BC’s Restaurant

Hello there!

I decided I needed to do a quick little review to get myself back into the swing of things. I am currently working on another review so that one will be coming soon.

So this is a place I visited a few months back and decided to be fair, I needed to give them a second shot. So before I get into my review I would like to remind everyone that these reviews are my opinion and nothing personal.

Today’s review is brought to you by BC’s in Elmira Heights. As I previously said on a whim and empty stomach a few months ago I decided to stop in and give them a shot. BC’s in the past was in my opinion the best in Elmira. So that’s why I was even more disappointed with my meal.

It could have been an off day and heck, maybe it was me. Sadly my second visit confirmed the first. The meat sauce has no flavor if not for the mustard and onions which I previously left off it would just have been bland meat. I thought to myself maybe its me and my taste buds but I reached out for a second opinion and they confirmed it no flavor.

The hot dog itself was good and either they steamed the buns or it was just the heat and plastic container but it was better than a dry roll.

They have a pretty decent sized menu and also offer breakfast. I have not tried any of the other food, so I can only say the hot dogs and meatsauce are not Fat Guy Approved.