Mothers Against Drunk Driving Awards Sheriff’s Deputy Lifetime Achievement Award

On April 5th, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) New York, STOP–DWI and The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee hosted their Annual Law Enforcement Recognition Event in Albany. This event served as an opportunity to recognize and honor the great work of Law Enforcement professionals and their Law Enforcement agencies from New York who have shown outstanding dedication to DWI enforcement, prosecution, and education in 2021.

Over 100 awards were distributed and over 250 individuals were in attendance to recognize and thank those who are working so hard to keep our streets safe from the horrors of drunk and drugged driving. Several Lifetime Achievement Awards were distributed, as well as the first ever Maureen McCormick Leader of Excellence Award. These awards recognize the contribution for the lifetime commitment to keeping the roads of New York safe and for protecting our communities from the 100% preventable crimes of impaired driving.

Three local law enforcement officers were recognized at this event. 

Steuben County Sheriff’s Deputy Joshua VanSkiver was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. According to MADD, Deputy VanSkiver has exceeded 3,000 career DWI/DWAI arrests during his 17-year career. He has received the MADD/Stop DWI Individual Recognition Award 11 times. Deputy VanSkiver has accounted for approximately half of the agency’s DWI/DWAI arrests since 2018, as a member of the Stop DWI Enforcement Unit.

“Deputy VanSkiver’s impact is immeasurable,” the organization said. “His effort has undoubtedly saved lives.”

 Deputy VanSkiver is described as a well-respected and engaging speaker, who the spreads the Stop DWI message regionally, through presentations and impact panels. What makes Deputy VanSkiver such an engaging and respected speaker is the perspective he shares, not only as a law enforcement officer, but as someone who has lost a loved one, his sister in 2014, to a drunk driver. 

Also recognized at the event were Deputy Emily Waite and Deputy Matthew Butler, both of whom earned individual achievement awards. 

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