activity or vehicles loitering in their neighborhood to call Law Enforcement. The West Elmira Police department was assisted by the Elmira City Police Department and the Horseheads Village Police Department.
  9. Letters to You

    I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but we don’t write letters like we used to. I know I don’t. We phone, email, text, tweet, IM, or whatever it takes to converse in an instant… There was a time I regularly wrote letters to friends, and to my grandmother. Every week Grammy heard all about my growing pains and insecurities as a teen, all about adventures in my marriage as a farmer’s wife - gardening, learning to can and freeze food for the winter assisted by the gift of her invaluable book, “Rodale’s Organic Gardening”, and extensive sewing for my family. She heard all about my babies, her great-grands, as they grew up, always sending some small picture from a magazine or the front of a greeting card so that my “little ones” would have something special from her in the mail, too. I miss my grandmother… her Dutch accent coming through a mixture of English and Dutch words, but I especially miss her insight and wisdom filling those letters. I always looked forward to them, and I often wish I could reread the treasures of her letters just once more. I’ve read letters from the slower-paced Colonial and Victorian eras on through the modern 20th century - from friend to friend, farmer diaries while researching my genealogy, tender voices in love, those written during war from the battlefield to the family back home, or from the home fires bringing cheer to a weary soldier… each carrying messages from the heart. Nowadays, life is so hectic for all of us. It seems I’m always on the go, cramming work, appointments, hobbies, household chores, and so much more into 16-18 hour days. It’s a different kind of busy from when our children were growing up. We have all our modern conveniences, but do we really get more done? Sometimes, slowing down a pace, and taking time to keep in touch with our friends and loved ones adds a bit more meaning to our busy days. Letters or cards that we write or receive, or even an email with a personal touch, bring a smile to brighten someone’s day. There’s a special meaning conveyed in the written word when we take pen in hand, or type an email. Sharing kindness by simply taking the time to express our personal thoughts is to know how deeply we can touch a heart… especially when illness or a few too many miles separate us. For there’s something we cherish about a personal handwritten letter that carries the fingerprint of joy as we hold the tangible evidence of love in our hands… from one heart to another. Now… where’s that pen? Letters To You Linda A. Roorda Letters written from my heart to yours Thoughts of the past, reflections of life Conveying a love enriched by words With comfort and peace midst turmoil and din. ~ Taking the time to contemplate worth Words begin flight, your heart to touch, A tribute preserved forever in ink With treasured purpose in message borne. ~ Through words expressed we feel the love When distance claims your presence afar As swirling ideas echo in thoughts To find release through pen in hand. ~ They speak of days now long forgotten Reminding of trials we somehow overcame. They pause to reflect on issues of the day Leading the way to cathartic journey. ~ In letters written as the heart pours out Joy is expressed to bless another, Testament is given of God’s tender care That others may know encouragement’s voice. ~ For by our words we unveil our soul Our deepest thoughts midst fears and blessings, A sharing of self that entwines our lives In letters written from my heart to yours. ~~ 08/20/17 All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without permission of author. ~~ "Poetic Devotions" offers faith-based poetry and everyday devotions of praise by Linda Roorda. See more at her site HERE.
  10. Since many of you live out this way- Meals on Wheels for Chemung County needs a person to deliver once a week in the Lowman/Chemung/Waverly area, around 11am. Very rural areas, 4wd would be handy. The volunteer will deliver one styrofoam chest to 4-5 locations. Mileage reimbursement may be available. Please call M-F between 8-2:30. 734-9535
  11. Congrats! I see some names of kids whose parents I know, it's nice to see such natural leaders emerging in our area.
  12. Bradford Woman Arrested For Child Endangerment

    Am I reading that she was drunk in her house, and her kid called 911 on her?
  13. A great example of “actions speak louder than words”.
  14. Nominate A Community Star !

