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    I bet. Growing up, I had a bunch of nostalgic ornaments I looked forward to pulling out each year. As an adult, my parents basement flooded and they ended up throwing everything out. That was like a gut punch. Now my favorite ornament is a memorial one of my Dad that hangs near the top each year, looking over our holiday festivities. I would throw everything out the window if that was ever lost.
  3. Traditions & Memories

    Thanks Mary. I wasn't sure I was going to publish it. Seriously though, I was a wreck until it was found lol.
  4. Google Ads

    I really wanted to see what the site could generate in about a week, but I just couldn't deal with how awful it looked.
  5. A friend of mine had hers as well. Senseless and stupid.
  6. Traditions & Memories

    Very touching story.
  7. Gift Wrapped

    Nice nostalgic write up, Linda, Thanks for sharing.
  8. Google Ads

    I read a couple bloggers who have ads show up and it is so annoying.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Gift Wrapped

    LOL - that's quite ok Ann I do that too! and I remember all that too. Hope you got your gifts all wrapped perfectly
  11. Gift Wrapped

    Rope should be "people". Fingers itching to get wrapping done lol
  12. Gift Wrapped

    The true reason for the season. I had forgotten how stores would have Christmas music playing in the background as rope shopped. I also remember how the air was filled with voices greeting everyone with Merry Christmas. Thank you for vsharing.
  13. Traditions & Memories

    You remember correctly son.
  14. Google Ads

    It was a surprise to see them here . But figured you were experimenting .
  15. Conwell's Laserwash Davis St. Elmira

    That’s “Good Buisness “ right there !
  16. Google Ads

    Nope, screw that. I can't seem to control where the ads go and what the content is. It's not worth the dollar a day or whatever I was on track to make. ( 0.57 since midnight or so). If things with hosting get out of control I'll re-consider it, maybe make them visible to Guest users, revisit crowd sourcing or something. But for now it's dirt cheap and those ads were completely ruining the look of the site for me.
  17. Joy - Wonder - Light...

