Police Respond To Threat At Watkins Glen School

June 24, 2022

WATKINS GLEN – According to Watkins Glen Police, on Thursday at about 12:52 PM a staff member from the Watkins Glen School District contacted a School Resource Officer from the Watkins Glen Police Department and advised the officer that the school just received a violent threat via phone. Officers immediately responded to the school and advised the Schuyler County Communication Center of such threat and requested any and all available units in Schuyler County to respond and assist. 

Officers from the Watkins Glen PD arrived on scene and immediately entered the school and located any and all students inside the building. The school was placed in a hold in place and then shortly after and official full lockdown. Officers had all students and staff congregate in a safe location while officers stood by for safety protecting students and staff, as there was no active threat determined at that time. These Officers did not leave these students until the students were deemed safe and released off campus and to awaiting transportation later on. 

A perimeter was quickly established by members of the Watkins Glen Police Department, Schuyler County Sheriffs Office and New York State Police. 

As other resources and first responders continued to arrive on scene, to also include Schuyler County Emergency Management, members of the NYSP and Schuyler County Sheriffs office entered the school to begin clearing parts of the building.

Steuben County Sheriffs Department also responded to provide assistance, while members of their SWAT formed and responded to the school as well. 

As local law enforcement cleared the building, the Steuben County SWAT team coordinated with the Watkins Glen School Resource Officers an in depth and final sweep of the building to escort any remaining staff and students to safety, and ensure there was no further threat. 

Police say a several hour search of the building led by the Steuben County SWAT team and Watkins Glen School Resource Officers found no threat in the school. There were no reported injuries to any students or staff during this incident. 

Watkins Glen Policer were assisted by members of the Hammondsport Police Department, Steuben County Sheriffs Office, New York State Police, New York State Park Police, Schuyler County Sheriffs Office, Schuyler County Emergency Management, the teachers and School Administration and the Watkins Glen Fire Department.