    There's great people in the community going above and beyond every day. We want to recognize them and say "thank you". If you have someone you want to nominate as your Community Star, send their name and a few sentences about why you're nominating them to us at elmiratelegram@gmail.com.
  15. Elmira High School Christopher Krantz is the latest Community Star for his "hands on" approach to leadership. "This morning while dropping our son off at school, I noticed a woman and man cleaning ice and snow off the curb in front of the high school," writes Chris Sherwood of Lowman. "The man was dressed in khaki pants, dress shoes... business attire', breaking up and shoveling away the Winter mess." "I asked our son who the guy was and he said it was the principal, Mr. Krantz. I've always thought a good leader is someone who sees something that needs to be done and jumps in to do it. There's no such thing as 'not my job'. Seeing that this morning impressed me, and it also serves as a great example to the students." Sherwood says he doesn't know the identity of the woman who was helping Krantz, but appreciates her effort as well.
  16. Our neighbor did this for years before he died. I never got on board with it mostly because the habitat the pheasants need just isn't around anymore. Also, the mortality rate of those birds was ridiculously high. They'd congregate along the road where the younger drivers found it amusing to swerve and hit them. What they didn't get, the damn Hawks quickly learned there was a smorgasbord waiting for them. They'd circle his field constantly it seemed.
  17. Resident Tip Leads To Drug Arrest In Elmira

    This is exactly what people need to be doing. Shine the light on the criminals and they won't be back.
  18. A child’s call from a private residence to Steuben Co. 911 has resulted in the arrest of a Bradford woman. On January 12, 2018, the New York State Police at Bath were dispatched to the residence of Gina Dickinson, age 46, in the town of Bradford. Investigation revealed that Dickson was unable to properly care for a child who was present at the residence, due to an extremely high level of impairment. Dickinson was charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child, a class "A" Misdemeanor, and was arraigned in the town of Bath Court and released on her own recognizance. She is scheduled to reappear in the town of Bradford Court on 02/05/18. Steuben County Child Protective Services assisted in the investigation.
  19. According to a report from the Steuben County Sheriff's Department, deputies arrested Anthony S. Ocasio, age 29, of Cameron on Tuesday for assault in the third degree and criminal obstruction of breathing. Police say that Ocasio subjected another person to a series of intentional acts of choking and biting, over a two day period, causing physical injury to that person. Ocasio was arraigned in the Bath Town Court and remanded to the Steuben County Jail in lieu of $5,000 cash bail or $10,000 property bond. He is scheduled to reappear on January 23rd, 2018 in the Cameron Town Court.
  20. The 2018 City of Elmira Youth Court Induction Ceremony took place Wednesday evening at City Hall in Elmira. Eighty-three youths applied to become members of the City of Elmira Youth Court, with fifty-four completing a rigorous selection process which included seven weeks of training, a challenging Bar Examination and a competitive interview process. Last night the following thirty-seven students were inducted into Elmira City Youth Court: Brooke Argetsinger Kurt Golden Gabrielle Mattoon Cameron Sherwood Brooke Benjamin Isabella Griffin Olivia Menner Gavin Shoemaker Matthew Benjamin Jhamez Harper Ava Mustico Owen Stewart Liz Buck Sophia Herrick Allison O’Brien Riley VanDeusen Paityn Chorney Jaydan Jackson Juliet Poole Taylor VanDine Ethan Cleary Abigail Lambert Tejasvi Rajbabu Eshwar Venkataswamy Nadia Cuyle-Cady Hannah Lambert Natasia Reynolds Kathryn Welliver Molly Demember Gwendolynn Lutz Natalie Rose Stephen D’Ortona McKenna Malone Liam Scarselletta Morgan Earl Shannon Maloney Tilly Shepherd
  21. The Chemung County Buildings and Grounds Department is now accepting applications for seasonal employment. Laborers are needed at Harris Hill, Park Station and the Fairgrounds. Laborers must be at least 18 years old. Lifeguards are needed at Harris Hill and Park Station. Lifeguards must be at least 16 years of age by June 17, must have current working papers and be certified as a lifeguard or willing to become certified. There are minimal positions available for the Lifeguard Mentoring Program. You must be at least 15 years old by June 17, to be accepted into the Lifeguard Mentoring Program. Employment applications are available Here. Applications should be forwarded to the Chemung County Buildings and Grounds Department, 217 Madison Avenue, Elmira, NY 14901. For additional information, contact the Buildings and Grounds Department/ Parks Department at 607-737-2843.
  22. Correction: He was THE brewmaster. Best wishes for a great hometown presence in Elmira. I was just talking to the owner at Finger Lakes House and he had alluded to this, but I didn't realize it was Pat. Very happy for him and for our community.
  23. Resident Tip Leads To Drug Arrest In Elmira

    handsome lad isn't it
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