    Now, in mid-December, the days are short. Our part of the earth has tilted nearly as far as it can from the sun. But never fear, the darkness is about to be overcome by light once again. The winter solstice will occur in another week. Sociologists suggest that primitive tribes were so terrorized by the vanishing light that they performed rites designed to propitiate the gods into bringing back the sun. But could our assumptions be wrong? Perhaps the early people knew well the earth’s cycles, and possibly the rites were more in the nature of thanksgiving for the regularity of those cycles. One story that I have from Dragons In The Water by Madeleine L’Engle*, has the Elder from a Venezuelan tribe as part of this conversation: “When the great golden disc raised itself clear of the mountain the chanting became a triumphal, joyful song………………..She asked, ‘Are you here every morning?’ He nodded, smiling. ‘It is part of my duties as the chief of the Quitzanos.’ ‘To help the sun rise?’ ‘That is my work.’ ‘It would not rise without you?’ ‘Oh yes, it would rise. But as we are dependent on the sun for our crops, for our lives, it is our courtesy to give the sun all the help in our power ----and our power is considerable…..We believe’, the old man said quietly, ‘that everything is dependent on everything else. The sun does not rise in the sky in loneliness; we are with him. The moon would be lost in isolation if we did not greet her with song. The stars dance together, and we dance with them.’” Currently some people have Solstice parties for fun, but perhaps also still in gratitude, to celebrate that in the dead of winter, light begins to return. I know that I am really glad when it does. We are a week and a few days away from Christmas. The evergreen wreath is on the front door, the tree is in process, a mix of Christmas and winter music is on the CD player and the aroma of baking cookies permeates the house. The fruit cakes are finally baked, (I can hear from afar, the moans of the fruitcake Grinches), doused with B&B Liqueur and stored away for a few weeks. Christmas cards have been coming ---- a few every day. Ours are not ready and I’m guessing they won’t find their way to most mail boxes until after Christmas Day. Since the twelve days of Christmas follow the 25th ---- it’s still Christmas when we finally get them out ---- usually, that is. One year it was well into January. Most patient people give us until Valentine’s Day before calling to see if we are OK. But to those of you who read this essay: MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS. It is interesting that there is currently so much controversy over “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays”. I think it comes from a fear that Christmas might be lost amid the diversity of other holy days. But the early Christians basically stole the Christmas holiday that we celebrate at this time of year, from the Roman Saturnalia. It seemed to the early fathers (mothers had nothing to say about anything, in Rome) easier and more acceptable to use a holiday already in existence than to create a new one that would only confuse those they were trying to persuade. They did this same thing with several holidays. Since Christmas, Hanukkah, the Solstice, and Kwanzaa all happen within the month of December, it seems both courteous and fitting that we respect and rejoice in any holiday that encourages a connection with a Power greater than ourselves. Christmas doesn’t need to be defended; it only needs to be celebrated in the loving spirit that brought us Christmas over two thousand years ago. That much love will never disappear. Actually, there are numerous December holidays one might observe. St. Nicholas Day is celebrated by Orthodox churches here and in western Europe on December 6th, in the Netherlands on December 5th, and in eastern churches, on the 19th. This year, the first day of Hanukkah was December 13th.. In Sweden, St. Lucia Day is celebrated on December 13th, and some young girl is chosen to wear a white robe and the crown of candles (electric ones now, for safety) symbolizing light coming to brighten the darkness in that far northern land. A friend tells me that in Stockholm, there is a Santa Lucia parade similar to NYC’s Thanksgiving parade. Quite a lot of years ago, my niece, Megan, wore the white robe and St. Lucia crown of candles for her church celebration. And of course, the Winter Solstice in 2017 is December 21st. The day following Christmas, in England is Boxing Day --- a time to provide for the needy, and in the U.S. it is the beginning of Kawanzaa. By the time Christmas Eve comes, I am usually exhausted from the running, wrapping, baking and trying to remember everything on my lists. Our Christmas Eve service comes with a welcome spirit of calm. There is candlelight, with much music; many familiar carols, and this year the choir will be singing the Hallelujah Chorus (an awesome assignment for a small women’s choir). The Advent candles will be lit, including the center Christ Candle, and the ambiance is breath-taking and very meaningful. Of course, we all are alert for candle mishaps; one year someone’s hair was briefly on fire ---- no actual harm done --- but the smell of burning hair is not an incense fragrance one would choose. When we return home, we light candles in the windows; symbolic of welcoming the Christ Child, and also our family members who come very late. As December deepens, there is something about this time that ignites a little bit of magic in all of us no matter what our backgrounds might be. Perhaps this season of Yule -- --Christmas --- Hanukkah is so very special because it is a continual reassurance that the darkness, no matter how dark, never has, nor ever will, put out the light of God’s goodness. With so much darkness in the world, even here around us, we need to remind ourselves frequently that Light will always triumph --- eventually. A favorite Peter, Paul and Mary song is “Don’t Let The Light Go Out”. It reminds us that we each are created to be light-bearers; that we too have a responsibility to carry light with us in whatever way we can. “And, so, Christmas comes to bless us! Comes to teach us how to find the joy of giving, happiness and the joy of being kind.” Gertrude Tooley Buckingham *-Madeleine L’Engle – American writer of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. 1918-2007 **-Gertrude Tooley Buckingham—American poet and musician. 1880- circa 1964 Carol may be reached at: cpeggy@htva.net.
  18. The Pruning

    Pruning is vital. It cleans out dead branches on a bush or tree. It clears out heavy overgrowth. Pruning is a necessary step for fruit trees and grapevines, enabling them to produce a bountiful crop of top-quality fruit. Pruning also helps plants put more energy into growing and showing off their abundance of gorgeous flowers. For those unfamiliar with the process, pruning helps a plant maintain optimum health. While dead branches, or an excessive amount, choke out the sun from reaching the inner depths, pruning opens up the heart of a plant. Removing or trimming back branches allows the sun’s rays to reach down inside the heart of the plant in order to revitalize the entire plant. It may seem harsh when beginning drastic cuts; but, when the task is done, we have a much healthier plant. Without pruning, any flowering or fruiting plant, vine or tree can revert to a more wild state, putting its energy into unnecessary overgrowth. With pruning, the focus is on nutrition, feeding and nurturing the plant so it produces the best flowers and fruit. Admittedly, I have failed to prune many plants over the years and have ended up with a messy overgrowth that is now a challenge of where to begin. And so it is with us. We need pruning… of our thoughts, words and deeds… a pruning of our heart and soul. With the trimming away of unhealthy vices, we are more open and receptive to change… change which brings out the best in us. As Jesus said, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” (John 15:1-2) We need pruning to let the Son’s light enter the depths of our heart in order to revitalize us as we begin producing our fruit of the Spirit – “…love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22) We’re all branches in the tree of humanity, bearing fruit of various kinds. We each have something special to contribute to this world around us. Created unique, we’re endowed with individual gifts and talents. But, we often need pruning to clear away the destructive debris in our lives. We need pruning to allow the Son’s rays a chance to enter the depths of our heart… to cleanse and renew… to revitalize us… so that we can shine our fruit, our blessings, out into the world. And since God made each of us a unique one-of-a-kind creation, it brings joy to share our special gifts with our family, friends, and others beyond our close circle. In so doing, we bless them in ways we can’t imagine, so that they in turn are encouraged to use their gifts to bless someone else. The Pruning Linda A. Roorda He takes out his shears and sharpens the blades Ready to trim overgrown chaos. He eyes the tree, knows which branch must go, Which limbs need space as he trims and shapes. ~ Decisions thus made to remove dead growth Prune overcrowding and bring in the sun. Yet not unlike my life’s debris trimmed When clutter is cleared, opened for the Son. ~ Bearing bad fruit shows a branch gone wild And bearing none how stagnant we are, What benefit then to remain untrimmed For lack of growth cannot show God’s love. ~ But if we abide as a branch alive Bearing our fruit for the world to see The evidence speaks our soul’s depth of love That we will prove the Father’s commands. ~ Abiding in love just as He loves us No greater gift has one for another For You, Lord, above have chosen us That we may bear fruit in lasting tribute. ~ Inevitable change without and within As time marches forth on its forever path But what of our heart when the depth is exposed Are we bitter in change or more gentle and kind? ~~ 09/12/13 All rights reserved. "Poetic Devotions" offers faith-based poetry and everyday devotions of praise by Linda Roorda. See more at her site HERE
  19. Google Ads

    At the suggestion of someone who messaged me by Facebook, I'm playing around with Google Ads which automatically put ads on the site and generate a small amount of revenue to pay for hosting. It's just an experiment right now to see how they work and fit into the site. So far on phone I'm not impressed. I'l tinker more, there's ways to control this I'm sure. If not, or if they're unanimously hated, they're outta here.
  20. Was going into Conwell's car-wash on Davis Street near Subway Friday to try to get some of the salt and road junk of the car before going out of town. Saw Marty the owner walking in and said Hi to him as I have known him for years. Spoke to Marty for a minute and he said, "just pull in, the wash is on me, Merry Christmas!" What a nice gesture. That is why I go there and support his business. Thanks Marty!
  21. Last week
  22. Computer Issues

    My inner dialogue:
  23. He was there twice and that's the best pic they could get of him ?
  24. Guess the college kids know where not to try and buy their beer tonight !
  25. Totem Taxi..Rant

    When you've been the only show in town for so long...
  26. On Friday, the Steuben County Sheriff's Dept. in conjunction with other county agencies conducted alcoholic beverage sales compliance checks at a total of thirty four establishments throughout Steuben County. "Operation Safe Sales" used operatives under the age of 21 under the supervision of the Sheriff's Dept., Corning Police, and Bath Village police to ensure compliance with the law. Of the thirty four establishments checked, representatives from the following locations allegedly sold alcoholic beverages to the operatives: Canisteo Acorn Market at 12 West Main St. in Canisteo 7-11 at 40 Dennison Parkway in Corning 7-11 at 26 Main St. in Arkport "This is the time of year that our children return home from college and others return home for holiday gatherings," said Sheriff Jim Allard. It is my hope that in conducting compliance checks we are able to remind all retail establishments of their responsibility to help keep everyone safe in Steuben County. Arrests in relation to the alleged sales are forthcoming as well as notifications to the New York State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board regarding the retail establishments in question.
  27. Pennsylvania State Police based in Mansfield are looking for assistance in identifying a man who robbed a local Pump N Pantry gas station and convenient market at 1 North Main Street in Tioga, PA. The robbery occurred early Thursday morning, December 14, 2017, around 1:35AM, when the man entered the store and purchased coolant for his vehicle, according to state police. When the cashier was handing him back his change, the suspect reportedly lifted up his shirt and displayed a black handgun in the front waistband. Next he demanded the money out of the cash register. The clerk complied and put the unidentified amount of cash in a plastic shopping bag before the subject left the store on foot. He was last seen heading west away from the scene in an unknown vehicle. The suspect is described as a white male, about 5 feet, 8 inches tall, slender build, wearing dark gray sweatpants, a dark blue hooded sweatshirt, black cloth gloves, black sneakers and a distinctive tie-dyed hat/ski mask. The clerk told police the same man came into the store about two hours earlier and purchased some snacks, while wearing the exact same outfit. State police is asking I anyone has any information to simply contact Pennsylvania State Police in Mansfield at (570) 662-2151.
  28. Totem Taxi..Rant

    thank you, i do have the app, just not used to using it locally. :-)
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